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  1. psychoskater

    Hyposalinity with Naso Tang

    My naso tang has little white spots around his face. I am guessing this is ich. I want to perform hyposalinaty but I dont think I have a quarintine tank large enough for him. The bigest tank I have is 25 gallons. Is this too small. Wont doing this stress the fish out and eventually kill it? I am...
  2. psychoskater

    Spiny Lobster for free

    I am giving away a spiny lobster that has gotten too big for my aquarium. He is not reef safe and would be suitable for a fowlr that is 100 gal and up. I cant ship him. Please someone take him. He is too tamed to let go. He is so tamed that you can hand feed him. I cant just let him go.
  3. psychoskater

    Naso has ICK!

    I jsut got a naso tang for my aquarium a few hours ago and he has already developed some ick around his face! I put some ick remover in the tank. I hope it works!
  4. psychoskater

    question about coral beauty angel

    Can a coral beauty angel fish be kept in a 25 gallon fowlr? Im trying to decide on making a 25 gal fowlr or a 12 gal nano...
  5. psychoskater

    12 gal help

    Im contemplating on makinga 12 gallon nano. I will be buying the Eclipse System 12. The dimensions are 21"L x 11"W x 18"H. This week Im going to buy a coralife 96 watt pc light. I will get about 20 lb of live rock and 20 lb od live sand. Im not really sure about the filter. I was thinking...
  6. psychoskater

    Selling: Florida Spiny Lobster

    I am selling a Florida Spiny Lobster. A few years ago when we bought our Florida lr we found him. He was probably about an inch long. Now he has gotten way to big for my 90 gallon tank and he isnt reef safe. He has turned into a pet and I really dont want to sell him but I have no choice. He is...
  7. psychoskater

    Trading Lobster

    Anyone want to trade any corals for a lobster??? Im not looking for a lot of corals. For more info on the lobster email me.
  8. psychoskater

    12 gal. nano questions

    How many fish can I fit in a 12 gallon nano without having nitrate problems? I want atleast 1 perc and maybe something else. And it comes with 24 watts of light. I know this isnt a lot but for the time I have it, what kind of corals will grow in there?I dont want to gamble with anything so ill...
  9. psychoskater

    converting pc lights for a minibow

    I am buying a 5 gal minbow for my room and I want to add light. I was wondering if it is possible to take the 15 watt pc light it comes with and switch the socket around with a dual light socket. Than I would put two skrew in 10 watt pc bulbs. Can the ballast handle this? if anyone has any info...
  10. psychoskater

    changed my mind- 5 gal nano ques.

    My brother and I have changed our minds and we want to start a 5 gal. nano. I want to use the 5 gal mini bow. I know it comes with lights but I dont think its enough. If I added PC lights how would I do it and how much light should I put in there? it comes with the filter and pump so I guess...
  11. psychoskater

    Lighting for a 5 gal.

    I want pc lights but how many watts should I have. Any other info on 5 gallon nanos would be cool too cuz im just planning right now. Thanks, Alex
  12. psychoskater

    selling bak pak 2r reef ready

    Selling a bak pak 2r reef ready skimmer with a rio 600 pump. It is 70 bucks plus shipping
  13. psychoskater

    Selling 55 gal, stand, canopy, and filter in South West Florida

    Selling a 55 gal aquarium with stand, canopy, and a carbon filter. All will cost 150 bucks. I am in Cape Coral, Fl. Its in pretty good shape. I think it is great for a beginner tank. Email me at
  14. psychoskater

    Selling bak-pak 2r

    Selling a bak-pak 2r skimmer. It has been used for a month. Ill sell it for 70 bucks plus shipping. Dont have any pics cuz my digital camera is broken. Post if interested.
  15. psychoskater

    does anybody have base rock for sale???

    Id like to buy some base rock. Does anyone have some to sell??? I want that porous rock. I tried ---- but Im afaid the shipping would be crazy.
  16. psychoskater

    Selling 55 gallon aquqarium, stand, and canopy in Florida

    Selling: 55 gallon long glass oak stand aquarium canopy powerhead carbon filter 10 lb crushed coral 200 bucks for it all i am upgrading and it will be ready to go in about 3 weaks(hopefully) Email
  17. psychoskater

    Perc Question

    I am upgrading to a 90 gal and i have had a perc in my 55 for a while. Is it ok for me to get another perc when i put the perc I have in my 90? Is there a bad chance that they wont get a long? I just wanted to check.
  18. psychoskater

    Corals I can keep with my lighting

    Ok, I am making a 90 gallon reef. I really want to keep corals succesfully. I am going to have 260 watts of pc and 110 watts of fluoresent. What corals can I keep without any probs. What I really want is soft corals like ricordias and I would really wnat zoos. I am pretty sure that hard corals...
  19. psychoskater

    Selling a 25 or 29 gallon tank with goods

    Selling a 25 or 29 gallon aquarium. The dimensions are 24x12x16. It has scratches on it but it is a good tank to start out with if you are just getting into the hobby. It comes with a hood, carbon filter, heater, powerhead, and 10 lb of crushed coral. I am askinf for 50 bucks for all plus...
  20. psychoskater

    Selling Bak-Pak 2

    Selling a Bak-Pak 2 with a rio pump/powerhead. It has been used for less than a month. everything works. My friend had this that he upgraded so he gave it to me. If anyone wants to buy email me at