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  1. bulldog123


    Ive been looking at the different hornets, purple, red, and yellow. Has anyone seen the red hornets go for less than $150 per polyp. I hope im just looking in the wrong places. And the scams that are following these zoas are crazy. I know you cant post other sites but you can give me some hints.
  2. bulldog123


    Anyone know the name of this SPS?
  3. bulldog123


    Does anyone have any experience with Berghia? I am thinking of trying them but would like some input before I drop fourty on shipping alone.
  4. bulldog123


    Is anyone running the Super Reef Octopus XP2000? Heard anything, experience, or anything else.
  5. bulldog123

    New water cal/kh/ph

    Please post the type of salt and your calcium/kh/ph reading on your freshly mixed water. Please include if you use ro/di or just ro or tap. If there is anything else I should be looking for someone feel free to add it. The reason for this post is my water is at optimum and does allow wc to...
  6. bulldog123

    acan fight

    Will two separate acan colonies fight. Im sure you will need more info but not really sure what. Temperament: Acanthastrea Lordhowensis are a more aggressive species. They may be kept close to other Acanthastrea Lordhowensis, but give plenty of room to other corals. Just looking for others...
  7. bulldog123

    SPS Growth

    Would anyone know why a SPS would have new growth from the base and not the original piece? The orignal piece has not grown at all but there are two new pieces. One has about 2.5"-3" and the other about 2". The original has great polyp extension and color but no new growth. The other two...
  8. bulldog123

    Hating my GBTA

    I thought GBTA were the G.O.A.T. until I owned one for 7 months. The thing just keeps growing and splitting and growning. It has split 4 times and is back to being about 10" in dia. They are next to impossible to remove and the freaking LFS will only give my $10 in credit for them. Thats...
  9. bulldog123

    Scopus Tang

    A week or so ago we were having a discussion on sump designs. I have been gone and today is my first chance to get back to you. I have attached pics of my sump(hopefully). Maybe others will also give their opinions or suggestions. Im not implicating right or wrong just trying to get people...
  10. bulldog123

    JBJ true temp heater?

    I need a new heater! Has anyone had any experience with the JBJ true temp or any other digital/titanium heater?
  11. bulldog123

    Bully Beatdown

    Does anyone else watch this show on MTV?
  12. bulldog123

    Never before seen

    LOL, the tank was setup in Jan 2009. Hope you enjoy as I do. Thanks
  13. bulldog123

    power strip

    Could someone help me out? I cant remember the name of the strip that has the on/off switch on the side of the plugs.
  14. bulldog123

    Salsa recipe

    Ive been making the same recipe for 10 years and am hoping someone would share theirs as I would like to try something new.
  15. bulldog123

    Boat Rock

    Is this just a selling point or is it legitimate. Does it all just sit in warehouse over there. This place claims it comes straight to your local airport and does not sit on boats or in L.A. warehouses.
  16. bulldog123

    Wish Me Luck

    I put in for tickets to Obamas Colorado Town Hall in Grand Junction. My wife and I both put in. I should know tomorrow afternoon if I get tickets.
  17. bulldog123

    Power Outlet

    Does everyone plug everything into a single 15a outlet.
  18. bulldog123

    loud overflow ?

    My standpipe isnt the problem it when it hits the sump. It sounds like a waterfall. Its 1000 times louder(120g) than my 54g. I just filled it with water yesterday for the water/leak test. Both the overflow and return are straight no restrictions. Are they all this loud or am I missing...
  19. bulldog123


    My clown goby went out the over flow from the fuge and in the sump and died. He didnt die from the transition because I seen him alive for two days. Maybe the sump isnt a good place too housse them.
  20. bulldog123

    shroom ?

    I have a leather toadstool that doesnt have a trunk,stalk, base call it what you want I dont know. About 3 months ago it was 3"to4" tall no longer. It has a full head and full extension. Any clue what is causing this and is it a problem or not.