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  1. moy

    Is this REALLY True??

    I heard that if you have a MATED PAIR of Coral Banded Shrimp, they produce enough planton for any size tank! Is this True?? <img src="graemlins//confused2.gif" border="0" alt="[confused2]" /> Does a Mated Pair of Coral Banded Shrimp REALLY produce Planton?? <img...
  2. moy

    How long before...??

    How long should you wait before you replace the PC blubs?? :rolleyes:
  3. moy

    Should i get a new....?

    I currently have a 100gal wet/dry wwith a 2100 Rio pump, for my 46gallon Bowfront tank. Next week im upgrading to a 72 gallon tank.. So my question is: Do i need to upgrade the 2100 Rio pump on the wet/dry to a 2500 or 3100 rio when i upgrade to the 72gal? Please advise!! <img...
  4. moy

    Upgrading to 72 gal from 46 gal. WHAT TO DO?

    Hello everyone! I have a 46 bowfront with 80lbs of Live Sand and 30-50lbs of Live Rock; severeral corals, and about 6 fish. Im gonna upgrade to a 72 gal bowfront next week. My question is: What do i exactly need to do when i upgrde to the 72 gal; what do i exactly need to take into account in...
  5. moy

    Would you consider this a DSB???

    Hi everyone! I have a 46gallon Bowfront, that had 40lbs of live sand. About a wk ago i added another 40lbs of live sand, total- 80lbs of live sand in the 46gal. Would you say i have a Deep Sand Bed?? Someone???
  6. moy


    What are Parabolic Reflectors?? Do they reflect light better than mirrors?? Where can i purchase them??
  7. moy

    Can i put a mirror in my light hood for better reflection?

    Hey guys wouldnt you have more light and a better reflection from your lights if you some how put mirrors in the inner part of the Light hood instead of having the metal reflection thingy?? Seems logical to me. So my question is: would there be a problem with installing mirros into the hood...
  8. moy

    Tubo Cycles..! Do they work or improve your tank?

    I've read about products like: BACTER VITAL and NITROMAX MARINE, which supposely have thousands of Microganisms, Nitrosomonas and Nitrobater, which Speed up the cycle of a new tank and or Energize already estanblished setups. So my question is, would these products that contain this beneficial...
  9. moy

    Too Much LIVE SAND at once??

    I currently have 40lbs of Live Sand in my 46 gallon bowfront tank,and plan on adding 40 more lbs of live sand this weekend to my tank. But just wanted to know if there would be any problem adding 40lbs more of live sand over the existing sand all at once this weekend?? :confused:
  10. moy

    How do you know what are CALCIUM DEPOSITS?

    What do CALCIUM DEPOSITS look like??
  11. moy

    FORMALIN DIP.. What is it??

    What's FORMALIN DIP??? :confused:
  12. moy

    What is the BEST Active Carbon we can use??

    Just wonding if someone can tell me whats the BEST Filter Carbon i can purchase for my Reef/Fish tank setup?? :rolleyes: :confused: :o
  13. moy

    Am I Killing of my bacteria on the Bio-Balls when...?

    Do i cause any harm to my benficial bacteria growing on the bio-balls when i turn off the Powerhead running my wet/dry, when im cleaning the filter in the drip plate?? Is there REALLY a problem with powering off the powerhead that runs my wet/dry filter when cleaning out the pads?? Can i Kill...
  14. moy

    Active Carbon... Pro's and Con's!

    From what i know its very beneficial to have Active Carbon in your mechanical filter, becaue its gets rid of waste and ordors ( and a few of other things) from the water. But i've read from someone on the board that its not a good idea to have carbon. Whats the catch?? Why wouldn't it be good...
  15. moy

    New Live Sand added over existing Live Sand Bed?? Problem??

    Currently i have 40lbs of Live Sand in my 46gallon bowfront. Im thinking of adding more Live Sand, but i need to know wether there will be a problem if i add new Live Sand over the Existing Live Sand in the tank?? Please advise! :rolleyes: :confused:
  16. moy

    DENITRAYFYING!! How is it accomplished??

    I have a 46 Gallon bowfront with 40lbs of Live Sand, Prizim protein skimmer, whisper mechanical filter and 2 wk old 100 gallon Wet/Dry filter bio-ball filter; not sure exactly how many lbs of live rock but several large rocks (maybe 30-50lbs). So with my setup how do i Exactly get the...
  17. moy

    MELA FIX in a Reef Tank.! Is this product good?

    Is MELA FIX a good Med for use in Reef Tanks?? If i read correctly it said it could be used in Reef Setup. What's your opinion of this product?? Is it good?? Is it actually Reef Safe?? Please advise! :rolleyes:
  18. moy

    What's wrong with him??

    I have a Flame angel who's body and fins look flaky. The fins are not clear but have cloudy look to them. Any idea what could be wrong? I have had several other fish in the past in the same situation.. Some days they look falky and some days they look ok.. What's going on?? Parameters PH...
  19. moy

    What else do i NEED to add??

    Quick question for guys.. These are the additives that i put into my reef tank: Calcium Iodine Strontium Trace Elements so my question is: What else do i need to add to my reef tank? Are there any other additives i absolutely need for a healthy Reef Tank?? Please advise..!! :rolleyes...
  20. moy

    HELP!! I have a SEA MONSTER in my tank!!!

    I have this long worm in my tank. Looks like a Centipede, hary, lot of small legs and a hariy mouth. Only seems to come out at night. I saw it eating at one of my soft corals that was dying off anyway... Is he safe to have in my reef tank?? What should i do??? HELP!! :eek: :mad: