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  1. 1guydude

    Thread section

    looking for an event section I can post in for my local club... I kno other stores and competitors aren't allowed but how about clubs or events...? Wats better for us as hobbyists and the hobby as a whole to make it grow....makes profits grow. -d
  2. 1guydude

    200+ gal DT upgrade

    This is the lessons learned section... Anyone got any tips, tricks, or advise for a fellow hobbyist wanting to combine his two set ups? Thanks in advance -devin
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    old members?

    Looking for word on certain members that used to roam these forums. I remember flower, beaslebob, bang guy, knight something, jerth, BTLD, SWF mom meowzer, idk just a lot of the old screen names arent around. Did you guys see the same loss transition to FB?! -d
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    1guydude picture thread

    Hopefully I can get others to show off there goods. I love seeing other people's aquariums. -devin
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    New platform

    Errrr can I not get all my pics back somehow!? It was a pita to get a new password and bam no gallery, which is why I even logged in. All of my reefing pix from the beginning where on here.... Guess I'll have to find the pic on my comp.! Grrrrrr D
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    Been awhile

    Like I said, been awhile. Here's my tanks. Thx D
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    Glass or Acrylic

    Simple Q! Do you prefer glass display tanks or those plastic counterpart wanna b's! lol i think you know which i prefer. In my opinion, Its much cleaner looking. It is easy to clean, and its just more prefer ed i guess in my eye. Im looking at setting up a 100g tank (glass) right now but my...
  8. 1guydude

    blenny fans?

    Hey people! I was staring at my smaller tank today and watching my scooter blenny really made me think of him as my fav! To think after 3yrs(not long)in this hobby, a small lil cute scooter blenny would be my fav> Ive got untouched lands like pred tanks and such and was curious as to wat ur fav...
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    1guydude tank video updates

    U can turn it up for music and these are a bit old. Just wanted to share it with the people that helped me in the beggining(SP?) lol ... :) Part2...
  10. 1guydude

    group buy for shrimp

    Hi my friend and i and others here in WA did a group buy on pepp shrimp and some other stuff...just wanted to say thank you! He did have a couple DOAs and he might call u folks. they was the tiny ones though i think. THXS again SWF -d
  11. 1guydude

    Over do Video update

  12. 1guydude

    Galaxea sting

    So can a coral sting a sponge? In particular a neon green galaxea frag i have. I think it stung a good portion of a tube sponge ive got growing in my tank! thxs. -devin
  13. 1guydude

    drip drip drip

    Why are my stupid bulkheads driping when I finger tighten em really good and or just finger tight Is there some kind of lube that goes on the gaskets
  14. 1guydude

    swc skimmer

    i just purchased my 1st big skimmer yesterday! Its the swc 150....its not a cone though :(, does that matter? Should i have gotten the 160? Also any input or remarks about either skimmer are great and appreciated!
  15. 1guydude

    overflow gph vs pump gph

    So i purchased a return kit and a overflow kit from GHs but my pump i ordered is only rated for 500 and something gph were as the box is rated for 700gph....does this matter? Also its for a 20L!
  16. 1guydude

    narris snails with no sand?

    If u read the thread title than u know my question. Should i give em back to a lfs since i have no sand in my tank now?
  17. 1guydude

    safe container?

    I'll be moving my tanks shortly to my new house and was wondering if a rubbermaid 20g tote from walmart would be safe to store some water and mostly my LR in well its being transported? Ive got mainly 5g buckets with lids but i need something i can move a decent amount of water and rock in...
  18. 1guydude

    Moving tanks!

    Whooooohoooooo i get to move my tanks! Got a question though....can i mess up my tank by taking the sand out.... I mean can i not put the sand back in when i set it back up so its bare bottom or would that be not kool cuz its been running the same for about a year? I dont think it would have any...
  19. 1guydude


    Wat are they? How does one get rid of em? Why are they bad? Any info is appreciated!
  20. 1guydude

    Overflow box design/dimesnions

    So i need to drill my 20L and i need some ideas or suggestions on the dimensions for the overflow box... I was thinking 6"x 2"x 6 1/4". On my 75gal i was thinking 15"x 2"x 10". A fellow hobbyist said that the overflow box on my 75gal should be all the way along the glass (penninsula tank) and at...