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  1. bigarn

    Finally got this crab what is it ?

    Being that this thread is 4 years old that's one helluva crab!
  2. bigarn

    Round, brown, and fuzzy?

    Probably a sponge.
  3. bigarn

    Just a few questions

    Happy to see I'm not the only one who's meds aren't working Darth. big (out patient) arn
  4. bigarn


    Congratulations! ... All the best
  5. bigarn

    So Zimmerman is in custody and gonna be charged ...

    Quote: Originally Posted by Darthtang AW Not really. I have thought this whole story is dumb. Me too .. That's why I added the question mark.
  6. bigarn

    So Zimmerman is in custody and gonna be charged ...

    This should be interesting?
  7. bigarn

    "If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon," said our president.

    Obama's an A-hole and he just keeps on proving it. This case may be a tragedy but the truth will come out and it's looking like Treyvon was no saint!
  8. bigarn

    Catholics vs. Abortion vs. Obama's mandate...

    Quote: Originally Posted by Darthtang AW wrong thread. Post deleted. Oh no you don't ... I am the guardian of deleted posts and you didn't ask permission! big (it's a job) arn
  9. bigarn

    Flag at Half-Staff

    I believe i heard he did this like 10 times before for non military people. If he wants to honor her as a Jersey icon fly the state flag at half staff. I am 100% against having the American flag flown at half staff for any non military or government people. Of course our "fat boy" governor...
  10. bigarn


    It's sad, but with her track record it comes as no big shock to me.
  11. bigarn

    obama speach

    She probably forgot to put the toilet seat back up. It's all about priorities!
  12. bigarn

    HOLY SHIZZZ, What is this? Im gonna try to get a pic of it

    Not sure from the pic but if it's a stomatella snail they're harmless.
  13. bigarn

    man this really grinds my gears...

    Your mother in law should know better. As long as that bum is living with her i wouldn't give her a penny of the money you WORKED for to support your own immediate family. Sounds to me a nice long conversation is needed between you and wifey! big (Live and Learn) arn
  14. bigarn

    It's things like this that give Marine's such a wonderful reputation...

    So what's the big deal? Do you really think things like this never happened in all the previous wars? The down side is now there's an internet and a world wide audience of "holier than thou's". big (Ohhh Raaaa) arn
  15. bigarn

    Green sponge?

    Yep, it's a sponge.
  16. bigarn

    Snail eggs?

    You can scrape them off the glass if you want. They tend to disappear on their own though.
  17. bigarn

    Secret Santa?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Darthtang AW count me in....i have this fruitcake from 3 years ago I have been wanting to regift to someone I didnt like. darth (will accept checks) Tang Is that the one I sent you? big (you deserved it) arn
  18. bigarn

    ID Please?

    Is it a crab? Pom-Pom maybe.
  19. bigarn

    We find out today...

    Congrats and all the best!
  20. bigarn

    The wedding test

    What's a condom? big (I failed) arn