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  1. lecithin

    Selling 50g tank w/all equip and stock CT

    $600 for everything. Thats pretty much 1/3 of what went into it.
  2. lecithin

    Selling 50g tank w/all equip and stock CT

    Thank you for all the PMs concerning parting out and corals, etc but what I'm really looking for is to get remove everything all at once. I will wait a little longer in an attempt to find a buyer but if that falls through I will consider parting things out. I am a bit hesitant in shipping things...
  3. lecithin

    Selling 50g tank w/all equip and stock CT

    Gotta get to saving for that ring, willing to take $750 for full tank, all equip, all stock, etc.
  4. lecithin

    Selling 50g tank w/all equip and stock CT

    Bump, looking for offers, willing to negotiate
  5. lecithin

    Selling 50g tank w/all equip and stock CT

    Full tank shot Torch Coral Star Polyp Red Mushrooms that like to split like its their job Large green Zoos Neon Lime Green Zoos, Neon Green Ricordea, Off Green Ricordea Another Neon Green Ricordea (split from the first), and the Rhodactis I am looking for $1000 or best offer. Again, I...
  6. lecithin

    Selling 50g tank w/all equip and stock CT

    I am selling my 50g tank and all of its contents and equipment for a very special reason. While it is hard for me to move away from the hobby I have decided that for several reasons it is time for me to do so. I am saving money to buy an engagement ring for my current girlfriend of 4.5 years. We...
  7. lecithin

    One Year Anniversary!!!

    Very Nice!
  8. lecithin

    does this sound right??

    its not the right way but its the most common way for them.
  9. lecithin

    Refractometer, do I really need one?

    Originally Posted by natclanwy It's a myth that you can't mix natural and synthetic salt there was a post about this somewhere on here a couple of weeks ago, but if you are still concerned you can buy natural sea salt instead of synthetic sea salt. He's right, we had a long discussion and...
  10. lecithin

    air bubbles

    tends to depend on the type and quantity
  11. lecithin

    Aquascaping now....

    we all change our rocks around, its just another party of this "healthy" obsession.
  12. lecithin

    What do people mean Diatoms will just go away?

    it could take a week, it could take a month. It will get worse before it gets better but it will definitely go away. Even if you are using RO water you will see a diatom bloom, give it time and you will notice one day it'll look like half of its gone, then two days later its like it was never there.
  13. lecithin

    Selling 36" PC light w/Lunars 192w

    sold, thank you!
  14. lecithin

    new shots of my 55

    nicely done!
  15. lecithin

    Salt water Rookie

    for 100$ you got a nice deal! As for low maintenance, just dont pack the tank full or corals (especially ones that need to be fed) and avoid a few other things and that'll keep maintenance down some.
  16. lecithin

    It looks simple...or is it?

    Cool system if that is what you're looking for. One of my LFS stores sells them like hotcakes, they are much easier then doing all the work of looking up each individual piece. That being said, I myself looked up all the pieces and found it to be a rewarding experience and feel that if something...
  17. lecithin

    live rock acclimation?

    LR doesn't need to be acclimated. The only reason I could see you not putting it in your tank right away would be if you tank is already cycled and you dont want uncured LR to cause a spike.
  18. lecithin

    Selling 36" PC light w/Lunars 192w

    I will do 90$ w/shipping included. Essentially that gives you a 205$ light for 70$ (as most places shipping is 20+) I have had A LOT of interest but people seem to get to the point of paying and disapear. There is nothing wrong with the light, it is in fantastic shape, everything works...
  19. lecithin

    new shots of my 55 reef

    that tank is BEAUTIFUL!!!!
  20. lecithin

    monti frag south florida- trade for red macro?

    thats it when it first started out, its since filled out a lot. Its a bright/dark red in the lights (if that makes sense) and that pic is before I rescued it w/my lighting. Just figured I'd who you it, I will be giving a lot of it to my club members because some go out and have to pay for it and...