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  1. bountyhunter23

    How hight is your MH

    Well after having my MH light where it has been for a year. I need to try to move it up more. My Frogspawn is too bleached. Same goes for my acros. Right now its about 10 inches above my tank. I actually raised it up more two weeks ago. prob 2 inches. The only problem is where i have my T5 retro...
  2. bountyhunter23

    Upside down? Down side up?

    Ok so i randomly found MH DE bulb instructions laying around. I humored myself and read them. It says: When installing the metal halide lamps, he small extruded portion of the outer glass tube should be uppermost..... WHAT THE HECK does that mean? Is there a right side up to a bulb? I was never...
  3. bountyhunter23

    Toxic Rocks!

    My friend let his tank go to crap, so I asked some for some of his stuff..... I got his power heads and live rock. Well his tank was so bad that I want to uncure these rocks first. What should I do? I'm only using half now, the other half will be in a tank that I'm building for the new house...
  4. bountyhunter23

    New ballast

    Ok guys have not posted anything in a long time. Everything has been going great. BUT my magnetic ballast is going out and i need a new ballast for my MH. I have NO clue what to get. I have been researching, and researching. I have a 150w over my 20L and there is not much to choose from for that...
  5. bountyhunter23

    Freshwater tank leaked! Thank god no fire!

    Here is what happened when my freshwater tank sprung a leak. There was no one home. My 30gal was 2/3 drained by the time we caught it. Nothing was on, so i knew it got into the power strip. I unplugged the power strip from the wall and started pulling everything out of the bottom of the stand...
  6. bountyhunter23

    Macro Algae in the DT!!!!

    Ok it has been awhile since i have posted about this. I have been battling macro algae in my DT. I have done several things to try to fix this problem. I have added a refugium, I got a better skimmer, added a emerald crab, i have picked and picked at it. I have shortened my light time. I started...
  7. bountyhunter23

    RO/DI Saddle Drain

    I just installed a saddle drain from my ro/di unit. I feel the placement i choose was wrong. I did it on the pvc u-pipe but before the U. That is about the only place I could put it. Is this wrong?
  8. bountyhunter23

    Ball valve on OTP Skimmer

    So i couldnt found a gate valve around here so im gonna try a ball valve. The only problem is that the tube for the originaly piping is smaller size. Metric maybe? Has anyone used the original pipes on an octopus skimmer when doing a gate valve mod? I would like to know if there is some way i...
  9. bountyhunter23

    Alk test

    Ok im not sure if i have a bad test kit or what. I have been testing my alk with a API KH test kit. It shows my alk at 107.4 ppm. It has been that way for awhile. I keep adding reef builder and its not budging.......
  10. bountyhunter23

    Sleeper + Sand = OH NO

    I just bought a golden sleeper and he is sifting my sand like none other. But its getting all over my rocks and glass. I know this can affect corals to a certain extent. What should i do if anything?
  11. bountyhunter23

    Skimmer water level?

    I just recently picked up a Reef Octopus NW110. And no where does it say how deep it should be in the sump. Right now its in about 10". I read somewhere about a cone octopus skimmer working best in 6"? Can some one please tell me?
  12. bountyhunter23

    How to wire a computer fan

    I have a bunch of computer fans laying around. I was just wondering how to wire them up to use on my canopy?
  13. bountyhunter23

    Do i need a fuge if i have a macro algae problem in my DT

    I am having a macro problem in my DT. Not to mention some red hair algae. My Phosphates are a little high. I have been reading and reading, and a couple articles say to make a fuge with cheato and mangrove pods. That way the algae in you DT will be competing with you fuge. And the Mangrove pods...
  14. bountyhunter23

    GSP Dont have white center?

    When i first bought my GSP several months ago, every polyp had a white center. Well a buddy of mine came over the other day and pointed out that they are gone? Is there a reason for this?
  15. bountyhunter23

    How do i get rid of this??

    Idk if this is algae or what.
  16. bountyhunter23

    Vine algae

    I have some type of vine algae growing in my tank. It could be a plant but its all over my rocks. Is there anything that will eat it?
  17. bountyhunter23

    Fragging My Acropora

    I posted this in fragging, but no ones in there. I want to cut the long branch off and frag it for a friend? Do i simply just cut it?
  18. bountyhunter23

    How to frag my Acropora

    I want to cut the long branch off and frag it for a friend? Do i simply just cut it?
  19. bountyhunter23

    how much light is too much?

    I posted a thread on 150w MH being too much for my tank (20L). Well I decided to get a new MH pendant, but i love actinics and want to retrofit them into my tank. So that being said that would be like 198w or if i just did one strip of actinics 174. So would that be too much light? I guess i...
  20. bountyhunter23

    150 MH too much

    So I have finally decided to switch over from t5 to MH. I have a 20L. Would 150w be too much? Or would 70w be better? I just think i would get better growth out of a MH setup. Although I change bulbs like 3 months ago and my corals seem to be growing better than with the stock current.