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  1. trigger40

    collecting my own sand for FOWLR

    hey guys, im not sure where to put this but since my new tank will be a fowlr ill put it here. So i am in the middle of setting up my new tank and i live so close to the ocean i was wondering if i it would be ok if i just got some sand from my local reefs. i have heard thet there are a lot...
  2. trigger40

    tang acting strange

    my powder blue tang this morning was acting very strange. he wasn't eating off the clip and wasn't swimming very much. he would just hover in the middle of the tank lazily darting back and fourth. his colors were darker than normal. it may be nothing but this fish is very important to me and i...
  3. trigger40

    my shrimp is preggers!

    hey guys one of my skunk cleaner shrimp is full of eggs. i have no idea what to do.:confused: please help!
  4. trigger40

    end of hunting season, good memories.

    in memory of this year's hunting season i would like to share the mount of my Amite LA record buck(figured why not). the man who made the mount recently passed away so what better way to say thank you for a great job! i know one of ya'll haft to appreciate this.
  5. trigger40

    share your triggerfish!

    I know ya'll got triggerfish, so it's time to show that triggerfish off! this is my trigger: some other stuff to share, this is my example. type of triggerfish: humu trigger what you feed/how many times a day: mysis...
  6. trigger40

    my tang has got an itch.

    my powder blue tang will get this itch every now and then and i cant tell what it is. its not ich because i dont see any white spots and my tank was left to fallow for 6 weeks while the fish went through hypo. this the only fish doing this. should i be worried?
  7. trigger40

    i need help.

    my powder blue tang is stressing its self out because it wont stop attaching its reflection in the glass. any ideas in how to stop this?
  8. trigger40

    Crummy video of my tank.

    I got a background for my tank! it looks much better but the algae makes part of it a really dark blue. but here is the video
  9. trigger40

    Ich question

    How long does a tank need to lay fallow for ich to die off
  10. trigger40

    my shrimp ate my macros!

    my camel back shrimp ate all my macros. im a little upset, but is this normal?
  11. trigger40

    i made an article.

    i just got finished with my humu trigger article ive been working on. ill go through and check for mistakes tomaro but what do yall think? All about the humu trigger Introduction: The Humuhumunukunukuapua or “humu triggerfish” is one of the most interesting fish in this hobby. Befor we get...
  12. trigger40

    my new fish.

    i got another tang to replace the one that got electrocuted. i also got a new dwarf angel! both of the fish are in my qt. this is my powder blue tang it is very skinny and i am working on putting weight on it. this fish will destroy veggie sheets but it will only eat a couple mysis shrimp a...
  13. trigger40

    skunk cleaner shrimp wont leave kenya tree alone.

    my skunk cleaner shrim keeps crawling all over my kenya tree and every time it opens up the shrimp is all over it. any ideas on what to do to make it stop?
  14. trigger40

    feeding a powder blue tang.

    can you feed a powder blue tang just veggies? i ask this because i got one to replace my old tang that my old heater electrocuted. so it will sit infront of the veggie clip all day eating but when i offer mysis it maybe eats one small piece then go right back to the veggie clip. i dont get it...
  15. trigger40

    just wasted a few hours.

    i was trying to do an article on the humu trigger and when i tried to pull up a picture i couldnt pull it back up! there goes four hours of typing and editing. it was really good too. any way i didnt save it but is there any way i can pull it back up?
  16. trigger40

    trying to beat ich once and for all.

    my tank has had ich in it sence i can first remember having one. but i have stayed on top of it and never let it get out of hand. but know i want to add some more delicate fish besides triggers and clowns. i have a tang in my 15g qt and i dont want to put it in my tank so it can "survive." i...
  17. trigger40

    something is wrong with my baby trigger.

    i think some thing is wrong with my baby bursa trigger:(. it all started about a week ago when he refused to eat anything but mysis and he would not even eat that much of it. and yesterday he didnt even come out for feeding. so when i get home today i see him leand up agenst a rock. he wasnt...
  18. trigger40

    bumps on my tang.

    there are bumps on my yellow tang but they are not ich. the fish is eating and acting fine its just these lumps, you haft to look really closed to see them. could this just be strees?
  19. trigger40

    my triggers like veggies.

    well my triggers like algea sheets a lot. at the rate they are eating it im having to replace it every 30 minutes. i started putting them in for my tang but then my triggers figured out that stuff is food. i wonder if there is any health benefits to this. i know it does a lot of good for puffers...
  20. trigger40

    id coral please.

    i found this on the piece of rock my mushroom frag came with. its inbetween the fish and shroom.