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  1. f14peter

    All-black longnose b'fly?

    Snapped this pic of these two about a month ago off the coast of Hawaii and as you can see, one of the longnose butterfly fish is all black ... So what's the deal with this guy? I've never heard of an all-black longnose.
  2. f14peter

    Clown dominant/submissive behavior

    Just curious, but here goes . . . Had one oci clown in our tank (Let's call her Lucy) for a while, then introduced another oci clown (Call him Desi) little less than a month ago, hoping they'll pair (Hence the names). While they're not inseperable, they do spend a fair amount of time together...
  3. f14peter

    Can brook/velvet/etc signs come and go daily?

    Here's the rundown (And with apologies, a long post): Clown's been in the QT for close to two weeks now. Yesterday morning as I was feeding him before I headed off to work, it sure looked like some white was forming along his back. Nothing really distinct, but looked like a very light and...
  4. f14peter

    MaxiJet PH/Mag-Float combo question

    For those that have done this, what sized magnet have you used? Is a larger one required, or will the smaller ones be sufficient?
  5. f14peter

    Enlighten me please: feather dusters and their kin

    Alright, I've looked around the internet, but haven't found a really good site yet about feather dusters. Most hits on google are for sites selling dusters, and most pictures are of larger specimens. Have a bunch popping out recently (I think our count is up to about 15 now) and they're of...
  6. f14peter

    Subtle striping/mottling on chromi?

    I don't really think this is a sign of trouble, but am curious. Added a pack of five blue-green chromis to our tank recently. They're all about the same size with one slightly smaller than the others and when the lights get low or go out, this little guy starts to show some very subtle dark...
  7. f14peter

    Ahhhh, a Kodak moment . . . our first molt!

    Our tank is still pretty new, so these ho-hum events are still quite notable. This started a few days ago when we noticed something living in the tank what we never noticed before, nor could we identify since it was hanging out in a little cranny and we couldn't get a real good look at it. It...
  8. f14peter

    ID: Plant-like thingies

    Apologies for the less-than-perfect picture, but have a few clusters of these guys popping up . . . Not very large, maybe 1/4-inch tall and brown in color. I think the ends were more ball-like when smaller and they seem to have "blossomed" over the last few days. They started to appear right...
  9. f14peter

    Reading Salifert ammonia test

    I think I'm reading it right, but not 100% sure. The test sample is, for lack of a better word, cloudy but not showing any coloration toward yellow. Does that mean it's showing the lowest reading on the scale (<.25) or should the sample be crystal clear? I didn't get the kit until the tank was...
  10. f14peter

    Dechlorinating question

    As I write this, filling tank with RO/DI water and as it's a brand new tank, am going to mix the salt in the tank. I haven't treated the water for chlorine/chlorimine yet and wanted to know if it's critical to do this before mixing the salt, or if afterwards is okay?
  11. f14peter

    Black on a foxface's . . . er, face?

    Just curious, but while perusing fish stores I've noticed that there's some variation in how black the black stripes on a foxface is. Does that make any sense or am I just re-enacting a scene from THIS IS SPINAL TAP? Some seem very deep black, while others are lighter black, almost maybe a dark...
  12. f14peter

    RO/DI set-up/placement

    Have a Typhoon III on the way and plan on putting in our laundry area as there's water and drain at hand. Q1: Can I simply run the wastewater from the unit to the washing machine drain (just an upright, open-ended pipe) with vinyl hose? Q2: Does the RO/DI unit need to be placed above the drain...
  13. f14peter

    MegaFlow overflow surging a bit

    Have a 90g AGA drilled w/overflow, MegaFlow 3 sump. Running a freshwater system/leak test (So far so good, sort of, not a drop of stray water and heaters/pumps/PHs working fine) and the water in the overflow fluctuates a bit (couple of inches), periodically sending a cascade of air down the...
  14. f14peter

    Fool's errand? Light fixture within wood cover?

    have a 90g AGA with their basic wood cover (Slatted hinged top) and picked up a 48" CoraLife Lunar AquaLight PC fixture. Of course, it says not to put the fixture within a cover. Is it safe to presume that is because of the negative affect upon the air circulation for the cooling fans? If so...
  15. f14peter

    Calculating water turnover

    as I once again don my FNG hat . . . I understand that a tank should have water turnover somewhere around 20 x Capacity per hour, right? Am I correct in that includes all pumping, such as filter return, and any/all powerheads, anything moving/pumping the water around? Or have I confused this...
  16. f14peter

    Effectiveness of skimmer in sump?

    Geez this research is a double-edged sword. After spending essentially every free moment over the last few months learning about saltwater fish and aquariums (and finding much contradictory information in the process!), my wife and I have concluded . . . the more we learn, the less we know...
  17. f14peter

    AGA tank and stand . . . stable?

    FNG, so please bear with me . . . Wife and I just picked up an All-Glass 90g drilled w/overflow and basic black pine stand and it's currently sitting in our living room empty. Frankly, the set-up doesn't seem all that right with me, in regards to the tank sitting on the stand. The bottom rim...