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  1. nybutterfly03

    Im baaack!!!

    not that I ever really left but life got kinda crazy after the car accident in May, things were on a downhill slide for a sec. We found out 3 weeks after the acciden that our lease was not being renewed, after spending the savings we did have as the down payment on a new car so that was a lil...
  2. nybutterfly03

    My beautiful car.......

    has been smashed to pieces I worked sooo hard to finally get this was a 2003 Impala and I dont know if it can be repaired We were on our way home from my mother's day dinner (trying to beat the Sunday crowds) we werent even 4 miles away from our place when this girl decided to gun...
  3. nybutterfly03

    Pics of newbies!!!

    Here they are!!! I figured I would get these in quick while he is napping b/c Im sure he wont let me go the second he wakes up Dr says its a double ear infection and one ear has a bunch of fluid behind poor baby boy but anyway here are my other babies!!!! the male sorry its blurry...
  4. nybutterfly03


    I was just tending to the dwarf tanks and I just fed the adults and all of the sudden I noticed a lil white BABY!!! I dont see any others nor did I ever really notice any of the males being preggo or even looked preggo I guess I will have to watch more closely to these lil buggers
  5. nybutterfly03

    I did it!!!

    I finally got up enuf courage to order SH's again!!! I went with the Redi that were on sale as I have had them in the past and didnt seem to have the trouble like it seems everyone has been having lately. Soo cross ur fingers they arrive safely tomorrow and I will get pics posted as soon as I...
  6. nybutterfly03

    MODS a ? for ya...pls look

    Morning all!!!! I have a quick ? and was wondering if u could shed some light on this......I was going to place an order that included the redi sh (1 on sale for 19.99) but now only see them priced at 49.99 & 59.99 Were the 19.99 ones a "special" batch or something??? I finally got up enuf...
  7. nybutterfly03

    Happy Horses!!

    Well yesterday I took a bunch of eelgrass and cheato outa the 2g tank I had my pods breeding in and put it into the 75g for the horses. Well I have hardly seen them since! Well that is unless you look REAL close into their new "playground"!! Here are some pics!!!!! Tigerlily and her man...
  8. nybutterfly03

    My Tattoos!!!!!

    Just wanted to share!!! I LOVE them!!! Please excuse the pics....I did them daughter is at her dad's and I didnt have help My newest! Done last night 3/29/08......includes the DOB's of my kids My first w/my artist....Dec 2002. Love my Butterfly!!! These were done seperatly my...
  9. nybutterfly03

    Fry update!

    Well despite a few losses which are common anyway, the 4 batches are doing well. I havent been able to get a good head count b/c they are SOOOO active I get mixed up after a few attempts But there are LOTS left!!! Some have started to get some coloring to them, I cant wait to see them as they...
  10. nybutterfly03

    My B&W and O&W clowns......

    decided they WANTED to be together.......I had my 75g divided as my black & whites were tiny in comparison to my 2 false & 1 true prec.......Well last Saturday morning I got up and turned the lights on as usual and sat down waiting for the coffee to be ready I look at the tank and see that the...
  11. nybutterfly03

    Need advice

    Morning everyone! So here is my u know I have my lil fry tank set up...I was using the mini filter from my pod culture when i first set it up but our sweet Rykna sent me THREE boxes of goodies last week that included a small "air driven whisper filter" which I thought would be...
  12. nybutterfly03


    I found a really nice pic of me and my sweetie! We were at his oldest brothers wedding.......Im a dork I know but I am just learning how to do all this stuff! LOL
  13. nybutterfly03

    Pipe pics & others

    Rykna~ this is Titan's lil girl....growing up nicely!!!! small green pipe (smallest of the 4) Titan's daughter, her "twin" and a green male....sorry its blurry Piper, our original pipe Im assuming this is the male, he is the biggest of them all Full tank shot (10g)
  14. nybutterfly03

    Sad discovery.....

    I was cleaning the adult/pipefish tank and when I took the prefilter off discovered that one of my pipes was pregnant and had babies which just like the dwarf fry b4 got stuck on the filter and perished I didnt even know he was expecting waaaaahhhhhhhhhh what a sad discovery on my B-Day
  15. nybutterfly03


    batch 3 was delivered this afternoon!!!!!! I have not counted the fry yet, I just noticed Mr Green was skinny when I got B-Day is tomorrow, what a neat present!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Appears to be 44 total between the three batches......I did end up losind one or two to an accident :o(
  16. nybutterfly03

    Here they are!!!!!

    Full tank shot The dads & babies sorry this isnt so clear And I had to stick one in from our lil mans 1st B-Day! not that anyone was paying attention to me but this is my gang!!!!
  17. nybutterfly03

    Batch TWO

    Arrived this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just got the baby to sleep and I turned over to check out the kids and I noticed the white male was skinny!! So I started searching the tank and there they were!!!! Im gonna go see if I can get an official head count on the new arrivals and grab...
  18. nybutterfly03

    One week!

    My fry are one week old!!!!!! I have never had an entire batch last this long Which makes me feel that it was indeed my filter being to strong for them Oh and Rykna~Titans lil girl was dancing with a BOY this morning!!!! Might wanna get that tank started, May will be here b4 u know it!!!!
  19. nybutterfly03


    So my BAD kitty LOVES to eat any flowers I have. Well b/c I had a bad day yesterday my sweetie brought me home flowers. So I put them on a shelf above my dwarf tank and wouldnt u know they ended up getting knocked over I have NO idea how much of this water went into the dwarf tank (it had that...
  20. nybutterfly03


    Can u post the name of ur website again please? I have it at work but not at home and I keep forgetting to grab it