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  1. reef dude

    Large hole in Giant Devils Hand...plz help

    I have had a giant Devils hand leather for over 3 years now and it is to say the least, monstrous, stretching an honest 17-18 inches in diameter when fully open. Just yesterday, a small hole at the center of the hand ripped into a dime sized hole, exposing the inner tissue. The hole is right...
  2. reef dude

    Toadstools turn white?

    I just fragged a toadstool about a month ago and now all the new frags polyps are turning white, they used to be yellowish brown, now it looks as if they are really unhealthy. I mean up untill recently they've been growing new stalks and forming really nice crowns on top, but now...
  3. reef dude

    new clams check em out

    Would I be able to put a squamosa on the sand with 2 175w 10k's and 2 40 watt normal output actinics? or is that not enough? Its a 90 gallon tank. -dave
  4. reef dude

    bubble tip and corals

    I'd like to get a bubble tip anemone but was just wondering if it could potentially harm my corals, I have a lot of LPS, SPS and softies. Do they tend to move around much??? harsh stings??? etc...?
  5. reef dude

    Powerhead question

    Maxijets all the way!!!!
  6. reef dude

    new clams check em out

    Just out of curiosity, why are your clams on the sand? I thought that clams need to be fairly close to the bulbs and high up in the tank. I had mine on the sand was told to move them up higher to the light????? just wondering
  7. reef dude

    OT: We caught Saddam!!!

    BOOOOOO YEA!!!! maybe he'll meet his doom looking like this.... hehe
  8. reef dude

    Struggling/dying Finger leather

    Yes, the base of the entire coral is becoming a deep, dark brown color, almost like an algae but it wont scrub off, and its slowly working its way up. I scrubbed the thing last night and its already covered with the film now, less than 16 hours later. Usually when I scrub it off, it will open...
  9. reef dude

    Struggling/dying Finger leather

    By the way, the reason I mention it is attached to several pieces of LR is that I am not able to take the coral out and give it a dip. I use Lugols on my hard corals and tech-D on softies, but I am not able to use any remedies this time other than strong flow.....
  10. reef dude

    Struggling/dying Finger leather

    I have had this finger leather for at least a year I would say. By now it is the size of about a persons two hands put together and the fingers largely sprawled out. It was doing absolutely awesome untill about 2 months or so ago. One day out of the clear blue, it developed a slimy...
  11. reef dude

    New 10 Gallon Nano!

    By the way, do you think I will even see a cycle since everything i've got has been in my 90 for over a year and its all RO/DI, calcium rich water??? the only thing not broken in i guess would be the aquaclear filter....
  12. reef dude

    New 10 Gallon Nano!

    Here we go guys.... I just setup a 10 gallon nano-reef and this is how i did it, all within 2 days. I used about 10 lbs of aragonite reef sand, and apprx 5 lbs of LS from the LFS. Then i filled the tank with water from my 90 gallon reef tank that has been up for a year and a half. I picked up...
  13. reef dude

    MH's too strong for my tank?

    I have some 10k's on order. But wouldnt the 5.5k's actually promote coral growth rather than make them shrivel up? ALso my hood is fitted for NO flourescent bulbs, how would i make it take VHO bulbs?
  14. reef dude

    MH's too strong for my tank?

    90 gal Tank is over a year old and had LPS and softies. Been using 2 175w metal halide 5500k bulbs supplemented with 2 40w actinic bulbs. It seems like every time i get a new coral, or ones that have been in there for a while start to shrink up and turn dark in color. My brain coral seems to...
  15. reef dude

    Harlequin Shrimp????

    I had a pair of harlequins. They only eat starfish. I would see them come out at night every once in a while but during the day they would hide in the rockwork. They need to be fed about once a month (Chocolate chip stars work fine) and if they eat it before you realize they need another...
  16. reef dude

    Dying Corals

    Recently, my rose hammer coral and frogspawn coral have become completely shredded down to the skeleton. Before the rose coral died, i saw my peppermint shrimp all over it as well as a bunch of blue legs. a month later (NOW) i just experienced an 8-9 degree increase in temperature during a...
  17. reef dude

    Clown is nesting in Open Brain

  18. reef dude

    Clown is nesting in Open Brain

    its not pregnant is it???? theres only one in the tank
  19. reef dude

    Clown is nesting in Open Brain

    My true percula clown just recently started nesting in my 9 inch green open brain. First of all, the brain hasn't responded too happily. It's not opening as much as it has a few weeks ago, and every night, it shrinks up to smaller than a closed fist. The clown is not only rubbing in it, but...
  20. reef dude

    BrooklynJohnny: Need some advice

    I plan on setting up a 10 gal. nano reef. I've had about 13 months of experience with my 90 gal. and would love to have a nano reef in my room. My main concern is about filtration. I would appreciate your opinion as to what you would suggest because you have such a beautiful tank! I was...