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  1. ford81502

    Nitendo wii people, lil help por favor.

    putting it on the top is Way better....
  2. ford81502

    Picassos Coming in the Mail! =)

    good thing you didnt order from Indiana if the pet store was in clarksville they suck just my 2 cents. Clowns rule
  3. ford81502

    Colts game last night

    Wow thats the best thing I have seen on tv in a while i am sure this will be deleted. i saw that guy but missed that..
  4. ford81502

    sciatic pain

    i had the samething about 4 years ago i let it go for about 3 months and one day it was so bad i couldnt walk.. Had to have back surgery at the age of 23.. as of today the back is better then before...Good Luck
  5. ford81502

    Weird Eating Habbits...

    Originally Posted by azul1994 peanut butter in chili?.. are you serious? Hell yeah try it before you knock it.... Peanut butter cheese and crackers all it chilli......
  6. ford81502

    Weird Eating Habbits...

    peanut butter in chilli
  7. ford81502

    Saints at Colts......

    Colts Won
  8. ford81502

    Saints at Colts......

    Its going to be a good one Saints are a little more flashy with the Offense..But colts no what and how to WIN..
  9. ford81502

    NFl and NCAA

    Originally Posted by Travis89 NFL team is the patriots NCAA the wolverines are going all the way this year GO BLUE So much for all you Wolverine fans this year there goes your Nat champ hopes Go APP STATE. nobody saw that coming...
  10. ford81502

    NFl and NCAA

    Originally Posted by reefraff 73 points against a 1-AA school, real impressive They have the offense to drop 50 plus every week wait and watch
  11. ford81502

    NFl and NCAA

    Nfl team is the Ravens Ncaa has to the LOUISVILLE CARDINALS 73 points lights out GO CARDS
  12. ford81502

    Vick Enters A Plea...

    Who deserved to be in prision Child molesters, robbery, murders or Dog fighting BIG CHECK MARK RIGHT HERE
  13. ford81502

    Vick Enters A Plea...

    Guys he will get 1 year in the pen let off for good behavior after three months then go on probation.... Then i will be at home watching him on TV breaking DB and LB's ankles.... He is HANDS DOWN THE MOST ENTERTAINING PLAYER ON THE FIELD AT ANY TIME.......
  14. ford81502

    Vick Enters A Plea...

    He will back in a couple of months playing football
  15. ford81502

    Madden 08!

    Madden Is Off The Chainnnnnnnnnnnnn
  16. ford81502

    Who Has Tried...

    I work for Coca Cola we have a new energy drink coming out soon it is called full throtle MOTHER there are some stores not selling it because of the name...
  17. ford81502

    favorite quote thread

    Excuses are like A$$ Holes we all have one and they all stink..... My Old baseball coach
  18. ford81502

    Sports Name Game

    luke ridour seattle nba
  19. ford81502

    Sports Name Game

    Kevin Durant
  20. ford81502

    The Secret To Making Peppermint Shrimp Eat Your Aptasia...

    i bought one pepp has about 15 apista... didnt feed the shrimp for about three days and all of them were loved them