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  1. plum70rt

    Hi Reefers

    Hi all Have not posted in a while, hope all is well:) here is my 262 Gallon today doing great:D
  2. plum70rt

    7 Gallon progress

    hi all:) my nano is doing well hope all yours are good too , have not posted in a while here it is today all 6 clownfish still present:D
  3. plum70rt

    sixpac nano update

    well every few weeks Ill update, here is how it looks, all 6 clownfish still happy, new piece of trumpet, polups now growing on back of tank, this setup has made in into local Aquarium clubs Newsletter
  4. plum70rt

    When Anemones go Bad!

    ok for all you non Anemone fans, here is the reason you dont keep them, they move time to time stinging and pretty much killing everything in their path, I moved what I could, but there was a death toll, :( some frags were destroyed, both of these guys are at least 24 inch across,
  5. plum70rt

    ok a little 6 pak from me too

    Wow some really nice pics out there, so im going to try some new ones, I have a real old setup so here you go, this sponge just had a birthday 1 year old, ;)
  6. plum70rt

    Nano 6pak, update

    Ok heres a few, what you think?
  7. plum70rt

    Not Skimming as much?

    My reef is not skimming as much as it was in the begining, I feed heavy, and have lots of fish too, I added more rock and sand with in the last few months, could this be why? anyone else see a decrease in their tank?
  8. plum70rt

    Anemone dug in

    ok he seems happy, :) now come on percs dig in:cool:
  9. plum70rt

    Fresh water tank conversion to FOWLR

    My neibor has an eclipse fresh water tank, wants to convert to FOWLR SW will the eclipse filter be suffient? has anyone done this? its a 25 gallon , how much sand and LR do yo think is good for it? it has NO flouresents,
  10. plum70rt

    A Present for my Clownfish in my Nano

    WOW, I just won this guy at our Aquarium club meeting, A LTA, lets see how my family of clowns take to it:)
  11. plum70rt

    My Happy Reef

    here are some recent pics, no real damage after being away for 10 days,my brother did a great job of babysitting,
  12. plum70rt

    Clam sucess?

    How do you know if your clams are doing well? I heavy feed DTs, and lot of light, have them like 3 months now how can you tell if they are getting enough? mine are open, colorful,and attached underneath to a piece of shell, what are the signs of a clam going bad?
  13. plum70rt

    Big Sabae anemone, will he split?

    This guy is almost a year old, at least 24 inches across, when or will he ever split? anyone ever have one do so?
  14. plum70rt

    Some recent pics, some side shots

    here is a side shot of my tank, does not look this wide from the front, that leather and Sabae are a good 18 to 20 inchs in diameter
  15. plum70rt

    MH lighting upgrade, Too much?

    I am having problems with my VHO, cant get 2 bulbs to light, ballast is fine Icecap 430 with 2 140watt VHO, does anyone have problems with the end caps? bulbs look like they will fire for a secound then cut out,? also now that im PO and cant figure it out, I was thinking of ditching the VHO and...
  16. plum70rt

    Can you keep an eel in a 30 gallon tank

    like the title says , can you? or what size would be good? Like a snowflake or Moray?
  17. plum70rt

    3 New 14 inch Fish Added to my Reef!!

    I bet that got your attention, :D , check these guys out, A gift from my wife, I cant decide which one I like better:)
  18. plum70rt

    Naso Tang, Cloudy eye

    One of my Blonde Naso tangs has a cloudy eye, what could this be? and what do I do for it?
  19. plum70rt

    New rock Added

    I added more rock today, about 80 lbs worth, what do you think? Before
  20. plum70rt

    Water Changes?

    Im gearing up for a water change first one ever! Should I do a small water change? not to shock anything I was going to do like 10 or 20 gallons, should I do more?