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  1. lecithin

    Selling 50g tank w/all equip and stock CT

    I am selling my 50g tank and all of its contents and equipment for a very special reason. While it is hard for me to move away from the hobby I have decided that for several reasons it is time for me to do so. I am saving money to buy an engagement ring for my current girlfriend of 4.5 years. We...
  2. lecithin

    aaaahhhhhh addiction!

    AAAAHHHHH I'm addicted to this damn hobby. I can't stop, I'm on these forums every second I get! I stalk fish stores at least 4 days a week. I read web pages, books, anything I can get my eyes on! I wish I had 10 tanks and more corals and fish then I can handle :-) Is it always like this :-)
  3. lecithin

    The tag associated w/posting

    So I'm a yellow tang... before that I was ermm... I don't remember. But I do have a question, does anyone know how the tags work w/your post total. What I mean is, when do the tags change naturally? 0-50, 51-500, 501-2500? What is the order and the names associated w/them? Yes I know you can put...
  4. lecithin

    Selling 36" T5HO Nova Extreme

    I am selling a 36" Nova Extreme 2 bulb T5HO. The fixture has two 39 watt bulbs. 1x39w T5HO 460nm actinic and 1x39w T5HO 10k. It has one on off switch. The fixture is less then one month old. I used it on my 50gallon tank but have recently purchase a nova extreme pro and no longer have space for...
  5. lecithin

    Selling 36" PC light w/Lunars 192w

    I am selling a 36" PC Coralife Aqualight With 1-96W Actinic / 1-96W 10,000K bulbs w/ fans and Lunars (192w) The 10k bulb is brand new and the Actinic (T3 420nm) is about 2-3 months old. The fixture works perfectly and I will gladly send pics if you wish (actually I'll post some here soon as...
  6. lecithin

    Good RO unit?

    I am getting sick of purchasing RO water for wally world. Its not that its expensive but we loose enough water over a weeks time for it to add up. So my question is, what are a few good units to look at. I really dont care about gallons per day, I just need enough to keep that top off going and...
  7. lecithin

    Another fun lighting question

    Ok well after I decided to get a SW tank (50g, 36x19x19) (and did a ton of research) I quickly decided to get a few corals. That begins my problem, at first I had a Nova Extreme 78w 2 bulb (1x39W T5HO actinic & 1x39W T5HO 10k). That worked/works fine for a FOWLR but as you all know this is an...
  8. lecithin

    Testing and reefing

    So I am in the process of upgrading my lighting because i have decided to house some medium and low light corals. I understand all the levels that I should test except I have a few questions concerning dKH. Do you have to buffer it to keep it high enough for corals? My kit measures Alk and I...
  9. lecithin

    Another ID Thread

    I've posted one before and some people asked for a closer pic of one of these so I included that. The other stuff I don't know what it is so your input is highly valuable. That patch of red that I saw... starting to look like something I read about that stings..... Whats the name again? I hope...
  10. lecithin

    Lecithin's 50g Tank Diary

    I figured I would start a diary because they have always been very helpful and interesting to me. I will post a few pics every time I make a change/addition in the tank and we'll take it from there. Any comments, suggestions, and questions are more then welcome/appreciated. Equipment 50g tank...
  11. lecithin

    How's this lighting combo look?

    Two seperate light fixtures, highlighted below 50 gallon tank, 36x19x19 Nova Extreme 36" 78Watt lighting fixture It has a 39 Watt 460nm Actinic T5HO lamp and a 39 Watt 10k T5HO lamp. Coralife 36 Inch Aqualight With 1x-96W Actinic and 1x-96W 10,000K Lamp PC Giving me 270 watts, two 10k bulbs (one...
  12. lecithin

    lighting question

    I am currently looking to add another lighting fixture to my 50g tank. I have a Nova Extreme w/2 bulbs. 1 39w 10k T5HO and 1 39w actinic T5HO. I have an offer from someone for a Coralife Aqualight 36" - 2 x 96 Watt Power Compact. It has 1 10k bulb and 1 actinic. The question is how much of an...
  13. lecithin

    Lighting question, will upgrading do much here?

    I guess this is actually a few questions but the heart of the concern is what I should do to upgrade my lighting. I have a few options (at least I think I do). I have a 50g tank (36x19x19) I want to have a BTA and probably some medium light corals down the road. Mostly hardy species that aren't...
  14. lecithin

    ID please! Much appreciated!

    My tank has finished its cycle and now that I have my lights on I've noticed a few things and am not entirely sure what they are. On a side note, I didn't take a picture of this but I think its a baad anemone that I hear so much about. Its a white/clear color and doesn't seem to like light (when...
  15. lecithin

    A few pics of my tank, 50g !not dial up friendy!

    I will start a diary eventually but I also wanted to post a few pics to see what people think. Please share your opinions, questions, concerns, or whatever good or bad. The tank is a 50g, FOWLR... though I will probably get some corals way down the road. Inside you will see 50lbs of base rock...
  16. lecithin

    what are these things?

    So my tank finished cycling and I got the bright idea to try to place a piece of base rock in there (it has the best hole in it ever) and while doing that I kicked around some sand. Now that I'm looking at my glass I see these tiny white things about the size of a grain of sand. They are white...
  17. lecithin

    Feeding Shrimp?

    I am going to buy two peppermint shrimp and a cleaner shrimp for my 50g soon. How do you go about feeding them? I've read a few sites that tell me what to feed them, but how do I get it from me to them?
  18. lecithin

    Would I be able to keep an Anemone w/this lighting?

    I want to get a Percula Clown and was wondering if my current lights would be able to sustain a hosting anemone. Through my research I have found that Ritteri (maroon), Saddle, Bubble, and Carpet Anemones tend to host this particular clown. Buuutttt.... Can my lights handle any of those? I have...
  19. lecithin

    What corals can be go w/this lighting

    I have a Nova Extreme 36" 78Watt lighting fixture on my 50g tank (36x19x19) It has a 39 Watt 460nm Actinic T5HO lamp and a 39 Watt 10k T5HO lamp. What type of corals can I put in there when the time comes? I don't want a reef tank, maybe just a few corals to accent the tank nicely.
  20. lecithin

    My LR

    I recently set up my tank and have added approx 45 lbs of LR. There is also 60 lbs of LS in there and 50lbs of base rock. The equipment has been running for a few days now (the skimmer is just hitting its stride). What do you think of the LR? Most of it is from my LFS's display tanks and as such...