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  1. badoleross

    110 Gallon glass break at 1AM!

    At 1am this moring I was awaken by my water alarm on my 110 reef. :scared: It seems a rock had shifted cracking the rear glass. I had a crack going from side to side about 6inches off the bottom of the tank. I guess I was losing about 3 gallons per minute. Right now all of my LR and...
  2. badoleross

    Beth, you were right, Parasite Stop didn't work......

    Well, the PBT is not getting any better. The spots on him dropped off for a period of time but have now resurfaced(the normal ich cycle). The yellow tang is looking much better however. I have decided to empty the 220 of LR, catch the fish and get them all in a QT. I only have a 55 so frequent...
  3. badoleross

    What do these fish have? pics!

    I have a PB Tang that had what I thought was ich but now I am not so sure. The small white spots that had developed on him now have, for a lack of better words, small streamers coming off of them. While looking at the PBT I notice a nasty looking spot on a Yellow Tang. Both of these fish are...
  4. badoleross

    LR Curing Vat

    I made this using a chrildrens plastic pool and a 1/6 hp sub. sump pump. Its working great for curing my LR and sure beats the trashcan method. The pump will work in as little as 1/4 inch of water. It pumps out the top of the unit into the PVC pipes to the outer edges of the pool. About...
  5. badoleross

    Let me let you about the last 24 hrs.

    Last night when I came home from work I noticed my Porc Puffer had a spot on his eye that looked pretty serious. :thinking: I took a picture of it and headed to the LFS for medication. After talking to a LFS "expert" he recommened a copper based medication for my puffer. He mentioned that if I...
  6. badoleross

    Little white spots....with legs!

    OK, I came home from work tonight and my wife pointed out these little white specs on the aquarium glass about the size of a grain of salt, possibly smaller..... these things are tiny itty bitty! These "things" also appear to have about 6 little legs. Are these simply pods of some type?
  7. badoleross

    I saw Mrs Wages at the Walmart

    For those of you that drip kalkwasser and are having a hard time finding pickling lime I just picked up a dozen cans at Walmart. They just put in out for the summer months and are hiding it in their housewares dept with other canning supplies.
  8. badoleross

    New MH, White Coraline

    :help: I recently (4-5 days ago) upgraded my tank (110 gallon)to MHs 2/250watt w/15000 lamps. While gazing into the tank last night I noticed that about 30% of my coraline has turned stark white. Now, I understand that the light change has killed off that coraline. My question is do I cut...