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  1. handbanana

    ID: Never seen anything like this. No idea where to start

    Thank you Meowzer, Geo and Cranberry. It was gone this morning. I never touched it with my hand as I have learned thats not always the best idea with unidentified critters. Thank you again.
  2. handbanana

    ID: Never seen anything like this. No idea where to start

    I discovered this weird thing. I dont even know if its alive. I poked it with a thing and it gave no response. I have no clue what this could be. Could someone point me in the right direction? Thanks everyone Nick
  3. handbanana

    That store we love to hate

    I have yet to find one of those stores with a SW section. At all.
  4. handbanana

    GED Test answers

    I have a GED. The questions are nothing like those at all. For starters the questions are Multiple choice. Funny as hell tho..
  5. handbanana

    Best youtube video I've ever seen.

    Originally Posted by AquaKnight Type whatever you're looking for into google. Then clicked 'cached.' Most of those work firewalls will think the page is still a google page, instead of the other site. I saw it....."shudder"....I just dont know any more.........Need a palette cleanser now.
  6. handbanana

    candycane coral

    Originally Posted by Speg called me lover... I thought we had something special... I guess I did. Ok lover, I got my candy cane to do the sweeper thing, It was awesome. Check out my pics! ( I think I meant lower but its cool Speg, Special is my middle name.)
  7. handbanana

    four letter word game

  8. handbanana

    Best youtube video I've ever seen.

    Originally Posted by Slice I have the same problem here, but we really should be working anyway..... I know right?...............ok ok. Ill be productive.
  9. handbanana

    Best youtube video I've ever seen.

    Right?...............oh well.
  10. handbanana

    ORDERED Hurricone Cat 2 Protein Skimmer

    Todays the big day.....coolness, Im excited for ya Meowzer....for some reason
  11. handbanana

    Best youtube video I've ever seen.

    grrrrr....... anybody know how to get around a Barricuda content filter? I wanna see.
  12. handbanana

    ID: small green algae

    I found this, I realize I might need to wait and see when it gets bigger. Just wondering if anyone might know or have ideas? Thanks as always
  13. handbanana

    Snails breeding,

    I went home for lunch and found this. I believe the large weird half shelled snail hatched these? I needed to beef up my CUC so i suppose this will help. Just thought I would share this cuz Its kinda weird for me. Is there any chance some of these snails will survive? And what are they anyway...
  14. handbanana

    four letter word game

    Cake. Ends with E so that works right?
  15. handbanana

    Neptunes 72" Custom LED system.

    I agree it is because it is in parallel. I was think about a voltage drop after I saw the meters but thought maybe you worked around it. Wireing it in series would essentally mean twice the wireing wouldnt it?
  16. handbanana

    Need some sump helo! noise controll!!!!!!

    air break just before the pipe enters the water. Like a T fitting. one side goes down into the water, the other to a length of pipe allowing the air to travle up that instead of your overflow. You can put a cap on said pipe with airline tubing too if thats your thing. hope that helps a little
  17. handbanana


    I ....uhhhhh.....dont know what to say Speg..... I want to punch myself in the nose every time I see that blankity blank commercial with a bunch of half N a k i d ware wolves or whatever running around. which is every commercial break on every channel. I just dont get it. But someones...
  18. handbanana

    Lesnar vs Carwin

    Who else if fighting? Might have to go to the bar to watch this one...
  19. handbanana

    Help! Clown ate more than he could handle!

    could this be the first documented successful fish Heimlich?
  20. handbanana

    Neptunes 72" Custom LED system.

    Holy moley. So awesome. The Voltmeters are a very nice touch. [hr] I only played that warcraft wher you build little citys and castles, create an army and destroy the opposing force, and maybe clubbed a baby seal or two along the way. Back in the day. Thanks for the Explanation, I always...