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  1. reefboy1994

    Frag Meet in Virgina

    There will be a frag meet held in Williamsburg Va. on July 18th. It will be from noon to 4. It will be held at 5406 airport rd. williamsburg va 23188. Food will be sold at the event and entry tickets are $5. If you plan on attending, want to sell at the meet, want to be a vendor at the meet, or...
  2. reefboy1994

    i got new frags! green slimer, ric, shrroms, plate, zoos

    i got some sweet frags at a local reef meeting ricordea: fire on ice zoos green slimer (my baby) plate coral yellow polyps blue shrooms these were takin after 1 hour of in tank, wil post tomarow of updated pics
  3. reefboy1994

    what koralis should i get?

    i have a 110 gallon soft reef. I just got 2 sps frags and 2 lps frags. Rite now i have 1 maxi jet 1200 and 2 maxijet 400s. I also have two eperor 400s. I want to get rid of the three powerheads i have now and get maybe a koralia 3 and a koralia 4. are those the rite ones to get?
  4. reefboy1994

    clown on mushroom

    hey 5 days ago i got 2 true percula clowns. one is about double the size of the other. the larger one has been laying down on its side in my group of like 20 she hosting or is she shick cuz she will lay still but later she wil be swimming around fine
  5. reefboy1994

    i got new corals :):):)

    here are some pictures of new corals i got this week. the forst four pictures i got this morning and the others i got 4 days ago. Any imformationon care, feeding, placement, and flow would be great.
  6. reefboy1994

    ?s about corals i just ordered

    I just ordered these frags off of ----: green torch coral, neon green candy cane, and rare neon green daisy polyps. ive read on the care and know the basics but was wondering if anyone had any first hand experiance with these corals and could help me out. they should b here mid next week and i...
  7. reefboy1994

    SWEET pictures of my tank, corals, fish

    here ar some good pics: tell me watcha think
  8. reefboy1994

    what is the cheapest pump (420 gph at 6 ft. head)

    I am in the planning process of a turf algae filter. I need a pump that will pump 420 gph at 6 ft. head. Wich is the cheapest pump availible that will do this?
  9. reefboy1994

    first time fragging zoos!

    this is my first time fragging my zoos, they havnt opened up yet, i will post more pics later when they do
  10. reefboy1994

    finger leather getting lighter in color

    i bought a finger leather a few weeks ago and it has been getting lighter the last week. it is under 4 54 watt t5s. 2 10,000k and 2 actinics. they are the ones that came with the fixture (nova extreme slr). the coral is in a 110 gallon tank and is about 8-12 inches under the light. is it in the...
  11. reefboy1994

    flakes and frozen food or just frozen?

    i feed flakes once a day, sometimes twice and half a cube once a day. my tang has a lime green film of algae on the glass and is starting to get hair algae! should i only feed frozen food or is that not enough?
  12. reefboy1994

    is my tang blind in one eye?

    on one of my tangs eyes, it is cloudy, and the other is clear and brown.
  13. reefboy1994

    supplement for soft corals?

    i have xenia, mushrooms, finger leather, nepfea...something like that, and zoos. I have t5 lighting, should i be adding a supplement? if so, what kind?
  14. reefboy1994

    whats a good camera for my tank?

    My camera takes horrible shots of my tank :( it makes me so mad cuz i spent $170 on it. If you could post a pic of your tank and write the name of the camera that would be awesome!
  15. reefboy1994

    how long do i leave in algae sheet???

    I just got a yellow tang 2 days ago and he loves to eat his algae sheets! Just wondering how long to leave in the leftovers?
  16. reefboy1994

    algae all over glass...NEED HELP

    i have some weird algae. it is lime green and makes the water look cloudy untill you clean the glass...then it comes all back in an hour! my tank test perfectly and the ph is 8.4. i feed flakes twice a day and half a cube of shrimp once a day. please help. pics will be coming soon.
  17. reefboy1994

    nova extreme light...good or bad?

    my darn power compact light roke today! i need ot get a new light and i am looking at t5 fixtures. I am on a budget of under $300. is this a good fixture and if anyone has it can they PLEASE post a pic of their tank.
  18. reefboy1994

    110 gallon soft reef...PICTURES!

  19. reefboy1994

    id coral please

    i have no idea of the name
  20. reefboy1994

    I want a hippo tang

    I have had a problem in the past with ich. I am scared that if i get a hippo tang he will re-introduce ich to my tank. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to successfully keep one?