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  1. elfdoctors

    Macroalgae ID

    I found this macroalgae in my tank about 6 months ago. I have only added corals over the last 18 months. I upgraded to metal halides about 11 months ago. It has been growing slowly (approximately doubling in the last 6 months). This is the best picture I could get. The plant has fairly soft...
  2. elfdoctors

    Hitchhiker ID

    I was cleaning out the inside of my cannister filter when I found this hitchhiker. There was only one. It is clearly a bivalve. It is quite small. This is the best picture I could get. The ruler measures centimeters. The picture does show its striped colors fairly nicely. Any help is appreciated.
  3. elfdoctors


    Another round of Astrowars is starting now. Many people from these boards are participating. I will be playing my fourth round. If you click on this link to sign on, I will get a small bonus: I, StacyT and Ffisherman from these boards will be playing...
  4. elfdoctors


    I finally tore apart my reef yesterday. I have a very timid sebae clown that I was unable to catch any other way. (It was replaced by a pair of aquacultured perculas that I purchased over 2 months ago from - already they are much more visible than the sebae ever was.) At the same time I...
  5. elfdoctors

    Catching a Clownfish?

    Does anyone know of a good way to catch a sebae clownfish without taking apart my entire reef? I plan to bring in two perculas which are brighter and bolder that have been in my QT for two months, and move them into the display. I have tried to catch the sebae while feeding but it is very shy...
  6. elfdoctors


    Another version of Astrowars will be starting in the next several days. Many people from these boards are participating. There is even an alliance of reefkeepers (called the Galactic Alliance of NEMOs). I am going to post this url as Sammystingray hasn't done it yet. This game is great. If you...
  7. elfdoctors

    1000 posts!!!

    Here's my 1000th post! :D Thanks to all in this forum where I have tended to do the majority of my posts; the other forums seem to have lots of other people offering advice so I tend to just lurk in them. Thanks particularly to Beth and TerryB. I hope I haven't stepped on your toes too much! I...
  8. elfdoctors

    Acclimating a dead/molting shrimp

    I just got a shipment from The blood red fire shrimp seems to be dead on arrival. I am thinking of acclimating it slowly anyway as I don't know for sure if it might be molting. Is there anyway to tell for sure? None of its mouth parts are moving. Does anyone have any advice?
  9. elfdoctors

    Hyposalinity killed my Fish??

    I bought a blue hippo tang about three weeks ago. It apparently was infected with ich. At that point I did not have a quarantine tank (I know, I know. Don't start with the elitist comments. I'm still learning from my mistakes). The fish had been in the LFS for several weeks already. It had been...
  10. elfdoctors

    Starfish for beginners

    I have a tank which has been running for about 9 weeks. I am interested in getting some starfish but my LFS keeps telling me that my tank is too new. My fish are doing well, my water parameters are great (I no longer even have detectable nitrates possibly because I have about 1.5 pounds of live...
  11. elfdoctors

    Pellets vs Flake Food

    I am confused as to whether my primary staple food for my tank should be a pellet or a flake food. I supplement periodically with frozen food but need to be able to use an automatic feeder as I am gone frequently. Which is better for what types of fish?
  12. elfdoctors


    This is probably a silly question. I have a glass hydrometer. If I view it from the tank my specific gravity is 1.024. If I view it from above the specific gravity is 1.022. Which is right?
  13. elfdoctors

    Electrical Short

    I set up my 75 gallon tank about 2 month ago. I use a 30 gallon new garbage can to premix my saltwater and then had a powerhead inside to circulate the water. With my last water change I noted an electrical shock. I went ahead and changed the water but noticed that many of my snails had died and...