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  1. jake15

    What do u think about light it is over a 85 gallon and its a friends I only know about mh, pc, vho, and t5 what is he able to house if anything
  2. jake15

    25 Gallon DIY LED Lighting

    Hey everyone I just got back in to the game (been out for about 4 years). I purchased a 150W MH pendant but it had a faulty ballast and had to send back. Im looking to possibly go LED. I do not know much about LED as far as how many I will need and such but This is what i'm aiming for (dont know...
  3. jake15

    Black Onyx pair of Clowns

    I have a pair of Black Onyx Clowns I need gone by this weekend. These were wild caught and purchased from phishy business in columbus for $180 looking to sell the pair for 100 these are pretty rare and i wont slpit them up. Thanks, Jake located in ohio/dayton area
  4. jake15

    GEO 618 Calcium Reactor Complete Setup bought this exact same setup less than 3 weeks ago but now im selling my entire tank looking to get $425 + shipping comes with... •Geo 618 Reactor •Milwaukee MA957 CO2 Regulator •Milwaukee SMS122 PH Controller •10lb CO2 Tank •1 - 10lb...
  5. jake15

    WTB: Calcium Reactor

    looking for complete setups
  6. jake15

    50 lbs of live rock and sand...ohio

    as it says 50 lbs of live rock and sand 175 for both or 150 for rock 50 for sand
  7. jake15

    Lots Of Stuff....Ohio

    For Sale * 29 Gallon tank with built in overflow - $30 *Mag 3 - $20 * 250 MH Light ( 4 months old ) $150 * Coralife Super Skimmer 125 - $95 Shipped * 50 lbs Live Rock – $3 per # * 75 Gallon RR All Glass Tank no scratches - $75 * 75 Gallon sump - $50 * 350 watt Won Heater - $15 * 300 W heater...
  8. jake15

    Ocellaris or Percula

    I was told this was a percula pair...but I'm pretty sure they are Ocellaris so could someone help me out. sorry the pic is blurry but lights were off and i didnt want to use the flash because i just got them tonight. Thanks, Jake
  9. jake15

    Clown Losing Color...?????

    My male true perc clown is losing color. It was a great healthy looking fish in my 10 gallon. When i moved him into my 29, i also added an anemone. Thats when things went down hill with the color. He has lost color since then and looks unhealthy but eats and swims fine. He sleeps in the anemone...
  10. jake15

    Black Onyx....Bang Guy

    Bang Guy do you still breed black onyx?
  11. jake15

    250 Mh

    Have this 250 MH retro fit setup for sale. 150 + shipping. Ballast - 1 week use Bulb - Blueline 15K 3 months old.
  12. jake15

    Overflow question

    I have a 29 dirlled with a 1 inch drain and a 3/4 inch bulkhead for my return. I have a mag3 for the return pump. I have 1 inch pipe going down but i was wondering what size i should use for the return 3/4 or 1/2 ? Thanks Jake
  13. jake15

    What Anemone for my clowns?

    What type of Anemone would my clowns most likely host?
  14. jake15 Rock

    Have about 200 lbs of live rock. None of this is base rock it is all live. Heres a pic of the rock in my tank. Looking for 500 for all of it or 3.00 a pound will ship all corals are sold.
  15. jake15

    New 10 gallon

    Been working on this 10 gallon nano for a bit now. AC 110 turned into a ref. 96 watt quad light ~ 20 lbs of live rock various softies Plan to add some sps once its ages more, a skimmer, pair of clowns and maybe a sump.
  16. jake15


    Have these corals email me if interested at all.
  17. jake15

    MH Bulb acting funny

    I have dual 250s on my 75. Both bulbs are powered by seperate ballast (HQ 250 watt) and bubls are both 14 K blueline. My lights and ballast are less than 3 weeks old. The weird thing is the bulbs put out different spectrums and its driving me crazy. Arent they supposed to be the same blueness...
  18. jake15

    Fluval 204 for sale

    I have a fluval 204 for sale for aquariums to 40 gallons. I used this on my ten and had great results. Below is a picture of how clean it kept my ten. $30 + shipping
  19. jake15

    75 RR, Up and going finally

    It took my whole spring break but i finally got my new 75 gallon tank up. I built my stand, standpipes, close loop, sump, and plumed it all my self. I painted the back of the Tank and pvc that enters the tank. I purchased a 75 gallon tank from a buddy then turned his tank into a sump and bought...
  20. jake15

    Squidd...a little help please