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  1. shawnts106

    My Morish

    Hellooo again to all you great people... let me first say. .Mola I think it was, great poem.. maybe you should go into the business :) anyway! Well I just came back home... Im doing a drip acclimation on the Morish Idol, and its been running for 31 minutes and 28 seconds :)... hehehe This guy is...
  2. shawnts106

    My Tank because NM doesnt believe I have one LOL!!!

    LOL!!!... Well im just sorry I dont have time to sit and take pictures and all that mess... Im sorry I lead a busy life! so here are some pictures just for you.. not really... HAHA!
  3. shawnts106

    Morish Idol Rumors!

    Ok, I have heard of these storys of where people have had Morish Idols for like a year and then suddenly next day without any sign of illness or fatigue or any stress signs at all just up and DIE... this doesnt make sense for a fish to just up and DIE.... I mean even with fish... you still see...
  4. shawnts106

    Morish Idol Fever!

    Ok, today at the store we had a counstomer order, well first this coustomer has a 300gallon sps lps softies clams stars *linckia*, ect... aka this tank is aquarium heaven! anyway... he ordered a MORISH IDOL!!!! omg, I ACCTUALLY SAWWWWW a morish idol!!! it was a small medium very good health...
  5. shawnts106

    Euphyllia Ancora ??? :(

    OK, I work at a LFS, so today we got in a shipment and there was a ... Anchor Coral... of course Ive got to have it... they shipped it in like 5 bags... got it home, aclimated it and then started to put it in the tank and the water in the bag was milky, and the coral has some tissue necrosis...
  6. shawnts106

    Yellow Tailed Damsel Babies!

    SO! bout' 12am I just happened to looking into the tank before heading off to dreamland and right in front of me are hundreds of these baby fish larva!!! RIGHT THERE! I now they were my pair of YT Damsels babies because they have been going at it for months! so here I am trying to save the poor...
  7. shawnts106

    AH!!! ok, Mercury Vapor and MH?

    Ok, I am building my own MH lights for my Reef tank, and am using someone elses design for it, but now I am worried I have purchase some outdoor 175watt Mercury Vapor fixtures from LOWES and dissassembled them to just get the Mogul base and the Mag Ballast out... which I have now, on the ballast...
  8. shawnts106

    BLUE FLOWERPOTS! (Goniopora)

    Well, this is the ONEEEEE CORAL that I have alllwaysss wanted.. SOOO, I talked to my boss (LFS) and she ordered one for me!! they only had ONE! and its SUPER BLUE!!! IM SOOO EXCITED! My tank has been doing so well with the Alveopora that I have fraged twice and the Red Goniopora so I decided to...
  9. shawnts106


    I hope im spelling this right, anyway... We got in some Money Cowres and some Tigers and our customers have been saying that they eat algae like CRAZY! they stay on the rocks and glass and eat algae like crazy, so far so good, what does everyone think about these critters :)?
  10. shawnts106

    NM, your FROMIA!

    Hey, NMreef, how long have you had your fromia?... what do you do to help its survival? Does it eat micro, macro algeas? Cyno? I just got one today, its abouthe size of a half dollar, red like yours... I have heard great success with these guys, but you need alot of liverock... which I have...
  11. shawnts106


    Ok, yeah, im getting one of these :) so anyway, I know someone on here has a VID of their tank with this wavemaker on it... who was it? what was the link? FOR THE PEOPLE WHO USE THIS WAVEBOX what do you think about it? would you recommend it? how are your corals, fish, inverts reacting to this...
  12. shawnts106

    Coralife Liquid Gold

    sooo has anyone ever used Coralife Liquid Gold? says it has over 200 major, minor and trace elements and amino acids organic compouds etc... in it.... so just curious on everyones opinion, I got some just the other day and have started using it with Seachems Reef Complete or whichever one raises...
  13. shawnts106

    Ok! Whos Got The Fromia Star?

    who has the fromia star... we got 2 in , they are red all over and I need a species identity, and some serious INFO on these guys, I have heard they feed off live sponge and sessil inverts,but I have also heard of people keeping them in their reef tanks... so are they reef safe? Care? etc...
  14. shawnts106

    Reply to Shoreliner again/Evolution/Creation debate :)

    HI AGAIN, im back, and always will be :) ok first lets understand something, in the last topic everyone that replyed, replyed negitivly, of course... however one thing stood out... and thats that everyone had and still has a biast... including me:), therefore in order for your Biast to make...
  15. shawnts106

    Re: to Shoreliners Comment

    Sorry just had to :), oh well ;) SO SHORELINNNNNERRR you stated: IMO (and all my textbooks) the reason why there are fossils of tropical plants in antarctica is because the antarctic continent used to be a part of a land mass called Pangaea I'm sure you've heard of. Yes the earth was most likely...
  16. shawnts106

    UPGRADE!!.. questions 180gal! :)

    HEYYY everyone, hows everybody today?... Me oh Im good just sitting around looking at my 75 gallon reef thinking to myself WOW I need a 180 gallon because my 75 is getting cramped with all the stuff I want in it!... so heres some questions, Ive got a 75 gallon reef ready system with the...
  17. shawnts106

    ALK and Ca PROBLEMS!!!!!!!

    We are having a few problems with a tank here.... Its ALK is 7.5 meq/l and 26.25DKH, with a Ca reading of 600.... its this bad?... is the Alk to high?... We are having serious problems keeping SPS in this tank... we have lost about 20 Hydnophoras, 2 or 3 digies, and some of our Zoos arent...
  18. shawnts106

    DO Mandarin's eat Amphapods, little shrimps?

    I was wondering if Mandarins eat those little shrimps in your tank, they are clear and scurry about in all different directions... and amphapods?... you know the little flea looking crustations... I do know they eat cocopods, but I dont think I have any in my tank... they got wiped out a few...
  19. shawnts106

    Stupid Alveopora! Ahhh

    ok, yeah yeah, spare me the guilt and dispare ok!... My alveopora has not opened all the way in 2 days.. so today i got some more Kent Iron and some DTS and fed the thing for a half hour... target fed! and added the iron to the dts and also put it in the tank.. hopfully this will help it Its...
  20. shawnts106

    WPG?... wow!!!

    OK, I was figureing up my MH That I might be getting and VHOS and I found that on my 75 gallon I would have about 7.6 WPG, is this too much with softies, LPS and SPS???? Just wondering... Im not to sure if it is or not!