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  1. rwhite

    Is it splitting?

    Just got back from CA yesterday and noticed a mark/srtipe on our BTA. A little background first: This BTA is a clone of the original, I'd say its less than a year old, maybe 6-8 mos. It has increased in size quite a bit within the last 2 mos.; before that it was a pretty stable "one" size...
  2. rwhite

    Tank set up questions

    Long story short--looking into buying a house, may have to move quickly (30-40 days, depending on closing), my brother said I could set up a tank at his house for the interim, dont want to use fish to cycle unless we can catch one of our damsels, more worried about the corals than anything. Any...
  3. rwhite

    Anyone in NOVA have any used equip. for sale?

    Not sure if this is a corals only sell/trade forum, so forgive me if I am out of place. We're planning a move and need to set up a tank to temporarily keep our stuff while the move takes place. We want to do it as gradually as we can to keep from shocking the reef and its inhabitants too much...
  4. rwhite

    Bubble ? with pics + 2

    We added a bubble in early April I'd say and it was just looking awesome tonight and had to post a pic. I'll start with the day 1 pic followed by tonights pic and then the question. Heres day 1:
  5. rwhite

    ID and advice if available

    Well, after inspecting the tank this evening we found what I think is a molt from crab that I didnt know we had. Could just be dead, but I havent figured a wat to get it out as it is in a cave that I dont think I can reach into. Thats why the pic is so bad, had to use a flashlight to get it...
  6. rwhite

    Quick pc lighting question.

    Its time to replace bulbs and was wondering about the different types of actinics we've seen. Ultra Actinic and Dual Spectrum, 420 and 620 I think or something like that. As well as some others. Anyone know if these are good or any suggestions on other types? One other thing, should we...
  7. rwhite

    At least 17 pics and info

    Time for the once a month update pics. I'm only doing the recent additions this time around, maybe do the others at a later date. The pics were taken last night, so I included actinic shots too cause the newbies look awwesome under actinics. You'll probably notice red slime in some of the...
  8. rwhite

    Spawning question for Bang or anyone who may know.

    Couple weeks ago (on the 21st to be exact) our Clarkii laid some eggs and we were very happy. I know the survival rates are slim, but we have some questions. First, we noticed a slow decline over the first week and we went out of town on the 30th, but there were still several left when we left...
  9. rwhite

    I think we're losing...

    Been battling red slime for a few weeks now and I think we're losing. Already cut back on feeding and light time, removed as much as I could by hand, did water changes, etc and so forth. My first question is how much light depravation can I get away with? My biggest concern is the BTAs we...
  10. rwhite

    Break out the cigars!

    I just got back from Milwaukee after many delays at the airport in Cleveland, so needless to say I was in a bad mood. Stopped for some beers and got home home and did a tank inspection. Bummed that some new xenia didnt make it and confused by the absence of a stalk of xenia thats been doing...
  11. rwhite

    ID please

    Looks like an anemone, but I've never seen one so small. Its about an inch in diameter. Possibly a BTA? Or possibly some nuisance that I've not seen yet?
  12. rwhite

    My once a month many pic thread, beware!

    Well, I usually take a full set of pics of our tank once a month mostly for comparison/growth of our little system and try to share with everyone. Hope I dont bore everyone, its our first reef with a lot of common stuff. Hope ya'll enjoy as much as we do. A full tank shot first, then the rest...
  13. rwhite

    Quick brittle star acclimation question.

    We just started acclimating a brittle star using the drip method. Its in a dark bucket (not completely dark) and is very active right now. My question is: Should I turn off the lights when I add it to the display? Its prolly searching for shelter right now, but I dont have a small rock to...
  14. rwhite

    Help me with a decision, please.

    We were at the LFS this afternoon and saw what was labeled as a red brittle. I wasnt sure if there was such a thing, could have just looked red for all I could see of it. Anyway, we've been thinking about adding a star and wanted some opinions/experiences with this type. Its definitely not...
  15. rwhite

    Pics of our new corals

    We've been wanting to add some more colors to our tank and I think we found some winners. All the pics are just after acclimation/intro to the display. Some red shrooms.
  16. rwhite

    Favite questions

    I understand that favites are relatively easy to keep as long as they get enough light/flow. Just wondering how true this was. I've done searches on the board and havent found much info on them other than the above and that they can be aggressive toward neighboring corals. We love the look of...
  17. rwhite

    Brittle/serpent star questions.

    We've had our reef set up for about a year and a half now, really about a year as we didnt start adding corals and such for a little while. Anyway, we never added a starfish of any kind and was wondering if they are a "neccessary" (for lack of a better word) reef inhabitant. From the...
  18. rwhite

    Need a quick decision....replies appreciated

    A ric that has been in the process of splitting and the org. frag has been dislodged, but the split has attached to a rock. It looks to be at the "breaking point", but dont know if I should let break or move the frag to the base rock. Its almost stretched to the bottom. Pics coming ASAP.
  19. rwhite

    A 12-pack before the Stanley Cup!

    My monthly photos for progress comparisons. Hope you all enjoy! I hope the pics are sized correctly, I think some may be too big. We'll start with the BTAs and a clown.
  20. rwhite

    Some good news with a 12-pack

    What a great day! Beautiful weather, finally got my computer back and our little clown has been accepted by the larger as a mate (we think) and has been allowed to host the BTAs. He used to get chased, but now they seem to get along beautifully. Watched them for a while this morning as he...