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  1. finland

    STN? Bleaching? What is it, what do I do?

    I agree with jpa, 20X turnover is not much for sps. I have a little over 50X in my sps tank. They love the flow. What is your phosphate level? From what I understand, high PO4 can cause problems. Also, how close is it too the softies? Sps and softies do not usually mix in close proximity. Just a...
  2. finland

    F/S Green carpet anemone in WI

    LOL, Scuba. I am asking $50 for the pair. Sorry, no shipping.
  3. finland

    F/S Green carpet anemone in WI

    The anemone I have, ate a 5 inch Purple Tang, a 6 inch Hippo tang, a 2inch hippo tang, and a few damsels. So basically, if it can close up around it, it will eat the fish. In the reply from Jimmy G, I had to laugh, they can be the devil! They do limit what you can have in the tank, but they are...
  4. finland

    live rock curing question

    I would suggest putting a powerhead in, to increase circulation. Air bubblers will give some circulation, but a powerhead would be better.
  5. finland

    Ushio vs. XM

    The price is a big factor for me, too. Thanks for the info
  6. finland

    Ushio vs. XM

    I was wondering how 250watt 10k, XM bulbs compare to Ushio 10k bulbs. I have Ushio and really like the crisp white color. How does XM compare? Is it similar, bluer, or more yellow.
  7. finland

    F/S Green carpet anemone in WI

    I am looking to get $50 for the pair. I am in Wausau. Here is a 2 year old pic, but it looks pretty much the same, only a little bigger
  8. finland

    F/S Green carpet anemone in WI

  9. finland

    F/S Green carpet anemone in WI

    I am looking to sell or trade a green carpet anemone. It is a healthy 16 inches across. It would be a good addition to a species tank. It is hosted by a maroon clown that I would be willing to part with also. I have had it for more then 3 years and it is very healthy, but it is limiting me to...
  10. finland

    live sand/cheap/trade

    I live in Wausau, and have been looking for a 48 in pc fixture. I have a 48 in standard flourescent with a single bulb. If you would be interested in some sort of deal for the lights email me at
  11. finland

    Dual 250s on a lps softie tank

    How deep is the tank?
  12. finland

    Very OT! Anyone know about califlower ear?

    Daniel, You got that right! High school wrestling was a blast. Now that I am old, I am down to coaching little kids. Not as fun, but still a good time. Had cauliflower ear a couple times. Have it lanced and wear head gear, especially at practice. I didn't take anytime off when I got it and my...
  13. finland

    Worst Smells

    I forgot a 1/2 bucket of grape caulerpa from trimming back the refugium. It was in the basement corner for about 2 weeks(don't ask). I rarely go down there, then when I did, I almost gagged. oops! Wife was not impressed.
  14. finland

    How many MH for 125 Tank

    Like I said before, what are you going to put in the tank? If it is going to be a reef, IMO, I would get the mhs w/ vho actinics. Otherwise you will be upgrading later.
  15. finland

    south down

    New_noob, This thread is a year old. If you want to take a road trip to Wausau, they have it for sale at home depot.$6.95 for a 50 lb bag.
  16. finland

    How many MH for 125 Tank

    I don't have a chiller,and I run 250watt mhs, and 4 96 pcs on my 135gal. I have 2 cooling fans installed in the hood. My temp is steady between 79- 81 degrees. During the summer, when the lights are on, I blow a fan at the front of the tank and leave the canopy door a little opened. You probably...
  17. finland


    The difference between regular flourescent and pc (power compact) flourescent is the amount of light output. PC lights are much more intense.
  18. finland

    How many MH for 125 Tank

    What type of lighting you use all depends on what you want to keep in the tank. If you go with mh, you can put almost anything you wanted. I would go with one mh for every 2 feet of tank length. Also you might want to supplement with vho or pc actinics. 250watt 10k bulbs would be a good all...
  19. finland

    "How old are You?"

    Andy, Will be 42 in 4 days.
  20. finland

    leathers/shrooms w/SPS?

    I have had no problems with LPS and softies. They do well together in my tank. I have no experience with sps, but was also interested in the chemical warfare between sps and softies. Will there be a problem if they are in the tank together at all, or only if they are in close proximity to each...