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  1. davebrace5533

    shipping livestock from mexico

    hey i am traveling to mexico soon.(akumal to be exact) and was wondering if anyone has any experience in shipping livestock from mexico to the us. I am not really worried about the legalities of this, if customs does catch it coming into the us they simply mail you a letter stating that a...
  2. davebrace5533

    125gallon reef sumps setups

    hey all i just got done working on a new 125. I built a double sump setup each with its own intake and return. the overflow is a g@$$holes 1500 gph overflow box, all the lines are 1 3/4" clear vinyl with a 700gph pump in each sump so what do yall think?
  3. davebrace5533

    125gallon reef sumps setup

    Hey all i just got a new 125gallon im going to make into a reef. i just installed a glassholes' 1500gph overflow(drilling was way easier than i thought although the overflow sits about 1/8-1/16 of an ich lower than the other lol) there are 2 holes with 1 3/4 inch clear vinyl running into a...
  4. davebrace5533

    what is this? getting bigger

    hey ive had this tank set up and running strong for about 6 months now. and was just wondering if anyone could tell me what is this thing growing in it. there was just this one and it started small but now there is another about 3 inches away.