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  1. fedukeford

    Which cell to get?

    Well my screen broke on my crappy cell, and my contract is up in a month anyway, so ill be getting a new phone. But, i need help choosing one. Ive narrowed it down between the: envy- the Samsung SCH-u740-...
  2. fedukeford

    Which anemone for a true perc?

    What anemone will a true perc most likely host? thanks feduke
  3. fedukeford

    Help with stock list, and explinations of fish deaths?

    Well, I've lost 2 fish in the last week, a foxface and a beautiful kole tang, so I need some nice larger fish to add color back to the tank. I know most of you are going to think I should find why my fish died before I start thinking about other fish, thats what i do too when i see threads like...
  4. fedukeford

    Mods- reporting post button not working?

    I just saw some spam, and i tried to report it, but it said "email function disabled by admisistrator", is it just me, or is everyones report post feature down? Feduke
  5. fedukeford

    New maxima clam without a foot?

    I just got a gold aquacultured maxima clam last night, and when the lady took it out of the holding tank it left either most or all of its foot behind on the sand, i thought it probley would be fine, but i figured id ask on here. So can clams regrow there foot? or once its off it pretty much...
  6. fedukeford

    Sailfin tang or not?

    I'm thinking about getting a sailfin tang for my 125 reef, but some people have said it gets too big, and others say it should be fine. My fish list right now is: 3 green chromis bicolor blenny kole tang percula clown firefish goby sixline wrasse foxface So the sailfin, and a manderin would...
  7. fedukeford

    Mods- is there any way to change a title?

    I just noticed i spelled feduke wrong in my tank diary thread. Is there any way to change it or is it too late? Thanks Feduke
  8. fedukeford

    Mods- Full tank pics?

    I've only seen a couple mods tanks (NMreef, and hot883) and im interested to see some amazing mod tanks. Any mods want to post their full tank shots? Thanks Feduke
  9. fedukeford

    red brain bleaching!

    Ive had the red brain for about 1 month, and for the last week its started to bleach, and now i'd say its around 1/2 white, and the rest is a light red and green. the water parimeters are amm-0, trate-0, trite-0, ph 8.3-8.4, calcium 450, not sure what alk is right now, and i dont have a test kit...
  10. fedukeford

    Week photo feature:Angelfish

    I figured that NMreef isnt doing the weekend photo threads I'd start up something similar. Lets do angelfish this week, so post ANY angel pics you have! to start it off heres a couple pics of the coral beauty I had in my 55 gallon until it jumped out onto the lights while I was on vacation. I...
  11. fedukeford


    Isnt today the day when judges vote for the pic contest?? i was looking for a thread you might have started for judges to vote, but i couldnt find it??
  12. fedukeford

    has anyone ever gotten pricked by a foxface?

    Im considering putting a foxface in my 125 mixed reef, and was just wondering how careful you have to be around them, and how likely it is to get pricked by them? feduke
  13. fedukeford

    VHO ballast problem

    I orderd a ballast to run 2 6' bulbs from a online site a week ago. It finally came today and while i was reading the housing it said "Left side will run 1 5' or 6' bulb, Right side will run 1 4' bulb" so what am i supposed to do now?(i also orderd 2 6' bulbs from them) will the ballast be able...
  14. fedukeford

    NM Reef....

    My mom was asking me to find some good fish pictures for my brother's and my bathroom and I instantly thought of your pics. If you dont mind could you post a a pic or 2 of your treeo (no clue how to spell it , im talking about the rabit, the blue tang, and the unicorn tang) and a few pics of...
  15. fedukeford

    fish trap instructions??

    i have a royal dottyback in my 125 reef that is terrorizing all the fish, and has already killed 4 pepermint shrimp. does anybody have some good instructions for a DIY fish trap?
  16. fedukeford

    Are there anyother tangs that......

    school besides yellows, i really want a school of tangs for my 125 once its older, but the yellows are too common, i was thinking atlantic blue but have heard they are heard to keep, so anyothers that school?
  17. fedukeford


    just talked to adam today, i gave him your email like you asked
  18. fedukeford

    anyone have florida rics for trade??

    ive been looking for some florida rics for a while, does anyone within driving distance have any for trade?? i have - toadstool frags, purple zoo frags, red zoo frags, kenya tree frags
  19. fedukeford

    most important test kits....

    right now im putting in an order for some test kits and other things, i want to get the most important tests for a reef, right now i have ammonia, trate, calcium,trite, PH, and alk, but the only ones that are somewhat accurate are the nitrate and nitrite, and calcium, i was thinking of ordering...
  20. fedukeford

    clean up crew yet??

    I was going to order a clean up crew for my 125 (its been up around 7-8 weeks) until i checked my levels this morning: Ammonia .25 Nitrite .5 Nitrate 1.3 PH 8.1 right now theres 3 green chromis and a 6 line wrasse, around 10 turbo snails, and 4 larger hermits what should i do to get the levels...