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  1. denny80688

    new lion fish

    Im proud to say I started the transition to an agressive tank... I purchased my first lion fish. He is about 5 inches right now. My question is.. Is it normalfor them to hang out on the bottom of the tank. He kind of pirches on his lower fins. He also swims around a lot too but spends an...
  2. denny80688

    shark pond

    Im interested in reading about some shark ponds that our members have built. maybe see some pics and get info on filtration needs. I dont have the room to do such a thing but they very much intrest me. thanks! also found this very disturbing website and thought I would pass it on...
  3. denny80688

    humuhumu triger

    I have been thinking about getting a humuhumu trigger. The informatin I have read states it is the least agressive trigger and as long as its adequatly fed will not bother with most inverts. The only inverts in my tank are cleaner crew such as hermits and snails. I also have 2 emerald crabs...
  4. denny80688

    fish recommendation

    I currently have a 125gal which is extremely understocked. I decided its time to add some more livestock. Currently I have: hippo tang - 3" - 6months perc clown - 3" - 2 years 2 green chromis - 2" - 7 months about 2 months ago I bought a long nose butterfly which ended up being deseased from...
  5. denny80688

    emerald crab

    My one emerald crab is turning a whitish color... The other is still a very bold green. is he about to molt? :notsure:
  6. denny80688

    another chromis bites the dust

    I dunno whats going on but one by one my chromis are vanishing. No remains left, no amonia spike, and no more chromis... I started with 5. then every few months one vanishes. Now Im down to 2. Everything else in the tank is healthy. water params are good Ph 7.4 amonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate...
  7. denny80688

    credit card experiment

    Very funny story of a guy doing an experiment involving credit card recipts to see if sales clerks check for the correct signature.
  8. denny80688

    hippo tang problem

    Well my hippo was dealing with round 2 of Ich.. she was responding well to the copper and all the white spots have gone. However I noticed tonight that there are dark blotchs all over her and like grey marks on her black lines down her side.
  9. denny80688

    investment help

    well for all you investment gurus out there I need a bit of help. Following the death of my grandfather about 3 years ago my grandmother was left in charge of their savings. She is the kind of person who cant make a decision to save her life and looks to me for assistance. I recommended she...
  10. denny80688

    primate care?

    Ok so this is way off topic. And before everyone starts telling me never to own a monkey I want to start by saying I dont plan to!! I was reading info online about the crazy number of monkeys in rescues because people couldnt care for them.. That got me wondering what is really needed to care...
  11. denny80688

    hole in long nose butterfly

    I purchased a long nose butterfly about 2 weeks ago. It had a small brown/red mark on its side when I got it home. I figgured it was just a weird mark or something. a few days later it burst open like a big Zit. I quicky QTed the fish and start treatement with copper (I didnt know what else...
  12. denny80688

    vanishing green chromis

    I added 2 emerald crabs to my tank about the size of a half dollar.. maybe a hair larger. A few days after being added one of my green chromis vanished.. no remains or anything. Searched the entire tank. It was the one who usualy hun out at the bottom of the tank. That was about a month...
  13. denny80688

    new addition to tank

    After a few weeks of trying to figure out what kind of butterfly fish I wanted I finally decided on the longnose butterfly... I picked him up yesterday and so far hes doing great. The other fish are a little freaked out since hes 3x the size of all my other fish. so the hippo tang was like...
  14. denny80688

    Banner butterflys how many???

    In the fish discussion forum I posted for more info on this fish. SOmeone recommnded they be kept in groups of 3 or more.. For those of you who have this fish DO you keep it as a single fish or a group? thanks
  15. denny80688

    serogate fish owner???

    Couldnt think of a better title :D Some friends were over for the superbowl and one came up with this idea.. he wants to buy me a fish for my tank as long as I name it after him... Hence serogate owner... I started laughing thinking he was kidding and asked if he realized SW fish werent...
  16. denny80688

    banner butterfly

    This saturday I will be making an addition to my FOWLR tank. Its been about 2 months since I last added any fish so Im ready to add again. Im going to be picking up a banner butterflyand wanted to know if there is anything special to look for when picking the new fish. Any special care...
  17. denny80688

    ISO a few different fish in PA

    I know its a long shot but I am seeking a few different fish in eastern PA so if anyone out there is thinking of getting out of the hobby or is looking to reduce the number of livestock please let me know. the species I am looking for are: emperor angel heniochus butterfly LMB and gold stripe...
  18. denny80688

    missing green chromis

    Last week I added 2 emerald crabs to my 125 and yesterday I noticed one of my creen chromis was missing... I looked all over the tank moved some rock around, searched everywhere but nothing. is it possible the emerald crabs killed it and ate it??? Or where would it have gone? :thinking:
  19. denny80688

    brown muck on sand

    My tank has been up and running for about 3 months and all has been well. Over the last few weeks I have started building up a layer of brown muck on the bottom of the sand bed... looks like a web almost and kind of slimy. I tried to vaccuum it off the sand but it was no use. I have been...
  20. denny80688

    Home Theater

    Anyone else into home theater? I guess thats my other big hobby... well that and car audio.. Ok so I have too many hobbies!!! Anyway Im looking to pick up a projector to replace my 60" big screen... any recommendations? or what do other people have for home theater setups? currently...