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  1. piper01

    Hawaiian Lei Trigger

    Does anyone have them? How is their temperment?
  2. piper01

    90G Fish Only

    What would you recommend for a fish only tank. I like the pygmy angels, but I cant make up my mind what else?
  3. piper01

    RO Filters

    Where is a good place to buy them over the net?
  4. piper01

    90G Trigger Tank

    What if any trigger would be good for a 90G tank?
  5. piper01

    What Angels

    Would be suitable for a 90G Fish Only tank?
  6. piper01

    What Angelfish

    could go in a 90G tank?
  7. piper01

    Wet/Dry Packages

    Where are the best places to get wet/dry packages? Can you find good ones including a protein skimmer built in.
  8. piper01

    Filtration Question

    What filtration would you recommend for a 90G fish only tank. Most likely a triggerfish of some kind. I am thinking a protein skimmer and ? :help:
  9. piper01

    Would you buy this ?
  10. piper01

    Pro Wet/Drys

    I think I have settled on a wet/dry system for my 90G fish only tank. It is made by It comes with a built in protein skimmer all I need is a return pump. Which would you recommend?
  11. piper01


    Does anyone use this system? How do you like it?
  12. piper01

    Best Fish

    for a 90G fish only tank. I will have a sump/fuge filter with protein skimmer in it. What fish do you think would be a good mix. I was thinking of a small angel and a few other fish!
  13. piper01

    So what do you think of this
  14. piper01

    Has anyone

    ever bought a all in one wet/dry unit with protein skimmer built in? Where did you get yours.
  15. piper01

    CPR CY 192 or 197

    Does anyone use these units and what do you think of them? They are sold as an all in one unit by CPR Aquatics.
  16. piper01

    Contacting an administrator

    to change login name. How to go about it?
  17. piper01

    Live Rock

    Is it best to buy it online or at a LFS, how much would you recommend for a 90G tank? :help:
  18. piper01

    What is the best K value for a 90G FOWLR

    5000, 6500 or 7500K :help:
  19. piper01

    90g Fowlr

    What does the K refer to on aquarium lights. Which is the best so far as refering to K? :help:
  20. piper01

    Has anyone

    ever bought aquarium lighting on ----?