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  1. shep

    125 Gallon 4 sale

    125 Gallon tank custom stand Tank had hanging pendants, but also have makshift canopy which would look nice if stained and trimmed 2-175 MH blueline bulbs sockets & ballasts 1-IceCap 660 ballast 1-CPR sump and overflow 2-MAXI-JET 700 pumps 4-6 powerheads 220 lbs arragonite and sand mix 20-40 lbs...
  2. shep


    It has came back again. Nothing in water has shown a change and I have tested everything but the texture of the stand. I am anout to give up and go fish only. This is twice in a year and I have not done anything different than before. Could this be intorduced from new inhabitants and just grow...
  3. shep

    fed up with it?

    Does anyone ever have so many meaningless little problems in a week that they want to just give up? The thing overflowed the skimmer collection jug while I was asleep, still don't know why skimmer went nuts, The massive water loss from skimmer going nuts drained sump, pump burnt up from no water...
  4. shep

    Snowflake Moray

    I know I shouldn't havebut I put him in my tank. He has left alone all the shrimp but ate a lobseter so far. He stays away from the cleaners and he coral banded, but will he continue this? He was in tank with numerous inverts and hadn't had any probs with them before. Maybe lobster just pissed...
  5. shep

    lagoon to reef?

    I have started the change from lagon tnk to reef and started adding rock. Skimmer went nuts and overflowed into floor and stand, tank looks like hell but no upset in bio load so far. I am now up to 235 lbs of rock in the tank and I am estimating maybe 300 to 350 before I get where I want to be...
  6. shep slime

    It's starting in my tank after years of being fine...what caused it and what should i do. I was told to do 50% water change right after stirring it this a good idea? :mad:
  7. shep

    125 Gallon Canopy

    Need 125 gallon canopy...Oak or Oak stained...must be 8" or above.
  8. shep

    sand dollars?

    One of my friends grabbed some when he was fishing and was just courious on how much of his tank they are going to screw up. I think he put 2 in a 55 reef tank and one in a fish only.
  9. shep

    OT: It's good to be back

    Internet down for two weeks. My ISP's DSL hub got hit in thunderstorm. I was down for two weeks and never realized how much I depend on the net for day to day life. Everything from the news before I go to work to the weather before weekend fourwheeling was roughly 30 minutes more due to waiting...
  10. shep

    Filter Cleaning

    I have a prefilter in my overflow keep medium size objects out of the overflow, and a filter before it goes to the sump. They both get an over abundace of algae that I cant seem to stop. The prefilter can be dried out and chipped of and washed and it stays gone for a long time. However the filer...
  11. shep

    OT:Windows XP PRO

    I just went to it yesterday and other than the mario bro's look it seems cool. Also found some nifty cracks for the DSL and Cable people to get some more speed. Checkout and . Both of these will help you tweek a few more k/sec out of your system. End result...
  12. shep

    Holy Gorgonians Batman

    I bought a gorgo from swf and had to cut some of him away due to die off from shipping. I cut out the die off areas placed the main part and just chucked the rest into the rocks. The stuff is starting to come out of the rock like mad now. Almost makes me want to hack up some more... :D
  13. shep


    It's only an hour and 45 - 2 hrs for us to have frag party. What's in your tanks? I have a few that might support the cause. Also might be going there to rip up the woods before the end of the year. I hear you have a OHV park close to there.
  14. shep

    ID on this one...

    Just wanted to do it for the fun of it. Anyone have a clue on the dark crawly thing in the picture? Besides a coral topler when he moves.:D
  15. shep

    Aqua snot?

    I have somthing growing around a few rocks that looks like aqua snot. It has taken over about a 10-12 square inch area. It's not a web type deal like from tube worm. It's actually growing on the rock. To describe it best until I can get a pic of it, stick finger in nose, take that slimy and just...
  16. shep

    How much have you spent on a fish?

    My worst is mandrin goby that I have more than 400 dollars invested in. He was a bad first fish and needless to say I don't buy fish there anymore. Just wondered how many other people have dumped tons into a fish to keep him alive.
  17. shep

    New Host

    After my ritteri got shredded on a finger leather due to powerhead falling off and blowing him against it for a while my clowns seemed to be looking for new one. They have now found it. Today they started using a large green star polyp as a host. I feel much better about this anyway. Funny thing...
  18. shep

    Lighting answers...

    I seem to be seeing alot of lighting questions lately. I myself am biased to VHO, but will sta unbiased here. NO only or very healthy soft polyp maybe if your lucky VHO nice color range and can put out enough for soft and some hard corals PC limited color ranges but a bit hopped up...
  19. shep

    How did I do? Stand is done...

    Here it is...going to clearcoat it sometime this week. May add some carvings to the doors later but done for now and on to the canopy#2 project. Smashed the first one up and made fire out of it to roast some marshmellows. F*&(ing tape measure was off 3/8" and it would not fit. Threw all the tape...
  20. shep

    30 gallon F/O tank

    I want dwarf lion or maybe true lion. Most likely dwarf lion. Considering porky puffy also, those eyes get me. I plan on doing DSB and also supporting it off of the 125 reef tank. Any fish suggestions? ALSO!!! I would like to slowly introduce to 30 into the 125 as in add water let run and...