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  1. jbird0420

    Doberman Pinscher

    After years of wanting one, looks like ill be getting one here shortly. Anyone out there a proud Dobie owner??? Pics requested!
  2. jbird0420

    Moving! Need Advice Plz!!!

    Has anyone ever moved a large tank or 2 across the country with livestock? Thinking about moving both my 225 and 90g tanks to Houston in a few months. I got some ideas.....But interested in hearing who has done it and how??? Thanks!
  3. jbird0420

    BTA lonely! Help me choose my next Clownfish!

    I had to move my Gold stripe maroon to the Big house 225g. I noticed him starting to eat my Dungans and picking on other corals close to the anenome. On top of that, he won't let certain fish on that side of the tank to clean up. So! What is a great inexpensive clown??? One that will not pick on...
  4. jbird0420

    Who's Wrasse hid the longest?

    Purchased a new yellow wrasse the other day. Have not seem him since he dove into the sand. I know they can hide for long periods of time..But 2 days now???
  5. jbird0420

    White dots on corals!

    A colony of polyps have not opened lately and white dots on a couple of the polyps. I decided to reef dip em and I noticed a lot of small white dots in the solution after a minute. After looking a little closely at the tank. Another mushroom has these white dots all over it. Yet, it does not...
  6. jbird0420

    Best way to detach Toadstool Mushroom?

    Got a huge toadstool mushroom I want to detach from a rock. What's the best way to detach him and reattach to another rock? Thanks!
  7. jbird0420

    Safest way to remove flat worm from clam?

    Can i use reef dip? Or keep him in the tank that's being treated with FlatWorm exit? I plan on setting up a QT for the livestock, but I want to remove the worms on his outer shell. Thanks for the help!
  8. jbird0420

    Got some nuisances! Here's my plan.....

    Just last week I noticed some brown flat worms, sunbathing in the sandbed of my 90g. I looked a lil closer and there hangin in the rocks. Plus I have noticed a crap load of bristle worms lately. All seemed to appear after my Xmas Wrasse passed away (RIP Jethro) a few weeks back. Today I dipped 4...
  9. jbird0420

    Lrg BristleWorm eating LPS!

    Last nite after I was feeding one of my corals. I noticed this huge Bristleworm 5"+ eating his food plus also nibbled on his mouth. Causing some damage. This is not the first time either, so I need to catch this sucker. It's not a fireworm, cause of the coloration of the worms body. It had the...
  10. jbird0420

    Holy smokes GBTA!

    Got my first Green Bubble Tip Anemone the other day for my 90g mixed reef. I've placed it twice in 2 different spots and liked neither one. Both spots where on the sand bed, up against some live rock. I guess he'll move around till he finds his spot! Hope it's not in a place where I cannot see...
  11. jbird0420

    Dying Brain..Or not?

    My Trachyphyllia has not opened in over a week and the mouth seemed to start to receed a little bit, but now it seems to be repairing itself. This all started when I added my normal 2 part solution last Monday. As soon as I added the normal dosage of the KH, he immediately closed up and has not...
  12. jbird0420

    What do you think?

    I need an opinion on my Silca filter for my RodI unit. As you can see in the pic it's almost half-way exhausted. My TDS meter reads 000 and 001. I would like to know if the Di resin looks like it's ready for a change or can it go a lil longer. Thanks for looking!
  13. jbird0420

    Help Plz!

    My trachy has not expanded in days now. He will not let out his feeding tentacles either day or nite. Only had him for a couple of months. He does this every now and than, which I guess is normal. But it's going on almost 5 days now... Checked my water and 0 ammonia, 0 nitrates, 0 nitrites, ph...
  14. jbird0420

    Phosban Reactor

    I'm getting it delivered today, just want to know what's the best way to hook it up? Can I hook it directly from my return pump and link it into my closed loop system? Any advice plz???Thanks!
  15. jbird0420

    KH and effects on LPS?

    I tested my KH levels this morning. Normally when the KH is in the 196.9 ppm range some of my LPS don't open up(Trachy's especially). But when the KH is in the 161.1-179ppm range they seem to respond better. I sometimes let it go to the 196.9ppm range to accommodate my SPS corals. Has anyone...
  16. jbird0420

    ReefSpace Page

    Anyone have a ReefSpace page? Don't know if I'm supposed to do this, but I always try....Feel free to check out my page. Just set it up the other day! Happy Looking and Reefing!!
  17. jbird0420

    Don't think skimmer is foaming like it should!!

    Need some help please!!!!! My Reef Octopus DNW-200 skimmer does not seem to produce and foam as much as I believe it should. I see foam in the neck of the collection cup and the sides of the cup get built up quick within a day or so. I have it adjusted to where the water level is right...
  18. jbird0420

    Feeding my Brain!

    Tonight is feeding nite. I feed once a week, but I have to cover the brain form predators! Since my camera sux, cannot get a great shot of the food. In the circle is his shrimp. I switch between shrimp and krill. He loves it!!
  19. jbird0420

    Ricordia Reproduction

    Like mushrooms, do rics reproduce the same way? Want to see if they reproduce w/o cutting them.
  20. jbird0420

    Is there something wrong with my brain?? ;)

    My Open Brain has not opened in 2 days now. Kinda concerned, He's very special to me!! Attached is a pic! He's not sliming or shedding in any way. Is this normal for these large brains to close for a couple of days? All water parameters are in check. No Ammonia, Nitrates, nitrites, and ph 8.3...