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  1. abethedog

    Silly Question

    Is there any negatives to using a large cooler as a sump tank.
  2. abethedog


    I enjoyed the RNC's speeches. I liked McCain's speech last night. If I can be/stay convinced that McCain/Palin will follow through with all they said last night I'll vote for them. Thoughts? Although the vast majority of the protestors were all about the first amendment, I hope that the...
  3. abethedog

    fantasy football question

    My owners have all agreed and we are going to convert our fantasy football league into an [hr] style. I was wondering if anyone knew of any websites that had rules and stuff like that. I was also wondering if there was any info on how to manage the salaries on cbssportsline. Thanks.
  4. abethedog

    Home Wiring Question

    So I want a ceiling fan in my bedroom. I'm decent at home wiring (not scared of electrocution ). Heres my problem. My bedroom has two ceiling lights that are connected to two switches. So, I can turn the two lights on and off by the bedroom door and the bathroom door. One light is in my...
  5. abethedog

    Rancho Relaxo Tank

    I was just curious what special steps hobbyists take to make their tank low stress. I've had a 130 gallon reef since 2004. Although I don't consider myself an expert, I work this board and read it frequently. Stress, seems to be the common denomonator when it comes to keeping a disease free...
  6. abethedog

    chiller charge?

    Has anyone ever had to have their chiller recharged? Mine hasn't been on for a while. I turned it on and the coil never got cold. I'm a dummy about this. Did I have a freon leak in the house or does the stuff just get old? Would I go to an HVAC guy or someone who recharges auto ac's. Thanks...
  7. abethedog

    i hate my lights

    I have a oceanic 125 gallon tank. It is 72" long, 18" wide and 24" deep. Right now I have a fixture that holds 6 96 watt pc 4pin. This fixture is about 12" wide and sits on a glass top. I am going to build a canopy to match the stand. The purpose is to get rid of the glass tops and to not...
  8. abethedog

    Purple Up

    Has anyone used this? Recommend? Bad? I test Calcium once a week. Should I test more if I use this?
  9. abethedog

    I acheived greatness this morning.

    I was playing basketball this morning (as I do every mon, wed, fri). I had a pass come in and I took it weird with my left hand. I looked down and noticed that my pinky finger was going in about 3 different directions. I was horribly shocked. So I grabbed it real quick with my right hand and...
  10. abethedog

    I am the smartest man alive!

    When I discovered that my Clarki clowns decided to become a mated pair I was alright with it. When the female became an uber-bish and tried to pound the life out of everyone in the tank I became said. So I tried to catch them with nets and pitchers for an hour or two. Why do we even try when...
  11. abethedog


    So I am growing some fantastic GREEN coraline algae. I lost a lot of my purple/pink coraline when I moved the tank. Than I had a baby and did minimum maintenance for a year (bad tank owner). So my rocks have a fantastic purple/pink color. The back glass is entirely green. WTF? Everything...
  12. abethedog

    Are you ready for this?

    My Gramma can beat up your Grandma!
  13. abethedog

    Zoos and Palys

    Here are some "Fire and Ice" Zoos and my uncontrollable stock of brown palys.
  14. abethedog

    What's the deal?

    Why is my coraline algae coming in green. Tank is healthy 1.024 0 trites 0 trates trace phos cal 480 alk 10.3 Some is starting to turn purple, though. Just asking!
  15. abethedog

    Clarki's mean?

    I've had two Clarki clowns for about three years now. In the tank now I have a gramma basslet, big pajama and a coral beauty. It is a 125 reef. The clowns are mated. The female is very big and aggressive at the other clown. I understand this behavior to be normal. I just tried to add a...
  16. abethedog

    Acclimation "Assistance"

    I added some new fish to my tank but someone was mistaking it for the Catch-Of-The-Day. Just a little levity.
  17. abethedog

    retro auto top off

    Any one ever make a home made auto top off. Every know and than I think of going and buying a toilet kit and making some kind of auto top. My sump is just an open glass tank. Plenty of room. I'm sure someone here has done this. I'm interested in trying this.
  18. abethedog

    New Zoos!

    How often/quickly to zoos reproduce? I have some paly's and they seem to go all over the tank. I just put these in the tank about a week ago. My LFS (one I like) calls them "Fire & Ice." $30 a good deal? My first Zoos.
  19. abethedog

    What is this?

    What is this. There are a few of them in the tank and they have just started to grow since a "post neglect" cleaning. Also, any idea what kind of mushroom this is. Also new. Thanks in advance
  20. abethedog

    Good for me

    I was using my wife's handheld mirrior to look at my rock from behind the tank. (not much going on in the winter in Wisconsin. I sell swimming pools ) I happened to notice a portion of a familiar piece of rock that I remembered from back-when (I moved my tank from my old house to my new house...