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  1. 1snapple

    Snapple's 18g Cube

    Well I've been working on this cube for a while now. No water in it yet since we will be moving soon but heres my progress so far Equipment: Koralia Nano 425 Powerhead DIY LED hood. Small HOB filter (upgrading to a HOB skimmer in the future, recommendations?) JBJ Pico Powerhead (300gph)...
  2. 1snapple

    My perfect LEDcombination

    I have been doing a lot of different colorations with my LED array over my pico. My final coloration includes 11 LEDs total 3 Cree Cool White 6 Cree Royal Blue 2 Cree Blue The coloration seems close to about a 16k bulb.
  3. 1snapple

    Obama opinion

    Okay, i am curious to see how people like obama or what he is trying to do.
  4. 1snapple


    Okay, lets start at the beginning. a couple weeks back i traded a local reefer for a frag of utter chaos zoos. I put them in my 3g pico, display picture, and over a weeks time 1 polyp out of 3 opened slightly, then 2 polyps opened slightly. After 2 weeks they weren't opening and it was very...
  5. 1snapple

    Need nano fish help

    I am currently planning a 18g cube tank (16"x16"x16") I want a Tanaka's Pygmy Wrasse (Wetmorella tanakai) and maybe a double spot goby? Any idea on these fish and will they do well with a wrasse?
  6. 1snapple

    Meowzers Blastos?

    Hey meowzer, how are your blastos doing? Pics help
  7. 1snapple

    DIY LED build II

    Okay, I recently made a frag tank and finally got it all plumbed into the 95g display tank last weekend. Now I need some lights for it and I think i am going to go w/ LEDs like my pico. My idea is 2 MeanWell ELn-60-48D drivers, 1 blue 1 white. Running: 7 Cool White 5 Neutral White 6 Royal blue 3...
  8. 1snapple

    Cyano? Could it be?

    Okay, I have been battling this algae for 2 weeks now and it won't go away, I think it's cyano but not sure. I have turned off lights for 2 days now ad its not gone, I haven't fed anything. Sorry for the bad picture but it's on the zoas and everything. It seems to only be on the sand but hard...
  9. 1snapple

    Coral pictures (bandwidth intenscive.)

  10. 1snapple

    Niger trigger

    Okay, I want to know WHY the niger trigger is considered not reef safe. It eats shrimp right? I did not believe it ate coral.
  11. 1snapple

    How long for acrylic?

    Hey, I want to know how long do you wait when gluing acrylic together? Right now I just welded it together and I want to know how long before I can take off the clamps and do another joint?
  12. 1snapple

    Flatworm help.

    Okay, long story short, bought a frag, neglected to dip, now have not bad but not good flatworms. I just got a sixline wrasse for the flatworm problem. How do I know when they are all gone?
  13. 1snapple

    Coral FW dip suggestions

    Okay, I plan to be getting a meteor shower montipora, a joker chalice, acans, and a hollywood stunner chalice. All for my pico. I am just curious as to how long should I dip them for? also what should I do to them before dipping....?
  14. 1snapple

    Chalice advice.

    Hey everyone. I want to know if there is anything specific about chalices or are they like most other LPS. Just med light and medium flow? I am planning on getting a joker chalice. Any info is very much appreciated
  15. 1snapple

    Not sure, i think its a flatworm

    Okay, I have a picotope and last night i brought home a frag, got into a hurry and didn't dip it. I was watching my tank today and saw this guy on the glass. Is it a flatworm?
  16. 1snapple

    Local guys frag tank build

    I thought some people on this forum would enjoy this build, Yes it is a link but it doesn't sell anything.
  17. 1snapple

    Pico fish help.

    okay, I have been thinking i was going to get a red headed goby for my pico but I thought about it more tonight. How about a Yellow Banded Possum Wrasse (Wetmorella nigropinnata)
  18. 1snapple

    LED DIY LIGHT build

    Okay, i am doing a LED build for my 3g JBJ Picotope. I am going to use the Meanwell ELN-60-48D with the 2 color dimming kit. I am going to run 2 circuits. the first circuit will run 5 Cree XP-E Royal blue 3w LEDs; 1 Cree XP-E Green 3w LED the second circuit will run 3 Cree XR-E Q5 Cool White 3w...
  19. 1snapple

    Fish list help

    Okay, i have a 95g tank, 48" long. I want your opinions on this fish list. Red mandarin 2 ocellaris clowns gold headed sleeper goby gold rimmed tang Blue jaw trigger lawnmower blenny bi color blenny (?) yellow tang dwarf angel (not sure yet) maybe a wrasse (recommendations?)
  20. 1snapple

    Light acclimation

    Okay, i am wanting to upgrade the lights on my pico from PC or LED and the LED's will add ALOT more light to the tank. How can I acclimate my coral? There is no dimmer on the LED's