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  1. seasalt101

    ok real quick

    hey i am, i'm still alive, you will reseive more notes as i recover see ya all soon, tobin
  2. seasalt101

    a weird request (i know some of you are weirdos)

    no offense to anyone, i kinda have a twisted sense of humor at times, and this is one of those times, have any of you seen the infomercial with the colon cleansing guy (the dude looks like a happy days john boy) i want to aquire a picture of him hopefully a selection so i can pick the perfect...
  3. seasalt101

    yeah i got a car

    well as many of you know i've been trying to figure out how to swing a second more reliable car, yesterday after i got out of the hospital, when the mail came my back pay social security check showed up out of the blue, not a lot but enough to put a down payment on a car so i got a red toyota...
  4. seasalt101

    favorite coffee recipes/ for coffee not chili etc

    that coffee maker thread had a couple and i'd like to here more...tobin
  5. seasalt101

    what happened last week with the raiders and denver?

    i saw the raiders win the game in denver with a field goal yesterday they beat cleveland but the yahoo standings show the raiders at 1-2-0 did i miss something last week? or is yahoo just off?...tobin
  6. seasalt101

    what happened to maxalmons thread?

    that was a beautiful car, where did it go...tobin
  7. seasalt101


    heythis is jenny just wanted to let everyone know- no we don't have a date or the transplant yet.the doctor said they want to try different chemo on him ICE this time .and then they will do a battery of tests. he has an appt. for a cat scan on the 4th and possibly a bone marrow biopsy that day...
  8. seasalt101

    cha-ching i scored big today

    my sister and her best friend flew into town yesterday, and visited with me today, well it seems that val, my sisters best friend who has been like an honorary family member since 1968 well her dad died last april and he has a 1965 mustang that has been sitting in storage for the last few years...
  9. seasalt101

    i thought zoos grew fast?

    i have a variety of frags that i have had about 2 months now and they are still like only an inch to an inch and a half in diameter is this normal?...tobin
  10. seasalt101

    i have an attitude problem

    i guess the dr's haven't seen it yet but i refuse to be a statistic, and i refuse to die, this is my new creedo, and i can be stubborn...tobin
  11. seasalt101

    what would you wish for...

    if you could have 1 wish what would it be?
  12. seasalt101

    dr. update

    tobin and i went to have a consult with dr. berryman from dallas . the chemo has been unsuccessful as of yet.they have to get him into remission before they will do the marrow transplant we discussed the options of whether to harvest from tobin ( if his marrow is good) or his siblings ,berryman...
  13. seasalt101

    similar to the ugliest/ 50+ and still got it or had it after 50

    i don't know how many i can name, and i am going back a few years 1. dawn wells 2. sally fields 3. raquel welch 4. sophia loren 5. susan lucchi 6. victoria principle well that's what i got for now anyways...tobin
  14. seasalt101

    not ready yet but does anyone have a good cheap car for sale?

    i'm going to be needing a car soon and wondered if anyone had a good running car laying around good milage and reliable prefer something with 5 seatbelts taurus, thunderbird, toyota, honda, nissan, thanks for looking ...tobin
  15. seasalt101

    to the dallas area people that know me on here

    ok i don't want this to sound pathetic, but when i am in the hospital there i will be there 4-6 weeks so if you want to visit me and get to know me in person i have no objections as i do not know anyone there and visits from my family will be scarce as it is a 5 hour drive each way from here, i...
  16. seasalt101

    dr. update

    this is jenny and i just copied my myspace bulletin post so ya'll could read the update and i did not have to retype. ignore the other stuff or read if ya want to. tobin said someone on here i cant remember who, has a friend that had the bone marrow transplant i would really like any info you...
  17. seasalt101

    why is my computer chirping at me?

    just what is in the title it just started doin this 2 or 3 days ago, did jenny possibly download something to make this happen, she is at work or i would ask her, nothing in the bar at the bottom when this happens i'm confused...tobin
  18. seasalt101

    northern californians thread transplants are permitted

    ok i am originally from sacramento then i moved to a lttle town called camino it's above placerville it's also known as apple hill from there i enlisted into the army from there to florida back to the hills back to florida then back to sacramento then to here while here i got stuck in n...
  19. seasalt101

    any vets on now kitten just got hit by a car

    me and jenny just watched a little kitten get hit by a car cat is breathing heavy and meowing a lot looks like a broken hip as her front parts move but the back end drags need help here asap...tobin
  20. seasalt101

    to the engineers/inventors an idea

    i' was thinkin yestrday about the so-calld oil crisis and our dependence on foreign oil, well i thought to my self about alternative fuels and then thought why do we need fuel to power our vehicles at all why can't someone come up with magnetic propulsion what i came up with magnets have a...