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    What kind of lighting? Water parameters?
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    Filter question.

    IMO a canister filter would be much better than a HOB. Just make sure you clean it regularly. Fluval is a good brand to look at. Jordan
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    Are Humu Humu Triggers ok in reef tanks?

    No. They can be really agressive, and would kill most fish kept in a every day reef. And they would eat inverts, so you'd have a hard time keeping the tank looking clean. Also, if it would go into your 29 gallon in your profile, thats wayy to small to keep a trigger. Jordan
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    Anenomes with diatoms

    Nope. Anemones need a well estblished tank, preferably at least a year old. They also need strong lighting, what kind do you have? Jordan
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    Fedukeford's 125 reef diary!

    jeez its been a LONGGG time since ive updated this thread... ill take some new pics tonight if i get a chance... right now my fish stock is: Blue tang 4 greem chromis bicolor blenny true percula male lyretail anthias ive added tons of new coral, and everything has grown a ton the corals colors...
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    Good jobs for a 14 year old

    im around your age too, i do mowing, rakeing, shoveling, offer to help clean out peoples garages, that type of thing, paper routes are a nice cash flow, if ur willing to give up sleep jordan
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    You could get them direct from ORA
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    depends on what size tank?
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    rimless tanks? (without the top brace?)

    you could euro brace it, its like a think piece of acrylic or glass running along the perimeter of the top of the tank
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    How do i get rid of Aiptasia???

    joes juiceee
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    X-tremely bored!!

    listen to music? shoot hoops? go for a run?
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    150 watt metal halides for SPS?

    150 will be fine as long as you keep the SPS in the upper 3/4 of the tank Jordan
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    Im not trying to be the tang police, but IMO that tang is not gonna be very happy if your putting it in the 125 thats in your profile... Jordan
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    55 Gallon comming up - Worm ID Please!

    Just leave it in, the main thing that a very few species of bad bristle worms do is irritate/eat coral, and it dosent look like you have any coral anyway. Feduke
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    new 55 gallon tank

    Do you want to have fish only, or a reef? What kind of lights and filtration do you have? Jordan
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    cow fish Ich?

    Try mixing some fresh garlic in with its food, it may help, and it may get rid of it, but its not a deffinate cure. Also, if your running a FO system you may want to look into a UV filter Feduke
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    How big should I buid it???

    Go as big as you can afford... 100 gallons plus would be ideal, but it can be smaller. Feduke
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    what nails should i get?

    mexican turbos, and nassurous are two of the best
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    Shroom ID... New Camera

    maybe a rohdactis (spelling?)
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    Most of them will get eaten before they get very big at all, just leave um, they'll be fine