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  1. digitydash

    Poppin in

    Happy 4th to all and I hope everyone doing good.It been a minute since I been on.
  2. digitydash

    Any one go to Project Revolution concerts post your pics

    No one was intrested.
  3. digitydash

    This is awesome
  4. digitydash

    Shaq dissing kobe

    Anyone see this video on youtube with shaq freestyling dissing kobe.WOW that is immature how old is he anyway he acts like a little baby.
  5. digitydash

    Beam the Ump
  6. digitydash

    Crazy kids @ bass pro shops

    This is funny stuff.I am suprised the worker did nothing but whip the floor up.
  7. digitydash

    Couple of mine.

    Pink/Peach Monti Digi Green Pocillipora Tri Color Acro This one died my duncans fell on it and killed it when I was remodeling my house. Rose Pink mille
  8. digitydash

    Some of my Zoo's

    Some of my Zoo's Full Shot of the Zoo's above
  9. digitydash

    Check these pics out

    A local diver took these pic's totally awesome.
  10. digitydash

    Gas saving device.

    The news station here test products that claim they save fuel and other thing.This one was pretty cool and it increase your daily driving GPM by 60% Watch the video pretty cool.
  11. digitydash

    Dog lkovers or any animal lovers

    This is sad and angers me very much please sign the petition.
  12. digitydash

    Chevy tahoe hybride?

    Anyone have one and is it worth the 50k.What is the gas mileage on it?I have read 21m city and 24 highway.To me it does not seem all that good for something I could not work on.Just curious.Was thinking of a hybrid truck for work but wanted to see if it would be worth it.
  13. digitydash

    It is about time.

    I can't believe Isiah Thomas kept that job so long.What took the knick so long to grow some?
  14. digitydash

    Another one for world dumbest criminals

    A little excitement down the street from my house today.
  15. digitydash

    GatorNationals Gainsville Fl.

    Anyone going?Just curious I will be their.
  16. digitydash

    Please ID Acro Pest

    Anyone have any idea what the orange looking things are on my acro?
  17. digitydash

    Plane almost crashes in germany

    Crazy video.How would you like to be on this flight.
  18. digitydash

    whats this?

    Whats the white dots?
  19. digitydash

    ID please

    Whats the white dots?
  20. digitydash

    Id these snail

    I seen these today are they good or bad?