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  1. fish4ever

    Here's an update on my tank...

    Here is an a new foxface! Sweet fish! A feather duster that came as a hitchiker. My BTA that I have 2 . My Ebli angel peeking out of "his spot".
  2. fish4ever

    Bio Cubes

    What do you all think about the Oceanic BioCubes? Are they worth the money?
  3. fish4ever

    New Additions

    New additions: BTA Eibl's Angelfish
  4. fish4ever

    Coral Acclimation?

    How do you all acclimate your new corals? Like mushrooms, zoos, polyps, leathers, and stuff like that. Do you drip them for a while, or just temp. acclimate them?
  5. fish4ever

    Wierd Bugs?

    Are these okay in the aquarium?
  6. fish4ever


    Do BTA's move when they need to? I was wondering cause I purchased one last night from my lfs, and now today he is underneath a ledge on my live rock completely out of the light. Will he move back into the light, or should I worry? I know it is best just to let them do there thing but I would...
  7. fish4ever

    BTA....filter intake?

    How do you keep a BTA from constantly getting sucked into the filter intake? I have a canister filter.
  8. fish4ever

    Life Span?

    Does anybody know how long cleaner shrimp can live 4? Just curious.
  9. fish4ever

    Shrimp Safe Fish

    Are large angelfish and butterflyfish safe with cleaner shrimp and hermit crabs?
  10. fish4ever

    Eibli Angelfish

    Does anybody here have the Eibli Angelfish? I already have a Coral Beauty, and I am not planning on having two angels. I was just wondering if anybody who has them. Let me know what you think of them, and any pics are welcome.
  11. fish4ever

    46 bow

  12. fish4ever

    46gal bow lighting

    Hello, I am new here. I am looking to upgrade my lighting system. I currently have a two bulb light strip with a 20000K and a true Actinic bulb with 36W each. I don't much about lighting and have been reading like crazy. I was just wondering what your ideas would be for a good lighting system...