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  1. confusedfishy

    New Tank...using black sand...sifted but...

    I have a new tank I am using black sand in, it was dry sand not live, I sifted it with water before putting in is still alittle black it okay??? What should I do???
  2. confusedfishy

    maroon clown coloring?

    How common is a maroon clown that is actually orange with white stripes. I was told it is uncommon, checking to see...
  3. confusedfishy

    Corals with Seahorses Questions

    Hi everyone! I have been looking through the compatability chart for seahorses. According to that chart mushrooms and leathers are okay with seahorses. I have heard conflicting stories about this, what do you all think...? Thanks for any help!
  4. confusedfishy

    overflow box possiblity-need opinions...

    I am converting a freshwater tank to a saltwater and need to add an overflow box to the system. What kind is great and what kind isn't based on experience? They all sound great on the boxes and their own websites but what really works out there. I found one possiblity "Tom Skimmer Box Auto...
  5. confusedfishy

    changing tank from freshwater to a seahorse tank!

    I am working on changing over my freshwater tank to a saltwater seahorse tank. I have other saltwater tanks already. I am so happy to be making a home for seahorses. I have dreamed of doing this for years and want to begin the process now. The tank is a 55 gallon. My first, and I am sure...
  6. confusedfishy

    A Forum Devoted to Moving Your Aquarium Techniques

    As a member that loves to get advise from all of the experts that log onto I would love to see a forum devoted to the do's, don'ts, tips, and techniques of moving your aquarium. I see questions posted alot on how to do this and I am sure so many people have ideas that have...
  7. confusedfishy

    If I add new sand to an established tank?

    If I add new sand to my established tank what should I expect to happen? Will it experience a cycle or will nothing happen? I definately need to add some more substrate to the tank but want to know what to expect and be ready for it.
  8. confusedfishy

    can an arco crab survive without a bird's nest to live in?

    I have a birds nest coral that has died a sad slow death. It came with a small arco crab inside of it when it was purchased. If I remove the birds nest from the tank will the arco survive and find a new home or does it need this? Thanks in advance for any thoughts!
  9. confusedfishy

    fish unable to swim upright???

    Hello everyone. Most of you know I have been working to rid my tank of ich. My kole has been in hypo conditions for many weeks. It had a comback after two weeks in hypo and I had to start the time clock over again three weeks after entering the qt. Anyway, it has been 4 weeks and I began...
  10. confusedfishy

    Lighting in my Reef...what do you think?

    I met someone today that is into saltwater aquariums and we were discussing things, some things that I found interesting but question abit, I really wanted to know what some of you think? Can a UV Sterilizer keep corals from growing and multipling? A 13w florescent light bulb that fits into a...
  11. confusedfishy

    serpent stars-problem or not?

    Has anyone had a problem with their Serpent Stars eating other items in the tank? Crabs, Nudi Branches, etc...
  12. confusedfishy

    horseshoe crab swimming?

    Okay, so I know that horseshoe crabs are not the best for reef tanks now, but when I purchased one I didn't know that and it was some time ago. I placed him in my 92g reef. He has been scooting around and burying himself for a long time now with anything strange. Yesterday I came home about...
  13. confusedfishy

    Hawkfish hurt- How do I help it?

    My hawkfish got stuck inside of a plastic type rock in the QT today. I got him out but his skin is looking torn and rubbed in places--what should I do? He isn't doing very well, breathing hard on bottom of tank. We have had him for several months, been in QT 2 times for ich in tank. Neither...
  14. confusedfishy

    Any cleaning crew with hawkfish?

    Does anyone know if there is any type of cleaning crew, like snails, crabs, shrimp, that will survive a tank with a Flame Hawkfish? I have a wonderful flamehawk but would really like to add a cleaning crew... The flamehawk is about 2-2.5 inches right now.
  15. confusedfishy

    Help, Not sure why but Ick is back!

    Okay, most of you know that I have been using hypo since my 92 gallon crashed due to ich, every fish died except a flame hawk. I took him out and used hypo on him, he never showed any signs of ich or distress. I left the DT empty for 8 weeks. I put him in the tank and he has been fine, no...
  16. confusedfishy

    flatworm exit side-effects??

    Okay, I decided to dip new corals I buy in flatworm exit before they go into my coral QT. I did this for the first time 2 nights ago. I dipped each coral for about 30 minutes in a container with water/flatworm exit. Two hours after I did the dips and put them into the QT the tank became...
  17. confusedfishy

    You know you are an Obsessed Reefer When...!!

    I just wanted to say that you know you are an obsessed reefer... when you spend your Saturday driving the countryside for fish and watching the flatworms come off in your qt that night!!
  18. confusedfishy

    salinity high in hypo

    Okay, here is the thing...I have some fish in QT and hypo. They never presented with any symptoms, they are new and I am wanting to ensure their health. Yesterday I tested the water and it was at 1.010 instead of 1.009. Should I start the time frame over or will it be okay? The salinity must...
  19. confusedfishy

    Ideas on LR Findings?

    Okay, as many of you know I purchased a display tank from a lfs that closed. In resetting it up and making new purchases for it our inexperiences have taken us on a wild ride, ich, hair algae, etc. Anyway, today I am trying to id some things we have found within the DT over the last few...
  20. confusedfishy

    Xenia in a reef-what not to mix with?

    I am thinking of purchasing a Xenia colony but was wondering if there is anything I shouldn't mix Xenia with in my tank? Any thoughts would be really appreciated!