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  1. floridacatfish


    I have a RTBA, it looks great. Nice color, it's grown in size in my tank. My pH 8.2-8.3, sg 1.026, NH3=0, phos=0, trates 20ish. I've had it around 8 months. Today I saw one of the tentacles come off. I see no signs of injury. It looks normal. The mouth is normal, the foot looks normal...
  2. floridacatfish

    Good deal or not?

    Straight off craigslist: [hr] 75 Gallon Oceanic Reef Ready Fish Tank ……. All Top-Quality Equipment! This is your opportunity to obtain a top-quality reef tank for a fraction of the cost compared to setting up a new system. Don’t confuse this with the inexpensive brand X setups at the pet...
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    My LFS has a warm water (ie off the coast here) pipefish in the store. He's been there for a least two months in the back. I'd love to get a him. He's eating mysis & other frozen foods, no signs of infection, been in QT ever since he got there. The best part ... he's free. I did a favor...
  4. floridacatfish


    Could I keep a pipefish in a 12g nano tank? He'd be the only fish. I've read a lot about seahorses, but not much about pipefish. Do they thrive under pretty much the same circumstances? My LFS owner has one in his tank.... it's sweet!
  5. floridacatfish

    Anemome safe butterfly?

    I was just reading that the Racoon Butterfly can attack the anemones in the tank - and I don't mean just the nuisance anemones. Is there a semi hardy to hardy butterfly that would be safe with bubble tip anemones & a few ricordias? I don't have a heavy reef tank, just a few things for color.
  6. floridacatfish

    Bonded pairs

    We talk a lot about bonded or mated clownfish pairs. I saw a bonded pair of orange shoulder tangs at my LFS (BEAUTIFUL!!). I was told the owner bought two small juvis a couple of years ago. Is this something we can do? I mean, could I buy (theoretically if I had a large enough tank) two...
  7. floridacatfish

    Bonded pair of orange shoulder tangs

    MYy LFS has a bonded pair of orange shoulder tangs .... they're beautiful! $150 for the pair. I so wish I had a bigger tank for them. But I'd feel bad sticking them into a 150g.
  8. floridacatfish

    How to care for tree sponge?

    My LFS has two - one red and one orange. The LFS owner said they don't tend to live long in tanks, and that he really hated to even have them in his store. I think they look awesome. Right now I don't have any sponge eaters, and would love to give it a try. I read that they need low light...
  9. floridacatfish

    Flame and coral beauty angel?

    If I added these two at the same time, would they be okay ... in a 150g with 225 lb LR, 75g sump w/ refuge, lots of hiding spots tank mates to be: valentini puffer longnose hawk midas blenny and a pair of maroon clowns w/ a RBTA and a regular BTA I might add a bottom dweller in the future...
  10. floridacatfish

    Timing of the lights....

    My anenomes are looking great ... and I want to keep it that way. I have a standard 150g tank. MH 3x250 14k, 4 96w CF, and moonlights. My anenomes are near the top. They haven't moved since I put the in the tank. They look healthy, not bleached. I currently have the lights on a timer ...
  11. floridacatfish

    They like expensive real estate!!

    So my two new GSM were ignoring the new BTA I brought home for them. So I was content to wait until they decided they liked their new home. Well yesterday I went to my local LFS and they were selling one of their display RBTA that they have had forever. Those silly maroons were hosting...
  12. floridacatfish

    Echinaster echinophorus - Orange Knobby Starfish

    My LFS has one of these ... very pretty. I've been reading up a bit - something about them eating clams and sponges. With a 150g tank, 225 lb of LR, do you think I could spot feed him some clams & maybe Angel food made with sponges? Would every other day or so be ok to prevent starvation...
  13. floridacatfish

    Any way to entice them?

    I bought that pair of GSM clowns and brought home a BTA as a present for them. Any way to entice them to host the BTA? Update w. pics at bottom
  14. floridacatfish

    Are they mated? Pair of GSM

    My LFS has had a pair of gold striped maroons (not wild) in QT for the last 4 wks. They look awesome, eating well, a very pretty dark color. You can see the gold in the first stripe. They've been together for 4 weeks .... but they look to be the same size. No fighting for dominance seen...
  15. floridacatfish

    I'm so excited ... he FINALLY ate!!!

    I got a valentini puffer a week ago tomorrow. He's been hiding, not interested in eating. I tried a host of different foods. He loves clam on the half shell. Just had to share my joy in seeing him eat for the first time.
  16. floridacatfish

    Adult size of fish

    It would be really helpful to newbees like me to have you list the approx. adult size of a fish on your list of specifications of the fish in addition to the size of the fish currently. I know that this would take some time on your part, but it would keep people from having to look elsewhere...
  17. floridacatfish

    My three must haves ...

    I have a 150g tank with 225lb live rock, 75g tank as refuge/sump. Here's my short list of must haves: longnosed hawk valentini puffer BTA & mated pair of clownfish Ok, don't know what type of clownfish I should get. I like the false percula. Know knowing that I don't want to overload, and...
  18. floridacatfish

    Silly, quick question about water changes

    Ok, please humor me here for a moment. Is there any difference in doing really small, really frequent water changes (like 5 gallons a day or every other day) versus an all out larger water change once a week? I keep 20 gallons of water "cooking" at a time for water changes. And I have a 150g...
  19. floridacatfish

    Good food macro/plants ???

    I was thinking about using a 30 gallon tank to grow some macroaglae & plants to use for food down the road. Maybe keep a hardy couple of fish in the tank. Couple of questions.... What are good food macroalgae / plants? I'm thinking angels/tangs/butterflys (not that I'm thinking of having...
  20. floridacatfish

    Macro tank

    I was thinking about using a 30 gallon tank to grow some macroaglae & plants to use for food down the road. Maybe keep a hardy couple of fish in the tank. Couple of questions.... What are good food macroalgae? It seems like it would be a good idea to have some live algae/plants to place in...