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  1. salt210

    look what I held today

    around $3200 worth of black truffles
  2. salt210

    nems and nano's

    anybody have them in theirs? I was told there are some that would work, but you know how that goes.
  3. salt210

    eqiupment list

    I am thinking of setting up a 10g tank that I have for corals only, no fish. what equipment would I need to do so? I am thinking that I would be able to do this only using LR as bio-filtration. so, PH and lights or would I need more?
  4. salt210

    the time has come.....

    looks like I am going to be getting out of the hobby for now. I have already placed my tank and all of its equipment of the list and have some replies. I dont want to do it, but at the moment I do believe it is the best choice. I thank everyone for their support since I first joined the forum.
  5. salt210

    My 210

    just thought I would share some before and after photos.
  6. salt210

    questions for multiple tang owners

    What are you all feeding and how often? My 2 tangs, both of which are below 4" eat 2 of the algae sheets a day. Is this normal or am I giving them too much?
  7. salt210

    Dead Conch

    A couple of weeks ago I bought a couple of conchs. after a few days of it not moving I decided to get it out of the tank and see if it was still alive. well it was not! that thing stunk to high heaven! I thought I kept seeing its eyes, so I didnt remove it before this and I wish I had of. Tanks...
  8. salt210

    what kind of snake is this?

    I walked into the kitchen to do the dishes and happened to spot this little guy on the floor. now I dont want to even walk back in there to finish what I was doing as I have no idea where he came from and how he got in.
  9. salt210

    how does my skimmate look?

    I finally got the water level in the sump adjusted along with the exhaust tube for the skimmer. It finally seems like it is producing ok, not great but ok. This pic was taken today before I cleaned out the cup, what do you think?
  10. salt210

    Questions about introducing female blue throat

    So I recently bought a male blue throat trigger and have begun to get the urge to get him a female. Do they have to bought in pairs or can you add one once the other has been in the tank already?
  11. salt210

    my cleanup crew

    I know it isnt much, but I finally got one started. as of right now the "crew" includes 2 conchs(dont know what kind) and 5 turbos. the turbos are huge but looks like you can see the work they have done already. they are in a 210 with a trigger, some tangs, lion and a eel. the first pic is one...
  12. salt210

    questions about growth rates

    I recently bought 2 tangs, a sailfin and a naso. does anyone have any opinions on how fast they will grow? this is just out of curiosity.
  13. salt210

    workhorse ballasts

    I am going to be replacing my PC's with T5's and am looking for the best/cheapest route. I have come up with the plan of running 4x39w. What ballast should I use for this? Are these ballasts available at lighting stores or where is a place I could buy them without it being over the internet? I...
  14. salt210

    Question for the Trigger owners

    I have a Bluethroat trigger that I have heard make a clicking type sound when he is eating shrimp. Today I heard it when he snapped at a damsel that every now and then goes after him. Is this a normal thing? By the way this guy has some mean looking teeth for him to have been a planktivore in...
  15. salt210

    questions with feeding

    I just bought 2 tangs and need to know the amount of algea that I need to have in the tank and for how long it has to be in there. I have the Julian Sprungs sea veggies and the clip and they are eating it. the naso that I have is between 3-4in and the sailfin is around 1.5-2in. the naso is also...
  16. salt210

    new fish

    a few weeks ago I started a post about wanting to get a couple of tangs for the 210g and then finally decided on the blonde naso and desjardini sailfin tangs. well the naso ended up being a male that has already begun to grow his streamers even tho when I placed the order through my LFS I hadnt...
  17. salt210

    need some ideas with placement

    last week I bought 2 of the PC100A's and now need some ideas on where to put/mount them. if anyone has done something like this after they have their tank running any ideas are appreciated.
  18. salt210

    Cranberry this is for you

    I was at my LFS today looking at the fish that they had ordered for me when I saw this in with a mantis shrimp. it is in a 5g tank right now. they called it a fireworm. it is at least 6in long and about .5 to .75in wide.
  19. salt210

    need seem advice

    I noticed about 2 days ago some small bubbles(best describes it). Not sure if they just appeared or have been there since I bought it. is this the first signs that the seam is going to fail? If so, is it possible to have it repaired and how much am I looking at? as of right now the panels are...
  20. salt210

    need ID on fish

    I think that I am posting this in the right section. I was watching Bite Me with Dr. Mike and in the last 2mins I think on the Coastal Australia episode I saw a flat black colored tang. there was no other color on the fish except for the scalpel on the tail section. sorry no pics. does anyone...