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  1. creekchub

    Hermit crabs vs. Snails

    Why is it everytime I add snails (nasil) snails to my tank these crabs chase / eat my them. I have asked others and they say they never have this problem..... Is this normal?
  2. creekchub

    Power Strips

    Guys / Gals what do you use when it comes to power strips to run all your equipment?
  3. creekchub

    New Light for 72g bowfron

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping to get some comments on a good light for my tank (72g bowfront) I would like to get involved in some soft corals, nothing too difficult. My tank is 23" deep, also will these new (TS, HQI) lights cause a heat issue? Do you guys use chillers?
  4. creekchub

    Buying fish online

    Where's a good place, or where do you buy your fish online?