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  1. gmann1139

    Cardinal with serious battle damage

    After a year in the same tank, the Tomato Clown went after the Banggai Cardinal and caused serious damage. We have the traditional ripped fins, as well as some gill damage, and a giant knot growing above one eye. The gill area is looking a little pink, so I am concerned about a bacterial...
  2. gmann1139

    Shipment stuck in Memphis

    So, did anyone else order something from SWF that was supposed to arrive today and have Fedex decide to leave the package in Memphis, or am I only the lucky one? Luckily my order is all inverts, but I am not optimistic for their survival until Monday.
  3. gmann1139

    Skimmers: Red Sea or CPR?

    I'm looking a buying a used skimmer, and have to choose between a Red Sea Prizm Deluxe and a CPR Bakpak II. Cost is pretty much even, as is wear. Tank is a 30g FOWLR. Which is better? Note, extra points for quiet. Tank is in living room.
  4. gmann1139

    Other Wrasses for a 30g

    Other than the six-line, what other wrasse would I be able to keep in my 30g breeder? Tankmates are a Royal Gramma, Tomato Clown, a Shrimp Goby, and three pepp shrimp. Negative on corals.
  5. gmann1139

    Urchin ID

    This urchin hitchhiked its way into my friend's 12g Nanocube last Fall on a coral. Since then, it's grown, and all of the coral has died. Anyone know what it is, and whether it could be responsible? For reference, the intake behind it is 4" across, so the urchin is ~1.5". Thanks in advance.
  6. gmann1139

    Using Powerhead to refill Tank during WC

    Since I moved my water mixing station into the basement, I'm now carrying the jugs full of SW up and down the stairs when I do a WC. So I thought I'd look into using a powerhead to push the water up and out of the 5 gallon jug, up and into the tank (3 - 4' above it). I'm only looking at doing 2...
  7. gmann1139

    SW Hermit Crabs - Same as pet store kind?

    I have three hermits who have gotten a little too big for my tank. Two are Scarlet, one is Blue Legged. I'm thinking about taking them out of the tank and giving them a hermit crab tank, like you can buy at Petsmart/Co. My question is, will they survive long-term above water? Can they be kept...
  8. gmann1139

    Hermits kill healthy fish?

    Anyone ever seen hermits take down a healthy fish? I have 2 %*&%*& hermits that are ~1" in size. They're housed in large Fancy Nass snail shells. Last night, I found them, along with a couple of their smaller friends, chomping on the body of my 1.5" Cherub Angel, who had been in the tank for...
  9. gmann1139

    Clown Goby or something else

    Looking for a fourth fish for my 30g FOWLR tank. Current occupants: Tomato Clown Cherub Angel Royal Gramma Various inverts I'm thinking of some type of 'bottom dwelling' or 'perching' fish. LFS had a couple of Yellow Clown Gobies last week that looked like they'd fit the bill well. I was also...
  10. gmann1139

    SWF Yahoo March Madness Pool

    I've created a March Madness Group on Yahoo. The link to join is here The Group ID is 96209 and the password is "aquarium". Pretty sure you need a Yahoo login to join.
  11. gmann1139

    March Madness Pool

    Hey guys - I'm volunteering to run a March Madness pool. My only question is where to host. I put up the three logical choices (to me, of course), a fourth option if necessary, and a fifth for write-ins.
  12. gmann1139

    What depletes alkalinity?

    I've had consistent issues with low alkalinity (2.5 mEq/L) in my 12g Nano, ever since I set it up a year ago. Recently, the alk dropped down closer to 2.0, so I performed two 50% water changes, hoping to raise it back up. That worked temporarily as it was back up to 2.5 for a week or two, but...
  13. gmann1139

    Light trips GFCI on Startup

    I bought a new Current USA T-5 light for my tank. When I turn it on, it trips the GFCI. Tried 2 different GFCI's, same result. Is this a problem with the light, and if so, is there anything I can check or do, or does the light have to go back to the mfgr?
  14. gmann1139

    Product Review: Marineland Bio-Wheel Canopies

    Reviewer name: gmann1139 (Greg) Date Reviewed: 2/7/09 Product Name: Marineland Bio-Wheel Canopies Date Purchased: 12/2006 Approximate Cost: $120 Features: The Marineland canopy provide a nice solution to multiple needs: It’s a hood, a light, and a filter, all in one. While this is more than...
  15. gmann1139

    Product Review: JBJ Nanocube 12 gallon DX

    Reviewer Name: gmann1139 (Greg) Date Reviewed: 2/7/09 Product Name: JBJ Nanocube 12 gallon DX Date Purchased: 11/2007 Approximate Cost: $200 Features: One of the “Big Three” of Nano tanks, with the BioCube and AquaPod, the Nanocube DX is JBJ’s second generation nano, which has increased lighting...
  16. gmann1139

    Product Review: Hagen AquaClear Powerfilters

    Review Name: gmann1139 (Greg) Date Reviewed: 2/7/09 Product Name: Hagen AquaClear Powerfilters Date Purchased: 2/2008 Approximate Cost: $25 - $50 Features: Modular design, multiple sizes Benefits: Physical Filters, while not the important part of the tank they once were, are still a necessary...
  17. gmann1139

    Product Review: Rio Powerheads

    Reviewer Name: gmann1139 (Greg) Date Reviewed: 2/7/09 Product Name: Rio Powerheads Date Purchased: 6/2007 Approximate Cost: $15 Features: Compact Benefits: Small Pros: They’re tiny, and can fit in tiny locations other pumps can’t. Cons: Break down easily in SW. Metal rusts, and turbine locks...
  18. gmann1139

    Product Review: Maxi-Jet Powerheads

    Reviewer name: gmann1139 (Greg) Date Reviewed: 2/7/09 Product Name: Maxi-Jet Powerheads by Aquarium Systems Date Purchased: 8/2007 Approximate Cost: Don’t pay more than $20 Features: compact design, demure color Benefits: Hard-working, commonly available Pros: Maxi-Jet Powerheads are commonly...
  19. gmann1139

    Product Review: Visi-Jet Protein Skimmer

    Reviewer Name: gmann1139 (Greg) Date Reviewed: 2/7/09 Product Name: Visi-Jet Protein Skimmer Date Purchased: 12/2007 Approximate Cost: $35 Features: Flow-Meter, able to run inside DT Benefits: Cost Pros: If you are desperate for a skimmer, have no room outside of your tank for a skimmer...
  20. gmann1139

    Impulse Anemone Purchase

    Ok, my friend, (yes, there really is a friend) purchased a 2-3" Sebae anemone to go in his Nanocube 12g, for the pair of ocel clowns, I assume. The tank has 48w of PC lighting. Not sure about water parameters, I will beat him up over those. I am no anemone expert myself, so I'm looking for...