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  1. bronco300

    My final tank...(I think)...33 Long Rimless

    Well....figured I'll post some pictures of what I hope to me final tank setup and don't get too addicted again and spend too much money...hahahahaha....but really, I think this will be my setup for good if goes well. It is a 33long that I had to take off the top trim to repair and then just...
  2. bronco300

    Hd movies?

    So we're getting a HD big screen you have to have a HD dvd player as well or how does that all work? And is it really worth it to spend double on the DVDs? I was thinking of getting a blue ray player because of course I LOVE to see it in the stores, but not sure if its really that...
  3. bronco300

    small motor questions..engineers?

    had a question if anyone knows how to work with small motors and sprockets,etc....try to set up a gadget so a motor can make an item go up and down on a platform..i think i have the setup that would work, but have no idea what kind of motors youd use, or just some hobby type motor...I obviously...
  4. bronco300

    Couple corals for sale: IN

    Well cleaning out the 75 even more to get ready for the move to the 500...I have a couple corals right now I'm selling. First: Duncan Colony (10-11 polyps) Beautiful coral, and growing like mad, especially when fed abundantly...asking $70 Second: Acan colony...has probably about 10 heads and...
  5. bronco300

    ballast and pump FS CHEAP: IN

    Figured I'd make less muddled thread with what I have right now..(until i tear the other 75 gallon tank down)..I have two items, a used DUAL 400 WATT PFO BALLAST, works wonderfully, with a picture showing it works. Asking $125 SHIPPED(normally around $250) Then also have a like new Iwaki Pump...
  6. bronco300

    which cable network is the best?

    So after getting so disappointed on not seeing my broncos play tonight, and missing discovery channel and all that good stuff...I think we want to get some type of cable(actually we've been wanting it for a while)...what experience have you guys had luck with? I pretty much hate ATT and DISH...
  7. bronco300

    Sapphire and Supermans Growout

    Drum rolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll,.pdpdpdpdpdpdpdpdpdp here are the supermans(no, i really mean spidermans, calm down)...and the sapphires...however the sapphires havent actually opened...or i hope these arent it...we would have been sorely mistaken as to them...
  8. bronco300

    lighting/pump items for sale: IN

    Took down a couple of frag tanks and other fish for sale, both used but working just fine: Dual 400w PFO ballast--not sure what type of ballast it is, so I assume for now its just a standard ballast, but could be more....but either way, its an older ballast, but it works great. Asking...
  9. bronco300


    ok so how exactly does one figure out amps of equipment? i thought i read volts / watts = amps...or watts/ that right or....and will that equal max amps since its the max watts?
  10. bronco300

    Cleaning sequence reeflos..don't use vinegar.

    Just for everyones' info,...if you own a sequence reeflo pump, do NOT use vinegar to clean it as apparently it is bad for the pump/seals and will ruin the integrity of the seals i believe....AND it will void your they(reeflo) recommend using muriatic acid...awesome huh? I have...
  11. bronco300

    My Stress Relief Tank

    Well I was finally able to talk the boss into letting me set up a tiny nano tank at work....its 1.5gallons with about 2 lbs of rock in it,lol...I have a coworker bringing me a pair of harlequin shrimps....yes, i know they only eat I will be getting three chocolate stars and will...
  12. bronco300

    serious? pay to be able to buy a sporting even seat?

    hope i'm not late but good grief, certain NFL teams are now making the fans that want to watch the game in stadium have to PAY to be able to buy a ticket??? could this be true, thousands just for the chance to buy a ticket?? That's absolutely insane...I'd have no problem doing away with the...
  13. bronco300

    Little Eye Candy

    just thought I'd share a couple zoo pictures i took tonight
  14. bronco300

    question: How to hook a laptop up to your TV?

    Does anyone know how to hook a laptop (HP presario) up to a TV to be able to view the laptop screen onto the TV screen?
  15. bronco300

    Sweet $15 Zoo Frags

    Have a few frags I'm cleaning out...frags will ALL be 5-10 polyps for $15ec...I prefer shipping UPS overnight, but can do ups ground, and usps shipping at your risk. Please EMAIL me at bronco300 @ if interested. Yellow Submarines: Kryptonite: Eagle Eyes:
  16. bronco300

    Worried of the world?

    anyone getting worried about raising a child up in this world? Things just seem to get worse...of course it's not like that everywhere but man.....i just heard a story on the way home that supposedly some highschool there was a group of girls that wanted their school to hand out...
  17. bronco300

    Back from vacation!

    Welp I'm back(just today) from vacation/honeymoon in Jamaica Negril...had a wonderful time at the sandals resort...the rooms were a bit smaller than i had imagined for the tag on them, but it was alot of fun..I snorkeled mostly on mine on, and once with a crew...which i must say I hated because...
  18. bronco300

    lump on the garage

    well we left yesterday afternoon and i saw this giant lump on the garage where my car was...i thought oh great if something fell off or i back up to see if and low and behold: snapper ala turtle...looks like he got maybe hit by a mower or something as his back shell was really...
  19. bronco300

    rio seio/pump controller FS

    Have a rio seio controller for sale....controlls seio pumps...and i have used them for my maxijet pumps...but no longer need them. Nice controller because it does High-low settings instead of ON-off setting for the pumps. I'm looking for $100 shipped.
  20. bronco300

    Cell Phones?

    well i'm in the market for a cell phone...apparently mine may have gotten a surge through it during friday's storms...and now it "runs" EXTREMLY HOT...will black out on me at anytime..and the power off button never i'm looking at new phones...150-250$ range....I'm actually probably...