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  1. whaa...?

    My most expensive coral....

    2 grand coral
  2. whaa...?

    FOWLR tank

    hermits and snails be fine? and cleaner shrimp.
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    My new 20 nano

    nice tank, um you may have explained this, not sure. how did you get rock like that? :notsure:
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    Updated pics of 55

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    FOWLR tank

    is it possible to get the SFE weened onto silversides and if i put him in a reef tank he wouldnt eat the fish because he is used to silversides?
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    News flash: the war in Iraq is NOT a war against terror

    Originally Posted by jcrim True... but a lot has happened since then. So to all those who actually voted for Bush, do you feel that you've been lied to? Are there any Bush supporters left? The voters have put this clown in office for a second time. Unfortunately, the American people only...
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    Government and latest about wire taps.

    sigh...i hate the patriot act. nobody actually read the thing it was 300+ pages, they just saw the "patriot" in patriot act and bush said it would stop terrorism. :mad:
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    FOWLR tank

    I wanted to do a FOWLR tank with my 75 and i was wondering how exactly i would go about doing that. my stock list would probably be Violatin Lion SFE LN Hawk dont no of anything else... and would i want crushed coral or fake sand or real sand? ofcourse live rock. no special lighting is required...
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    Awesome Tank in my LFS!!!

    um is that 2 pics molded into 1? i belive it is, top middle the powerheads are the exact same spot and everything. but a little spaced and the 1 on the left is cut off. nice try though
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    The motherload of pics

    daaaaaaaaaaaaam, $30 for an onyx? i belive a pair is about $200....that is $70 off! nice find congrats on the baby she is adorable
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    Updated pics of 55

    that tank to small for the tang. but nice aquascaping!
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    Advice on my new 29 gallon tank

    Yellow Tang = no way to small a tank you got there bud, even my 75 is pushing it for a tang, i will probably not get one either, i really want one to that damsel will become king of the tank might want that gone to... and the shell are bad youll have nitrate problems later on. sorry to be the...
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    Help with tank.

    ive also got another question, this whole water change means topping off evaporated water, or actualy taking water out and putting in new water? can someone please explain the difference if there is one.
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    Low Light Corals?

    hmmm soft corals need 2-3 watts per gallon, hard corals need 6-7 watts per gallon, so ask your seller wat kind of coral it is (soft or hard) and either way you will probably need better lighting.
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    Help with tank.

    hmm i looked at a few overflow boxes and they all were designed to go in the corner and had pumps that looked like they were meant for tanks with holes drilled in them. im gonna do some more research, thanks
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    Bug of the Week - Cirolanid Isopods

    Great White Shark < Dolphin Great White Shark < Killer Whale Great White Shark < Bigger GWS
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    Advice on a 16 g BF

    ill try to get 75 i got my christmas bonus so yea... :joy:
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    Help with tank.

    lol thats a joke town.
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    Help with tank.

    hmm i just want a place to put my equipment besides powerheads, so my equipment doesnt take there eye off the reef... :thinking:
  20. whaa...?

    Advice on a 16 g BF

    Thanks for the help guys(maybe gals fishmamma a girl?) but my budget increased so im gonna get a bigger tank (55-75g).