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  1. markw

    Show off your breeders!

    Hi everyone! Does anyone out there have a 40g breeder reef? I'm on the search for inspiration! Mark
  2. markw

    Could I get away with this?

    Hey everyone. I used to frequent these parts quite often, but have taken a bit of time off and got diverted in to poison dart frogs for quite a while. Well, a few years and multiple dozens of frogs later (babies, not different sets. lol), I just don't really feel too emotionally involved in it...
  3. markw

    API Saltwater Color Cards.

    Hi, is there anywhere that sells replacement Saltwater Color Cards for the API Saltwater Master Kit? If you know of anywhere that sells them, please PM me with the information, or if you dont want yours anymore, Id be more than willing to take them off your hands. I only need the color cards...
  4. markw

    My 29g Nano Reef build!

    I'm Back! Alright guys, Some know me from a different build thread. Thats a long story. Anywho, I am picking up a 29g tank, hood, light, filter (marineland penguin 200), stand, gravel, heater, pump, and all decorations tomorrow for $20. I want to start this as my first official saltwater...
  5. markw

    Issue with my new 150g plumbing.

    Hi all. I am setting up a 150g reef tank. It has dual overflows in the corners. I put about an inch's worth of water in the tank to test the seals on the bottom of the overflows. They were fine. So, I took the same water and put in one of the overflows. After I got about an inch or so in...
  6. markw

    Prepping the tank.

    Hi all. I have a very simple question. I just got a 150g RR tank. I wanted to give it a wipe-down, inside and out. My question is, do I only use water for both the inside and out? See, very simple
  7. markw it really that important?

    I am looking up RO/DI units and I was thinking..exactly how important is the DI part? What does it actually do and would it be something to make sure to have in an RO fixture? Mark
  8. markw

    Simple Question?

    As some of you know, I will be setting up a reef relatively soon and I was wondering if I should use IO reef crystals or Sea salt and what the differences really are. Theres not much of a price difference, but I was going to buy (2) 200gal boxes (one to start all 150g of my tank, plus whatever...
  9. markw

    Established 125g-150g reef?

    I will be picking up a tank soon. Either a 135g or 150g. I wanted to make it into a reef, so I was wondering if anyone had any photos or could link me to some (while still abiding by the forum rules) so I have something to aspire towards. I can start it off: Mark
  10. markw

    LED Lighting?

    Okay, maybe Im missing something. I havent been around these parts for about 3-4 months, now I come back and there are fully LED light fixtures for the tanks? Im kind of confused. Are these fixtures used instead of regular lighting (T5/MH/CF/etc.) or as an addition to them? What are the...
  11. markw

    Huge Corals!

    Im not sure if it should go here or in the Coral forum, but I posted it here because it involves shots of your entire tank, not just the coral. Anyway, I would love to see if anyone has some massive corals! If you could, post a photo of the coral itself, then a FTS so we have something to...
  12. markw

    How hard is it to have a tank drilled?

    Well, as the title says.. Is there any way to get a tank drilled that isnt already drilled? Im having a little trouble finding a tank that is drilled and of my size liking within my price range (theyre usually fully set up and established and selling for around $6000 on CL.). Theres tons of...
  13. markw

    Picking up a tank this week!

    Ok, so I found a 20g long tank on CList. It comes with 20lbs LR, 20lbs LS, emerald crabs, hermits, some snails, a blue tail damsel, and three stripe damsel. Also a Fluval 4+ filter. All for $85! I thought this was a steal! So, I contacted this man and I go to pic it up this week. Im...
  14. markw

    Baking Soda as Ph Buffer?

    Ive heard of people putting baking soda in their tanks daily/weekly as a Ph does this work? I dont litterally mean why does it work..but how well does it work as a buffer itself? Mark
  15. markw

    BIG Tanks??

    Does anyone have some real massive ones out there? I would love to see some photos! Seems like all the really big ones like Bang Guys have dwindled off as far as photos go. I dont know many people's tanks around these parts, but if you do and you could PM them this thread so maybe they will...
  16. markw

    Nova Extreme 6x54W.

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any shots of their tank with this lightinf fixture with all the lights on? I will be getting it for my 75g when its up and I wanted to see what it would look like. Thanks! Mark
  17. markw

    To All of You Sump Builders.

    I will be putting up a 75g reef (). I will be building a custom sump out of a 20g long tank. I was wondering where all of you get your acrylic from and where do you get it cut to size? I understand if you have to PM me if it is an online source because of forum rules. Thanks all! Mark
  18. markw


    Id love to see some of your toadstool corals! I just love the way the big ones look. Mark
  19. markw

    I didnt know this!

    I didnt know lionfish were so prolific! Theyre apparently taking over the entire atlantic's western coast! (Eastern coast of the USA) People are killing them left and right because of it. Thought everyone would like to have seen this...
  20. markw


    Im a little confused how RODI systems work. Do they hook up to your faucet? If not, is there anything that can make them hook up to the faucet or a hose? Mark