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  1. rwhite

    meat coral

    Just a qwik check back. Heres what we do: Actinics (blue) for 1 hour in the morning, 8 hours full lighting (blue and white) and 2 hrs just blue in the evening totaling 11 hrs. Remember, we're running a 55, so I cant be sure exactly what your requirements are. Are you understanding what we're...
  2. rwhite

    new skimmer

    Glad I caught this thread lion. I was just searching for the other thread "Need advise" or something like that and I cant locate it. We were discussing fish choices for your 125 I believe. Know what happened? Last post I made I think was Sat.
  3. rwhite

    clown eggs...what now?

    Yes, an extreme under-taking. Search for the thread "Raising clownfish:101" Lots of info there. Our Clarkiis are mating also, but dont have the time or means for such an undertaking. I'd love to some day. Good luck.
  4. rwhite

    meat coral

    I thought that the lighting was a part of it, using the standard calculations you're only producing like 3w per gallon and your coral being on the bottom was probably not getting enough. And the whole long tentacle thing, leave it to Bang to catch that. I thought you were describing the coral...
  5. rwhite

    RBTA Bubbles?

    We have 2 green BTAs that do not have bubbles. When we purchased the org. it was smallish and had its bubble tips. It lost its bubble tips within a week or so and a few mos. later it split. We were running 4 x 65w pcs and have recently started changing out the old for new and blues for true...
  6. rwhite

    If you are keeping an anemone

    1. BTA x2 (org. split approx. 3-4 mos after addition) 2. Under a year, maybe 11 mos. 3. 55g 4. Org. started with 4x65w pcs (2-10k and 2 blue actinic 6700k(?)} Photo-period was 1hour just blue in morning, 10hr full lighting and 1 hr blue in evening = 12 total hours. Recently, changed 1 65w 10k...
  7. rwhite

    Is it splitting?

    And heres a close up of the same pic, hope you see what I'm talking about.
  8. rwhite

    Is it splitting?

  9. rwhite

    Is it splitting?

    Heres a better one, hopefully showing the lighter colored stripe.
  10. rwhite

    Is it splitting?

    Just got back from CA yesterday and noticed a mark/srtipe on our BTA. A little background first: This BTA is a clone of the original, I'd say its less than a year old, maybe 6-8 mos. It has increased in size quite a bit within the last 2 mos.; before that it was a pretty stable "one" size...
  11. rwhite

    meat coral

    Sorry so late to this thread, but after reading it I was a little confused on your lighting which may be part of the problem. I think thats the same JBJ system we're running on our 55 and it only has 4 x 65w of lighting. I dont think it will accept 96w bulbs, but it may be a newer system than...
  12. rwhite

    what to feed a camel shrimp

    Our shrimp eat anything and everything. When we had camelbacks, we didnt have many corals to speak of other than some button polyps and shrooms and they didnt bother those, so I cant say about other corals. Best advice I can give is to be sure it gets a chunk of shrimp or whatever when...
  13. rwhite

    I'm new :)

    Welcome. Very nice tanks. How long have you been working on them--looks like you've got most of the work done already. They can probably only get better. Looking forward to hearing more from you. Enjoy the board!
  14. rwhite

    anyone bad enough to id this guy?

    Cool eel. Reef safe meaning they dont eat fish or shrimp or crabs? Is it in a QT right now?
  15. rwhite

    Pencil urchin

    Should be okay as long as it has food. The one we had loved coralline, but cant say whether or not it was eating green algae or not. It spent most of its time on the LR, not on the glass. You could see where it ate the coralline after it moved on.
  16. rwhite

    Are Coral Banded Shrimp that evil ?

    No real probs. here after almost 2 years. He'll "chase" anything, but nothings ever come of it. Living with 2 Skunks and Pepps in the past. We got him young and has always lived with other shrimp. Maybe if they are alone for a while and then new shrimp are added they feel more...
  17. rwhite

    Zoo Frags

    I've never shipped anything, but I have taken corals on a plane ride with me. We live in No. VA and I was working in Colo. Springs. Found some corals (a bubble, toadstool, and some zoos), purchased a small cooler and some heat packs (hand warmers) from Target and had them in the cooler for...
  18. rwhite

    Tank set up questions

    Thanks, neo. Thats kinda what I thought I should do, but not sure if a slow transition would be better or not. Being only a 55g, it should only take a day or less (hopefully). The hardest part would be having to go "visit" our tank til the next move. I'd hate to move them one day and then...
  19. rwhite

    Tank set up questions

    Definitely bare bottom and, as far as rock, I'm pretty sure we have plenty for the current 55, but that brings up the real question. Assuming we try to jump start another 55, will it be necessary to have the same amount in both tanks or will removing only a little at a time from our main DT...
  20. rwhite

    "Best" Starfish?

    Going to have to agree with reefer and edwar on this. Linkias and Mandarins are very difficult to keep. Definitely beautiful, but can be short lived. Best advice I can give: go with a brittle/serpent. Great addition to a reef, but seem to hate the daylight. We have a red/brown brittle and...