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  1. marco333

    sexy shrimp eating coral...

    Hi, yesterday I noticed my sexy shrimp eating my xenia. He was sitting one of the stalks and picking off the fingers and eating them. Is this normal? He also enjoys hair algae and pieces of shrimp I supplement him with. I will try keeping him well fed, but any other suggestions to minimize his...
  2. marco333

    Pleae ID hitchhiker Crab

    Was away for the past four days and came home to this guy sitting in the sand in my 4g nano. Must have came in on some live rock. Questions What type of crab is it, and is it reef safe. Also, I could not tell if it was dead, or simply a shed exoskeleton. When I picked it up it fell apart, and it...
  3. marco333

    driftwood help

    I realize this is a saltwater fish forum so I'm putting this in the off topic section. I Have a piece of drift wood in my freshwater tank that I recently bought at a LFS. The wood looks as tho it is decaying. While I will eventually replace it, is there any harm being done to my fish by...
  4. marco333

    Gold Stripe Maroon Clown

  5. marco333

    very small nano

    My 10g tank crashed...I took what was left and am trying to keep it alive. I found this small azoo container and a light. I went to the store and purchased a crystal sea technoflo filter which pumps up to 65 g/h. What I have left Alive is a pom-pom crab, a scarlet reef hermit, and a random...
  6. marco333

    Underwater Camera

    I am going with a group of friends on a scuba diving trip for our senior project. We need to incorporate a research project into our trip, and need to take pictures of what we see. We want to buy a good underwater camera, but one that is not too expensive. We are lookin to pay up to 500$. We...
  7. marco333

    Micro Bubbles

    Are micro bubbles harmful to a tank, or just an annoyance. I know they can kill sponges, but do they harm corals such as leathers or other soft corals? Do they bother fish? Thanx
  8. marco333

    New nano skimmer?

    I was browsing through a fish magazine I received in the mail, and noticed a new skimmer they had for sale for nano tanks. Its called a Fission nano-protein skimmer made by Current. Its for tanks up to 30 gallons and measures 6.5 inches by 2 inches. It says powered by a air injected...
  9. marco333

    Check my quarentine

    Well I was finally able to set up a quarentine for my Maroon Clown. He seems to now have develped fin rot, and its pretty bad because each day his fins are getting smaller. I am worried they are just goin to disapear. I set up a quarentine with a wisper 20 and some carbon. I let it run for 2...
  10. marco333

    HELP quick my clown

    My clown is getting sick. His fins seem to be rotting, and both his eyes are cloudy. I have two medicines at home right now. 1) Pima Fix, which says treats fungal infections on body and fins, and is reef safe 2) Saltwater Maracyne-Two, which treats fin and tail rot. Im not sure if its reef...
  11. marco333

    cyno evolved

    I used to have a real bad cyno problem, and I would treat it with chemi-clean. The chemi-clean would work great and almost all of the cyno would go away. Recently my cyno came back, and now is completly not effected by chemi-clean. Is it possible that a small portion of my orgional cyno had a...
  12. marco333

    Quick help with heater

    When I bought my Topfin heater, it came with a rubber cap on the end. Is this cap suppost to stay on while in use, or was it only for protection while it was packaged. I've kept it on in the tank but it keeps poping off so im not sure if its suppost to be there. Here is a picture of it. The...
  13. marco333

    Help with revamped nano

    After 4 years of a CC substrate, my tank went crazy and started with alge blooms and bad parameters. I switched to about 2 inches of live sand, and everything seems to be much better. The question is what type of inverts should i now get that will benifiet my sand bed. Do I need creatures...
  14. marco333

    Maroon Clown reflection

    I just added a black background to my tank, and it seems that my maroon clown can now see his reflection. He is constantly attacking the back glass and banging into it. Should I remove the background or will he get use to it. Is this putting to much stress on him?
  15. marco333

    Help with Camera

    I have an Kodak Easy Share CX7530 zoom digital camera. It is 5.0 megapixels and usually takes very good pictures. However when I try to zoom up on close things in my fishtank, the shots are usually blurry when I get real close, even on the close up mode. Is this fixable by getting a larger...
  16. marco333

    Pom-Pom Crab

    My pom pom crab finally became brave and now walks around the tank so i can finally get a good picture of him. I got him with no anemones so u his claws are empty, but he is still fine and eats food that I hand feed him. If anyone has any other cool crabs post some pics here.
  17. marco333

    New Tank

    My old 10g tank just had a misfortunate crash after being up for 4 years. I quickly made a new one and took care to make sure it was built correctly. I had to add my fish and corals that were still alive tho, so I hope everything makes it. Here is a pic tell me what you think
  18. marco333

    ID hitchhiker star

    I found this little guy crawling over the rocks. Should I remove him or is he ok? Thanx
  19. marco333

    Need answer quick

    My 10g tank which has been running perfect for almost 4 years is crashing. Ive done everything possible to save it but its gonna die. Im trying to save my maroon clown who is still alive. I just set up a new tank with livesand, cured live rock and a refugium on the back. It has been up for...
  20. marco333


    I want to give my fish garlic. What should I do. Do I just chop some pieces up and feed it to him, or do i soak his food in it? Thanks