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  1. abethedog

    Silly Question

    I have have the biggest mag drive that is exteriorly mounted to a glass sump. I want to put that mag drive into a larger sump and submersed to lessen the noise. I figured a 155 qt cooler would be long enough to accomodate all of the stuff in the sump. I thought about a rubber maid but figured...
  2. abethedog

    Silly Question

    Is there any negatives to using a large cooler as a sump tank.
  3. abethedog

    what songs are always stuck in your head?

    Dora, Dora, Dora the explorer!
  4. abethedog

    Am I bad?

    Instead of irresponsibly throwing away some melted ice cream I donated it to Al Gore. He, obviously, ate it.
  5. abethedog


    I'm undecided...leaning right. But, I am very much looking forward to the McCain/Obama and Palin/Biden debates. That is when I'll make my decision. I wanted to say that before I said this: No offence intended (but probably taken). It seems as though a good chunk of Obama supporters have...
  6. abethedog


    I enjoyed the RNC's speeches. I liked McCain's speech last night. If I can be/stay convinced that McCain/Palin will follow through with all they said last night I'll vote for them. Thoughts? Although the vast majority of the protestors were all about the first amendment, I hope that the...
  7. abethedog

    fantasy football question

    My owners have all agreed and we are going to convert our fantasy football league into an [hr] style. I was wondering if anyone knew of any websites that had rules and stuff like that. I was also wondering if there was any info on how to manage the salaries on cbssportsline. Thanks.
  8. abethedog

    Home Wiring Question

    Had to do some light wiring. Very successful. I'll illustrate this because I am so damn proud of my self for not getting juiced and doing something right the first time. I have two lights in my bedroom. There are two three way switches that control them. Both lights must be on or off. Both...
  9. abethedog

    Home Wiring Question

    Originally Posted by salty blues One or the other of the fixtures should have a "hot" and a "neutral" unless these were originally run to one of the 3-way switches(I know, there's only 2 switches, but it's called a 3-way switch circuit). The only way to know is to pull the fixtures and check...
  10. abethedog

    Home Wiring Question

    So I want a ceiling fan in my bedroom. I'm decent at home wiring (not scared of electrocution ). Heres my problem. My bedroom has two ceiling lights that are connected to two switches. So, I can turn the two lights on and off by the bedroom door and the bathroom door. One light is in my...
  11. abethedog

    Worst injury

    Originally Posted by chowtownreefer i got a concussion, bone spur which caused a hernia in my leg and this wasnt pretty Didn't want to see that. Makes my stomach hurt and I don't know why.
  12. abethedog

    Worst injury

    My sister in law used to date a guy who fell out of a boat with an outboard motor. The boat circled around and ran him over. That was the response I got when I said: "how did you get those scars on your face and neck and chest and stomach and legs?"
  13. abethedog

    Worst injury

    In high school basball I had to switch from outfield to catcher between innings. I didn't have the proper gear on because I rarely catch. I came up with the idea that I would simply slide a protective piece of man protection inside of a non-protective but similar piece of equipment (jock). I...
  14. abethedog

    What celebrity do you resemble?

    Originally Posted by SpiderWoman Give this site a try... According to that I'm 85% Heather Locklear (I really don't think so!) According to that I am 59% Bono and 53% Notorious B.I.G. I like when you call me Big Poppa. Put your hands in the air if you a true playa!
  15. abethedog

    I'm in the plumbing industry, but this is bad..

    Originally Posted by Crashbandicoot Seriously who eats in the bathroom ? Just the thought of it gives me the dry heaves. I mean its one thing to take a beer and soak in a hot tub . But WOW. Maybe she never left the bathroom because her special man kept bringing her yummy Taco Bell. Think...
  16. abethedog

    One Proud Dad!!!

    First professional contract typically results in a new house for mom & dad.
  17. abethedog

    Pepsi or Coke?

    I'm a diet Pepsi guy. But....that diet coke at McDonalds is darn good. I've heard that McDonalds has a contract with Coke for a special blend of Diet Coke. I don't eat at McDonalds anymore (very fat trying to be sort of fat) but I'll stop by the drive through just to get a stupid Diet Coke...
  18. abethedog

    Obama's Church and ex-paster

    Good catch Zman. I almost made a mistake and voted for McCain. Your logic has shown me the error in my ways. Acutally, I don't want to be taxed to I'll stick with McCain. I hope that doesn't mean that I'm supporting Rev. Wright.
  19. abethedog

    Photos of your dogs

    Originally Posted by SigmaChris Good to see my house isn't the only one that looks like a Chinese toy manufacturing warehouse. Good looking dogs by the way! The funny thing is that we don't even have any kids. Just kidding.
  20. abethedog

    Photos of your dogs

    Originally Posted by SigmaChris Good to see my house isn't the only one that looks like a Chinese toy manufacturing warehouse. Good looking dogs by the way! Ha! None of the lead paint, though! Booker can skin a tennis ball in less than 5 minutes. Actually, he WILL skin EVERY tennis ball he...