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  1. yerboy

    Yerboy's 15 gallon office build

    I have not been very active on this site in quite some time but i would like to share with you by new build. It's an acrylic 20x16x11 rimless tank with external overflow built by macilwu. You can find his products on ebay and I must say he does very nice work and is a pleasure to deal with...
  2. yerboy

    capacitor as vortech backup?

    Could a car audio style capacitor be used as a vortech backup? Just crossed my mind because i have 3 1 farad caps in the attic never even out of the box with a few mp40s on the way to me if i could use them as a battery backup. Theoretically it should be possible as its a 12v application but...
  3. yerboy

    Yerboy's rimless SPS build

    Well i dont have the tank yet and i havent even moved into the house that will hold this tank or decided on what size tank im going to get but im bored so i decided to start my build thread for mainly advice on equipment, fish, beer and music so on and so forth. I do have my choices down to 3...
  4. yerboy

    Dog bite need advice

    Few hours ago someone knocks on my dog with their dog in hand asking me if the 2 pit bulls behind my house belong to me. I say yes they do and he tells me they bit his dog. My first question is if his dog is ok his reply "we'll we will find out" and my second question was if my dogs had gotten...
  5. yerboy

    So i got my new skimmer mod completed...

    Can you over skim a tank? Sorry i know its OT but after watching all that foam fall out of that hanger today i decided i should share a laugh with everyone.
  6. yerboy

    My new Tank

    I woke up at 7am this morning to this. I have owned this house for 5 years and not once has my yard flooded to my doghouse much less almost submerged it. That is actually built on the highest point of my backyard. The top of my neighbors trampoline is under about 1 1/2 foot of water for a...
  7. yerboy

    I cant keep sps alive.

    I'm at my wits end on why i cannot keep an sps alive for more then a few days at best. Here is a break down of my tank This tank has been up and running for 3 months everything in it came from my other tanks that i took down and consolidated into one. I have an RO/DI putting out 0 on TDS that i...
  8. yerboy

    Mask from Tap Out dies " Sorry if repost",2933,508973,00.html
  9. yerboy

    Help installing DI addon

    I originally purchases just a standard RO unit but have since bought a DI add on and I'm wondering where in line do i install it. I have read online to put it in between the water source and the RO unit and have also read that i just install it on my RO's output line. So I'm totally confused and...
  10. yerboy

    My $1.50 a polyp zoas

  11. yerboy

    id plz

  12. yerboy

    playing around with photoshop lightroom 2

    Just got lightroom so im playing around with some of my pictures here is a before and after.
  13. yerboy

    Low Alk high Calcium

    To start i have a 20L tank 4gallon HOB fuge and 12gallon sump so more then likely after LR and such about 28-30 gallons of water. Over the past few weeks my calcium has been very high 500+ , im sure its been this way for a while i just haven't been testing it until now. Tuesday i did a 7 gallon...
  14. yerboy

    ID Please

    picked these up today from the LFS This is under actinic so they look blue however they are a nice purple color.
  15. yerboy

    wife got me some RPE for my birthday

    they havent opened up yet but ill post pics are soon as they do
  16. yerboy

    Kenya tree attached to Paly

    Found this in the back corner of my tank. Had 3 or 4 small kenya frags back there and one had attached to this pink zoot suit head. I think the kenya will likely kill it but i decided to put it on a frag disk so i can watch the outcome.
  17. yerboy

    54 gallon corner, 12 gallon aquapod, 29 gallon biocube FS

    54 gallon corner tank not drilled with stand and glass top $300 12 gallon aquapod with upgraded bulbs and ballast to 32w"Nanocustoms 2.32 mod " moonlight plug needs to be replaced im sure you could get one at radio shack for pretty cheap. $150 29gallon biocube with new bulbs no stand lid hinges...
  18. yerboy

    Need ID on some some frags

    bam bams? ?? was sold as fire and ice purple deaths ?? gorilla nipples side by side ?? and what i think is bam bams
  19. yerboy

    Yerboy's DIY frag tank

    I posted this over on the frag forum but here would be a good place also.
  20. yerboy

    Yerboy's DIY Frag tank

    Here is my first attempt at building my own tank. I used 1/4" acrylic and weldon 4 and about a tube of silicone :D. dimensions are 30" x 36" x 7" for a big shallow footprint. Light is a 15,000K Iwasaki - 175W with a PFO ballast. Custom DIY sterolite filter , 2 koralia 4s , via aqua 3300 " 950ish...