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  1. volitan

    Ladies I need "V" Day suggestions!

    I'm looking for suggestions for my first "V" Day with someone I'm very serious about. I did the whole dozen roses delivered thing, but I don't feel like that is enough. What do you girls think?
  2. volitan

    Limestone for reef?

    A friend of mine is wanting to set up a reef tank. His work buddy is geologist who has given him several very interesting pieces of rock recovered from the lab. The geologists told him that there are several different types of rock in the samples, but that it is mainly limestone. What do you...
  3. volitan

    Tang vs. Butterlfy. Round 1

    I have a 75 gallon reef with nothing but a cleanup crew and a medium yellow tang in it. Today I bought a Copper banded buttlerfly fish to join the tank. My LFS told me that since the body shapes of the tang and the butterfly are similar I should make sure that the tang is overfed with seaweed...
  4. volitan

    OT: OU/USC collision course?

    Are there any college football fans in the boards? If so, I hope your team is not getting ready to face Oklahoma! It looks like they might just have this thing wrapped up this year. Is there anyone that can give them a game? Your opinions please.
  5. volitan

    OT- Hulk

    Have you guy seen the Hulk movie yet? . I was a little disappointed in the movie, but it wasn't the best picture or sound quality. Hoping the theater experience changes my opinion of it. What did you think of it?
  6. volitan

    Zebra Moray Eel- What to feed him?

    In the past, I've always fed him silversides. He just won't eat anything but my cleanup crew anymore. I've tried cochels, sand eels, raw shrimp, and cuttlefish. Does anyone have any suggestions? This is getting expensive!
  7. volitan

    Aquarium Seam Blowout

    My LFS told me that eventually every tank will blow a seam. Has anyone had this happen to them before? Sounds like my worst freakin nightmare!
  8. volitan

    OT- NCAA Tourney

    How are yall's brackets looking? Mine is lookin pretty rough already, but I think my Oklahoma Sooners might do some damage this year.
  9. volitan

    30 gallon volitan?

    I've had a 30 gallon hex tank and stand in my garage for awhile, and I was thinking about setting it up for a lion. I love volitans but is this tank too small for this species? What is the smallest tank you would recommend for a volitan?
  10. volitan

    Sex poll!!!

    Hey, get your mind out of the gutter! I'm just curious as to the ratio of male to female reefers on this board.
  11. volitan

    Anemone vs. Powerhead

    I have a large bubbletip an. in my 75 gallon reef. He decides to roam the tank about every 4-6 months. He will be footed down and appear happy for 4 to 6 months and one day he just decides to take a walk. The problem is, he always gets himself sucked into a powerhead. He did this tonight for...
  12. volitan

    Life of a test kit?

    I was told by my lfs that a test kit, after opened, only tests accurately for a year. Is this true? I looked on my box and I didn't see any date on it.
  13. volitan

    Seaclone skimmer question

    SWF do not sell Seaclone skimmers (at least I didn't see any listed in the dry goods section). Where can I go online to get a good price on one. Also, I was checking out some of the skimmers here on the SWF site, what do you guys think about the Prizm skimmer they have there? The caption says...
  14. volitan

    What brand of protein skimmer do you recommend?

    I'm thinking of investing in a protein skimmer for my 75. My eel is getting bigger, and he is getting to be a pretty messy eater. I'm afraid this might start to affect my nitrate level. What would you guys recommend? I want something I can put in my stand (no hang ons), and something that is...
  15. volitan

    Hey DAB

    Good to see a good Sooner reefer on the boards! What LFS do you shop? Are there any good ones in Norman?
  16. volitan

    NCAA Tourney

    Hey guys, how are those brackets coming? USC's and Marquette's losses sure put alot of red ink on mine! If my Elite Eight are still alive after tomorrow, it will be a happy day. <img src="graemlins//uhuh.gif" border="0" alt="[U-Huh]" />
  17. volitan

    DIY Wooden Canopy Qestion

    I just posted this in the reef tank room, but I'm not getting many replies. I'm in the process of building a new canopy for my 75 gallon reef tank. I have a 4-bulb icecap VHO ballast. I plan on mounting the bulbs to the underside of the canopy lid with coralife lamp clips. I have one actinic...
  18. volitan

    DIY Wooden Canopy Question

    I'm in the process of building a new canopy for my 75 gallon reef tank. I have a 4-bulb icecap VHO ballast. I plan on mounting the bulbs to the underside of the canopy lid with coralife lamp clips. I have one actinic, two 50/50's, and one daylight bulb. My questions are 1. What order...
  19. volitan

    Sick Hippo

    I bought a Hippo Tang a week ago today. He was very active and ate like a horse. Looking very good until today. He has slightly paled in color and his eyes are completely glazed over. I minced some fresh garlic and mixed it with some mysis shrimp (whic he has been eating daily). The problem...
  20. volitan

    Coralline growth

    I've heard that more light increases coralline growth. Does anyone have any experiences that backs this information?