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  1. laddy

    Mandarin Dragonet Question

    Why is it that Mandarin Dragonet fish, who are difficult to even maintain in an established aqaurium let alone breed, cost less than an A. Percula on some online websites (hint, check the main page).
  2. laddy

    Bleached Mushroom

    I have a mushroom which lost its zooxathellae. After rearranging the rock work in my display tank, I noticed it......right next to a mushroom which hadn't lost its color!?! Has anyone brought back the color in discosomus before?
  3. laddy

    Garlic Food Aditive

    What exactly does adding garlic to marine food do for the fish? Does anyone know?
  4. laddy


    Don't have one, however, have a question on them. What makes them work internally? Anyone know?
  5. laddy

    Three Yr Old Ocellaris

    Went away on vacation for 10 days and my 3 year old ocellaris in my 10 gallon tank developed a slight mucus on her dorsal fin. The water quality remained the same throughout our absence, however, we had big swings in temperature (according to my thermometer) 79--88 degrees (&^%$#$#% nanos!). I...
  6. laddy

    Photo of the Month?

    How come we don't have a photo of the month secotion on this board? I've seen some GREAT photos come out of the posts here........even if the tanks weren't the best (i.e. close ups of some intersting specimens). I say dedicate a place on the front of this site to selected entries!
  7. laddy

    Moderator Tanks

    How come we don't have a "sticky" dedicated to moderator tanks. Am I the only one who wants to see a section complely usable my our famed moderators? I say, have a place they can post recent pictures and projects to!!!!!
  8. laddy

    Drilling bottom of glass tanks

    Anyone ever drilled the bottom of a glass tank? It's tempered glass, correct, prone to shatter?
  9. laddy

    New Money

    Is it me, or does the new money not smell the way the old money smelled? If you're not at least 30 yrs of age please don't reply LOL
  10. laddy

    Jellyfish Tanks?

    Was surfing around last night and came across on some salwater site, species specific jelly fish tanks. I've never seen one, outside Monterey Bay Aquarium, before. Does anyone have one, or know someone who does? I didn't even know you could order jellyfish.
  11. laddy


    Anyone using Selcon as an addition to their fishes diets here? Thoughts?
  12. laddy


    Can anyone tell me what a positive enviornment would be for this fish? Also, what's the difference between a Foxface and a Rabbit Fish--don't they look the same?
  13. laddy

    IceCap 660

    Now that I can finally see summer is coming, I've started to think about taking that next step in reef keeping which, I believe, leads to better looking and healthier tanks. I'm tossing the pre-fab lighting systems over my tanks, and trying to customize the lighting subject to the requirements...
  14. laddy

    Alk/Ca Depletion from Coralline Algae?

    Tough question, not for the faint of heart, but has anyone actually documented how corralline algae, and the removal of heavy buildup effects Alk and Ca in the reef aquarium? I've been getting some sporadic readings with KH, dKH, lately (and by lately I mean over the course of 6 months) and the...
  15. laddy

    Hitchhiker Photos?

    Got any hitchhiker photos? I'll post the photo of the only interesting hitchhiker I've had over the past three years. This guy came from a batch of live rock I got from a LFS, and has grown 3x. When my wife originally spotted him in my invert tank he was the size of my pinky fingernail.
  16. laddy

    Cold Water Reef

    Anyone out there with a cold water reef setup?
  17. laddy

    Laddy's 10g (update pics)

    Going on a year and a half right now.....
  18. laddy

    Yasha Hashe Goby

    Borrowed camera but here goes.......he's currently in a 10g inhabited by camel shrimp, and a couple astrea snails.
  19. laddy

    Are nano tanks beneficial to the hobby?

    I ask this question with the best of intentions. More of a chance, maybe, for this forum to look inward a bit and to discuss the ease of entry, and relative low cost to stock and maintain. Is it beneficial in the long run, or is it not?
  20. laddy

    Ricordea Care

    Hey All-- Have a pair at the bottom of my 10g (under 96w) and they don't appear to be doing very well. They've failed the DNLR test :happy: .........was wondering if anyone has had these in their nanos. At what depth, under what lights, etc, etc. Maybe I'm expecting too much in two weeks...