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  1. reefnut

    Reef Tank Withdrawals

    I am absolutely dying of reef tank withdrawals . It’s been almost a year now with no tanks setup… I can’t take it.
  2. reefnut

    Basement Sumps

    For those that have their sumps setup a floor down from the display... what is the best way to set it up? Do you have to do anything special for the sump inlet?? Thanks,
  3. reefnut

    Bare Bottom Tanks...

    For those of you that have had your BB Tanks running for a while now... do you still like it?? any problems?? I am moving and since I have to disturb my sand bed anyway I'm considering a BB in the display. It will be a 110g Reef. All comments are welcome.
  4. reefnut

    ophiura-brittlestar pictures

    Here's the pictures if you don't have them.
  5. reefnut

    Baby Parakeet Sexing

    I have been reading up on how to care for Parakeets (we’ve had a cockatoo before) now my youngest daughter wants a couple parakeets but I’m finding conflicting information on how to --- the babies… any ideas??
  6. reefnut

    Display to Sump to Refuge Migration

    I just watched a large "mini" brittle star get sucked into the display's overflow, so it went down to the sump, then it got sucked into a pump and spit out in the refuge... it lost a leg but otherwise it's fine. It was pretty cool to see that
  7. reefnut

    Bang Guy

    Care to comment??
  8. reefnut

    Mini Brittle Stars

    Speaking of Mini Brittle Stars... check this out. This is a nightly accurance.
  9. reefnut


    What is it?? We'll start with an easy one...
  10. reefnut

    Photo Tips

    Here's some links to archived photo tips. Photo/Posting Pics Frequently Asked Questions TIPS FOR TAKING AQUARIUM PHOTOS
  11. reefnut

    New addition from

    Newest addition from here... very healthy the corals from here are awesome the top isn't really white as it looks in the picture, it's just lighter!!
  12. reefnut

    400w MHs over a 55g?

    What does everyone think about putting 2-400w MHs up over a 55g tank?? I have 2-400w MHs & 2-110 VHOs doing nothing right now...
  13. reefnut's shrooms

    I got in 4 shroom rocks from here this past week. They are not completely adjusted so they are still not fully opening but I'm very impressed... they are all very healthy.
  14. reefnut

    Healing power of Phytoplankton
  15. reefnut


    This forum is for TRADING only. Selling or buying corals IS NOT allowed. Please refrain from any further posts like your last.
  16. reefnut

    Welcome our Newest Moderator

    This is well overdue but Squidd has recently became our newest moderator here. He has been a great asset to this board for a couple years with over 5000 well informative posts. There is no one that spends time in the Equipment & DIY Forum that doesn't know Squidd and most continually seek his...
  17. reefnut

    6 Gallon "Re-Born"

    I decided to put my 6g back up... no idea yet what I'm going to do with it. I'm thinking all shrooms It has about 1" of dead sand and dead live rock. I'm thinking it will be fun to culture the rock with coralline and critters from my 55g instead of just adding LR. Anyway... it should be fun
  18. reefnut

    Mini Bristle Stars??

    How big do mini bristle stars get?? The one pictured here has arms about 2" long!! Is this about full growth??
  19. reefnut

    Another ID...

    Thanks to everyone for there help on the last one... let's see if we can do it again :cheer: These are deep red, look to have a disk body with about 1/4" tentacles. Any ideas??
  20. reefnut

    Need help with an ID

    Does anyone know what these are????