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  1. creekchub

    Crabs versus Snails

    I have noticed some hermits will eat your snails and some dont. Try a sally lightfoot, they don't seem to mees with snails, those guys are always on the move.
  2. creekchub

    fire fish goby

    They will eat, the only problems I had with mine is them darn Damsels killing them. You should be in pairs.
  3. creekchub

    temp controller question

    Do you have the controller in the tank or in a sump?
  4. creekchub

    Question about hair algae

    I'll put my money on a Sea Hare, that thing will mow the stuff down
  5. creekchub

    new hermit and snail deaths

    I never had problems with them dying by just adding them to the tank, what I have a problem with is the crabs eating the snails, this happens a lot, watch your crabs don't mess with snails. I would say crabs and snails are very hardy, I would say they do die over time, just seems odd yours died...
  6. creekchub

    Damsel and Clownfish Question!

    I have 2 of each in my tank and they seem to get along, what I noticed is that the clowns mess each other and the damsel's will mess with each other. I would not put damsel's back in the tank. Try some clown's and Firefish, that seemed to work pretty good for me.
  7. creekchub

    favourite shrimp and why!!!

    I really like the looks of the fire red shrimp, can't seem to pull the $40 bucks out of my pocket though. I have a cleaner shrimp he's pretty cool to watch, always comes out, does not hide much, I also have 2 camel back shrimp, they don't seem to come out too much.
  8. creekchub

    sump return pump

    I have a quiet 4000 that I used for 2 years and never had issues, still have it. I also just bought a 3000 that I'm running now, and no problems.
  9. creekchub

    Snail Question

    Originally Posted by jackri but is there anything for your clean up crew to eat in a new tank? That would be my question, 1 week does not seem like much time to have a salt tank up and running...
  10. creekchub

    Tons Of Free Equipment!!!

    I sent you a PM, sorry , I just read that you do not want those, please let me know about the 125g tanks. I live in Washington, Pa
  11. creekchub

    Checkout my new powerheads

    They look pretty neat, where did you get'em?
  12. creekchub

    Sea hare experiment

    I bought a Sea Hare last Sunday, and that thing has not stoped eating yet, I like mine. Paid $30 for him the lfs says it's a different type , he has blue dots all over him.
  13. creekchub

    Undecided about Emerald crab

    Do they mess with snails at all?
  14. creekchub

    Crabs vs Snails

    I tried this stunt twice, the crabs always tear apart the snails (ever with extra shells lying around), wish I could keep both I like to watch the crabs, but bad luck, snails only tank now.
  15. creekchub

    green stuff everywhere

    I went and picked me up a Sea Hare this afternoon, he start on the hair algea shortly after in the tank. Kinda ugly looking, buy he's doin the job...... I'm sold on him.
  16. creekchub

    Hermit crabs vs. Snails

    I do have extra shells in the tank, this is my 2nd time trying this, I think that was my problem last time I never had extra shells, but I do now.
  17. creekchub

    Hermit crabs vs. Snails

    Why is it everytime I add snails (nasil) snails to my tank these crabs chase / eat my them. I have asked others and they say they never have this problem..... Is this normal?
  18. creekchub

    Cowboys release Pacman...

    Can you really feel sorry for a guy like him? He made his own bed.... Someone will pick him up, probably would look good in a Raider uniform, and would fit right in with that bunch.
  19. creekchub

    Bret Favre READY TO RETIRE! yet AGAIN! blah, blah, blah lol

    Holy cow, just image if Farve played for the Cowboys. I think I'd quit watching football.
  20. creekchub

    Buy American

    Look at Harley Davidson's bolt on parts and their $400 leather coats (Made in China). They don't make 1 pair of boats made in the USA. For years buy Harley, it the American way, shittttt, it's now the China way. I like and try to but American made stuff, but it's hard to find. My 2 cents....